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Packages with last news in 2020 from Debian Tracker.

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Last news years Video: 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010
gonenot mainhhDebian TrackerFRshort descriptionversion in DebianDebian maintainer
hhaegisubFRadvanced subtitle editorv3.2.2+dfsg-6Aniol Marti
hhaomFRv1.0.0.errata1-3Debian Multimedia Maintainers
hhbbswitchFRv0.8-10Debian NVIDIA Maintainers
contribhhcasparcg-serverFRv2.2.0+dfsg-2.1Petter Reinholdtsen
hhcelluloidFRsimple GTK+ frontend for mpvv0.20-2Debian Multimedia Maintainers
hhcfourccFRcommand line tool for changing FourCC in Microsoft RIFF AVI filesv0.1.2-11Debian QA Group
hhcrtmpserverFRHigh performance RTMP/RTSP streaming serverv1.0~dfsg-5.5Debian Multimedia Maintainers
hhdeepin-movie-rebornFRv5.7.6.147-1Debian Deepin Packaging Team
hhdevedeFRsimple application to create Video DVDsv4.15.0-2Debian Multimedia Maintainers
hhdtv-scan-tablesFRDigital Video Broadcasting (DVB) initial scan filesv0+git20190925.6d01903-0.1Debian VDR Team
hhdvbstreamFRBroadcast a DVB Transport stream over a LANv0.6+cvs20090621-3Thorsten Alteholz
hhdvbstreamerFRa console based streamer for DVB/ATSC service(s)v2.1.0-5.1A Mennucc1
hhdvdbackupFRtool to rip DVD's from the command linev0.4.2-4.1Stephen Gran
hhffmpeg2theoraFRTheora video encoder using ffmpegv0.30-2Debian Multimedia Maintainers
hhfrei0rFRv1.7.0-1Debian Multimedia Maintainers
contribglx-alternativesFRv1.2.0Debian NVIDIA Maintainers
gonehhgmliveFRlive video frontend for mplayerv0.22.3-1Aron Xu
gonehhgnome-mpvFRsimple GTK+ frontend for mpvv0.14-1Debian Multimedia Maintainers
hhgnome-twitchFRGNOME Twitch app for watching Twitch.tv streams without a browser or flashv0.4.1-3Tim Dengel
hhgopchopFRfast, lossless cuts-only editor for MPEG2 video filesv1.1.8-7John R. Hogerhuis
hhharvidFRHTTP Ardour Video Serverv0.8.3-2Debian Multimedia Maintainers
hhhdmi2usb-fx2-firmwareFRFX2 firmware for hdmi2usb board developmentv0.0.0~git20151225-3Stefano Rivera
hhimaginationFRDVD slide show makerv3.6-1Debian QA Group
hhintel-vaapi-driverFRVAAPI driver for Intel G45 & HD Graphics familyv2.4.1+dfsg1-1Debian Multimedia Maintainers
non-freehhintel-vaapi-driver-shadersFRVAAPI driver for Intel G45 & HD Graphics familyv2.4.1-1Debian Multimedia Maintainers
hhlibde265FRv1.0.8-1Debian Multimedia Maintainers
hhlinuxtv-dvb-appsFRDigital Video Broadcasting (DVB) applicationsv1.1.1+rev1500-1.4Debian VDR Team
hhm2vrequantiserFRMPEG-2 streams requantizationv1.1-5Debian QA Group
hhmediathekviewFRview streams from German public television stationsv13.2.1-4Markus Koschany
hhmotionFRV4L capture program supporting motion detectionv4.3.2-1Ximin Luo
non-freehhnvidia-graphics-drivers-legacy-304xxFRv304.137-8Debian NVIDIA Maintainers
contribhhnvidia-settings-legacy-304xxFRtool for configuring the NVIDIA graphics driver (304xx legacy version)v304.137-3Debian NVIDIA Maintainers
gonehhopenalprFRCommand line program to operate the OpenALPR libraryv2.3.0-1.1Matthew Hill
contribhhpython-pynvmlFRPython3 bindings to the NVIDIA Management Libraryv7.352.0-7Debian NVIDIA Maintainers
hhqwinffFRGUI for FFmpegv0.2.1+git20201215-1Debian Multimedia Maintainers
hhrocminfoFRv3.3.0-1~exp1ROCm Team
hhrocr-runtimeFRv3.3.0-1~exp1ROCm Team
hhroc-smiFRv3.3.0-1~exp1ROCm Team
hhroct-thunk-interfaceFRv3.7.0+dfsg-1ROCm Team
hhsmpegFRv0.4.5+cvs20030824-9Debian SDL packages maintainers
hhsmplayerFRComplete front-end for MPlayer and mpvv20.6.0~ds0-1Debian Multimedia Maintainers
hhsnappyFRv1.1.8-1Laszlo Boszormenyi (GCS)
hhsubliminalFRCommand-line tool to search and download subtitlesv2.1.0-1Debian Python Team
hhtvtimeFRanalog television display applicationv1.0.11-6Debian QA Group
hhvdrFRVideo Disk Recorder for DVB cardsv2.4.1-4.1Debian VDR Team
hhvdr-plugin-fritzboxFRVDR plugin to access certain functions of an AVM Fritz!Boxv1.5.3-9Debian VDR Team
hhvdr-plugin-markadFRv0.1.4+git20180120-3Debian VDR Team
gonehhvlc-plugin-vlsubFRVLC extension to download subtitles from opensubtitles.orgv0.10.2-2Simon Gareste
hhvoctomixFRFull-HD Software Live-Video-Mixerv1.3-5Holger Levsen
hhvoctomix-outcastsFRAdditional scripts to be used with Voctomixv0.9.3-2Holger Levsen
gonehhvokoscreenFReasy to use screencast creatorv2.5.0-2Joao Eriberto Mota Filho
hhwebcamoidFRfull featured webcam capture applicationv8.6.1+dfsg-2.1Herbert Parentes Fortes Neto
hhwinffFRgraphical video and audio batch converter using ffmpeg or avconvv1.5.5-8Paul Gevers
hhwmtvFRDockable video4linux TV player for WindowMakerv0.6.7-1Debian Window Maker Team
hhxawtvFRtelevision viewer - X11 applicationv3.107-1Debian Multimedia Maintainers
gonehhxbmc-pvr-addonsFRv13.0+git20140512+g91cc731+dfsg1-3Debian Multimedia Maintainers
hhxjadeoFRVideo player with JACK syncv0.8.9-1Debian Multimedia Maintainers