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Packages with last news in 2021 from Debian Tracker.

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Last news years GIS: 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2012 2011
gonenot mainhhDebian TrackerFRshort descriptionversion in DebianDebian maintainer
hhaggdrawFRv1.3.12-2Debian GIS Project
blendsFRv0.7.4Debian Pure Blend Team
hhboxerFRsystem deployment ninja tricksv1.4.2-2Debian Perl Group
hhboxer-dataFRclasses and nodes usable by Boxerv10.9.5Boxer developers
hhcftimeFRTime-handling functionality from netcdf4-python (Python 3)v1.5.1+ds-1Debian GIS Project
hhcgalFRv5.3.1-1Joachim Reichel
hhdebian-gisFRv0.0.20Debian GIS Project
hhdonfigFRPython package for configuring a Python packagev0.6.0+dfsg-3Debian GIS Project
contribhhdorisFRDelft object-oriented radar interferometric softwarev5.0.3~beta+dfsg-16Debian GIS Project
hhemoslibFRv2:4.5.9-7Alastair McKinstry
hhepr-apiFRv2.3~dev20150708-11Debian GIS Project
hherfaFRv2.0.0-1Debian Astro Team
hhfionaFRCommand line tool for reading/writing vector geospatial datav1.8.20-2Debian GIS Project
hhfoxtrotgpsFRGTK+ mapping and GPS applicationv1.2.2+bzr331-1Paul Wise
hhfreexlFRv1.0.6-1Debian GIS Project
hhg2clibFRv1.6.3-1Alastair McKinstry
hhgdalFRv3.4.0+dfsg-1Debian GIS Project
hhgeographiclibFRv1.52-1Debian GIS Project
hhgeoipFRv1.6.12-8Patrick Matthäi
hhgeosFRv3.10.1-1Debian GIS Project
hhglymurFRv0.9.7-2Debian GIS Project
hhgmtFRGeneric Mapping Toolsv6.3.0+dfsg-2Debian GIS Project
hhgmt-dcwFRDigital Chart of the World (DCW) for GMTv2.0.2-1Debian GIS Project
hhgpsdFRGlobal Positioning System - daemonv3.22-4Bernd Zeimetz
hhgpspruneFRvisualize, edit, convert and prune GPS datav21-1Debian GIS Project
hhgpstransFRcommunicate via serial port with a Garmin GPS receiverv0.41-7Debian QA Group
hhgpxviewerFRviews GPS traces collected in the GPX formatv1.1.0-4Debian Python Team
hhgraceFRXY graphing and plotting toolv1:5.1.25-12Nicholas Breen
hhgrassFRGeographic Resources Analysis Support System (GRASS GIS)v7.8.6-1Debian GIS Project
hhgtsFRv0.7.6+darcs121130-5Debian Science Maintainers
hhhdf5FRv1.10.7+repack-4Gilles Filippini
gonehhhyantesiteFRgeomatic tool to compute neighbourhood population potentialv1.3.0-1.1Debian Science Maintainers
hhircmarkersFRplace markers on maps at given coordinatesv0.15-3Christoph Berg
hhjamaFRBasic linear algebra library for Javav1.0.3-2Debian Java Maintainers
hhjmapviewerFRJava OpenStreetMap Tile Viewerv2.15+dfsg-1Debian GIS Project
hhjosmFREditor for OpenStreetMapv0.0.svn18303+dfsg-2Debian GIS Project
contribhhjosm-installerFREditor for OpenStreetMap (installer)v0.0.1+svn18297Debian GIS Project
hhjtsFRv1.18.2+ds-1Debian GIS Project
hhleafletFRv1.7.1~dfsg-5Debian Javascript Maintainers
hhlercFRv3.0+ds-1Debian GIS Project
hhlibapache2-mod-tileFRApache module to deliver tiles created by renderdv0.6.1-1Debian GIS Project
hhlibdapFRv3.20.9-1Alastair McKinstry
gonehhlibepsilonFRv0.9.2+dfsg-5Debian GIS Project
hhlibgdal-grassFRGRASS extension for the GDAL libraryv3.4.0-1Debian GIS Project
hhlibgeo-coder-osm-perlFRGeocode addresses with the OpenStreetMap Nominatim APIv0.03-3Debian Perl Group
hhlibgeo-googleearth-pluggable-perlFRmodule to generate GoogleEarth Documentsv0.17-1Debian Perl Group
hhlibgeotiffFRv1.7.0-2Debian GIS Project
hhlibhdf4FRv4.2.15-4Debian GIS Project
hhlibosmiumFRv2.17.2-1Debian GIS Project
hhmapnikFRv3.1.0+ds-1Debian GIS Project
hhmapproxyFRopen source proxy for geospatial datav1.14.0-1Debian GIS Project
hhmapserverFRv7.6.4-2Debian GIS Project
hhmarbleFRglobe and map widgetv4:21.08.3-1Debian Qt/KDE Maintainers
hhmerkaartorFRmap editor for OpenStreetMap.orgv0.19.0+ds-2Debian GIS Project
hhmkgmapFRGenerate Garmin maps from OpenStreetMap datav0.0.0+svn4839-1Debian GIS Project
hhmkgmap-splitterFRTile splitter for mkgmapv0.0.0+svn645-1Debian GIS Project
hhmtkbabelFRTool for managing i-Blue 747 and compatible GPS data loggersv0.8.3.1-1.2Uwe Hermann
hhnavitFRCar navigation system with routing enginev0.5.6+dfsg.1-1Gilles Filippini
hhncoFRCommand-line operators to analyze netCDF filesv5.0.4-1Debian GIS Project
hhnetcdfFRv1:4.8.1-1Debian GIS Project
hhnetcdf4-pythonFRv1.5.7-1Debian GIS Project
hhnik4FRMapnik to image exportv1.7-1Debian GIS Project
hhnode-cartoFRMapnik stylesheet compilerv1.2.0-2Debian Javascript Maintainers
hhogdi-dfsgFRv4.1.0+ds-5Debian GIS Project
hhopencpnFROpen Source Chartplotter and Marine GPS Navigation Softwarev5.6.0+dfsg1-1Alec Leamas
hhopencvFRv4.5.4+dfsg-9Debian Science Maintainers
hhosm2pgroutingFRTool to import OpenStreetMap data into a pgRouting databasev2.3.8-1Debian GIS Project
hhosm2pgsqlFROpenStreetMap data to PostgreSQL converterv1.5.1+ds-1Debian GIS Project
hhosmcoastlineFRExtract coastline data from OpenStreetMap planet filev2.3.1-1Debian GIS Project
hhosm-gps-mapFRv1.2.0-1Debian GIS Project
hhosmium-toolFRCommand line tool for working with OpenStreetMap datav1.13.2-1Debian GIS Project
hhosmpbfFRv1.5.0-2Debian GIS Project
hhotbFRv7.2.0+dfsg-1Debian GIS Project
hhowslibFRClient library for Open Geospatial (OGC) web services (Python 3)v0.25.0-1Debian GIS Project
hhparaviewFRParallel Visualization Applicationv5.10.0~rc1-1Debian Science Maintainers
hhpdalFRPoint Data Abstraction Libraryv2.3.0+ds-2Debian GIS Project
hhpg-comparatorFRefficient PostgreSQL table content comparison and synchronizationv2.3.2-2Debian GIS Project
hhpgroutingFRv3.3.0-1Debian GIS Project
hhpgsql-ogr-fdwFRv1.1.1-3Debian GIS Project
hhpoochFRTools to manage Python library's data filesv1.5.2-1Debian GIS Project
hhpostgisFRGeographic objects support for PostgreSQLv3.2.0+dfsg-1Debian GIS Project
hhprojFRv8.2.1-1Debian GIS Project
hhpycoastFRv1.5.0+dfsg-2Debian GIS Project
non-freehhpycswFROGC compliant metadata (Catalogue Service for the Web) serverv2.6.1+dfsg-2Debian GIS Project
hhpydecorateFRDecorating PIL images with logos, texts, pallettesv0.3.1-2Debian GIS Project
hhpyeprFRv1.1.3-1Debian GIS Project
hhpyerfaFRv2.0.0.1+ds-1Debian Astro Team
hhpygacFRv1.4.0-3Debian GIS Project
hhpykdtreeFRv1.3.4+ds-2Debian GIS Project
hhpylibtiffFRv0.4.4+ds-1Debian GIS Project
hhpymap3dFRpure-Python 3D coordinate conversions for geospacev2.7.3-1Debian GIS Project
hhpyninjotiffFRPython library for writing NinJo-compatible TIFF filesv0.4.0-1Debian GIS Project
hhpyorbitalFRv1.7.1-1Debian GIS Project
hhpyosmiumFROsmium library bindings for Python - utilitiesv3.2.0-1Debian GIS Project
hhpyresampleFRv1.22.3-2Debian GIS Project
hhpyshpFRread/write support for ESRI Shapefile format - Python 3.xv2.1.3+ds-1Debian GIS Project
hhpyspectralFRv0.10.6+ds-1Debian GIS Project
hhpython-cartopyFRv0.20.1+dfsg-2Debian GIS Project
hhpython-cligjFRPython 3 library for processing GeoJSON commandsv0.7.2-1Debian GIS Project
hhpython-deprecatedFRPython decorator for old classes, functions or methodsv1.2.13-2Debian GIS Project
hhpython-geopandasFRPython3 tools for geographic datav0.10.2-1Debian GIS Project
hhpython-geotiepointsFRInterpolation of geographic tiepoints in Pythonv1.3.0-1Debian GIS Project
hhpython-hdf4FRPython-HDF4: Python interface to the NCSA HDF4 libraryv0.10.3-1Debian GIS Project
hhpython-mapnikFRPython 3 interface to the mapnik libraryv1:0.0~20200224-7da019cf9-3Debian GIS Project
hhpython-osmapiFRPython 3 interface to OpenStreetMap APIv2.0.2+ds-1Debian GIS Project
hhpython-overpyFRwrapper to access the OpenStreetMap Overpass API (Python 3)v0.6-1Sandro Tosi
hhpython-pyprojFRPython 3 interface to PROJ libraryv3.3.0-2Debian GIS Project
hhpython-shapelyFRv1.8.0-1Debian GIS Project
hhpytroll-scheduleFRv0.6.0-1Debian GIS Project
hhpywpsFRImplementation of OGC's Web Processing Servicev4.5.1-1Debian GIS Project
hhqgisFRGeographic Information System (GIS)v3.16.15+dfsg-1Debian GIS Project
hhqmapshackFRGPS mapping (GeoTiff and vector) and GPSr managementv1.16.1-1Debian GIS Project
hhrasterioFRCommand line tool for investigating geospatial rastersv1.2.10-1Debian GIS Project
hhr-cran-deldirFRGNU R Delaunay Triangulation and Dirichlet (Voronoi) Tessellationv1.0-6-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-fieldsFRGNU R tools for spatial datav13.3-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-mapsFRGNU R support for producing geographic mapsv3.4.0-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-rasterFRGNU R geographic data analysis and modelingv3.5-11-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-spFRGNU R classes and methods for spatial datav1:1.4-6-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-spatstatFRGNU R Spatial Point Pattern analysis, model-fitting, simulation, testsv2.2-0-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-spdepFRGNU R spatial dependence: weighting schemes, statistics and modelsv1.1-12+dfsg-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhroutinoFRSet of tools to find a path between two pointsv3.3.3-1Debian GIS Project
hhruby-hdfeos5FRRuby interface to the HDF-EOS5 libraryv1.2-11Debian GIS Project
hhruby-netcdfFRRuby interface of netCDF libraryv0.7.2-5Debian GIS Project
hhs3dFR3d network display serverv0.2.2.1-3Simon Wunderlich
hhsagaFRSystem for Automated Geoscientific Analysesv7.3.0+dfsg-7Debian GIS Project
hhsatpyFRPython package for earth-observing satellite data processingv0.33.1-1Debian GIS Project
hhsfcgalFRv1.4.0-1Debian GIS Project
hhsnapFRlocation of genes from DNA sequence with hidden markov modelv2013-11-29-11Debian Med Packaging Team
gonehhsosi2osmFRSOSI to OSM converterv1.0.0-7Debian GIS Project
hhspatialiteFRv5.0.1-2Debian GIS Project
hhspatialite-toolsFRGeospatial extension for SQLite - toolsv5.0.1-1Debian GIS Project
hhtilemakerFRGenerates vector tiles from OpenStreetMap datav2.0.0+ds-1Debian GIS Project
non-freehhtinyowsFRlightweight and fast WFS-T serverv1.2.0-1Debian GIS Project
hhtirexFRDaemon that renders raster map tile using different backendsv0.7.0-1Debian GIS Project
hhtotalopenstationFRdownload and process data from total station devicesv0.5.2-3Debian GIS Project
hhtrollimageFRPytroll imaging libraryv1.17.0-1Debian GIS Project
hhtrollsiftFRString parser/formatter for PyTroll packagesv0.3.5-1Debian GIS Project
hhudunitsFRv2.2.28-3Alastair McKinstry
hhvikingFRGPS data editor, analyzer and viewerv1.10-2Paul Gevers