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Packages with last news in 2021 from Debian Tracker.

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Last news years Editors: 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2007 2004
gonenot mainhhDebian TrackerFRshort descriptionversion in DebianDebian maintainer
gonenon-freehh3dldf-docFR3D drawing with MetaPost output -- documentationv2.0.3+ndfsg-2Debian TeX maintainers
hha2psFRGNU a2ps - 'Anything to PostScript' converter and pretty-printerv1:4.14-6Debian QA Group
hhabiwordFRefficient, featureful word processor with collaborationv3.0.4~dfsg-3jonas Smedegaard
hhadaptive-wrapFRsmart line-wrapping with wrap-prefixv0.8-1Debian Emacsen team
hhaftFR"free form" document preparation systemv2:5.098-4.1Robert Lemmen
hhagdaFRdependently typed functional programming languagev2.6.1-1Debian Haskell Group
gonenon-freehhagrepFRtext search tool with support for approximate patternsv4.17-9.1Jari Aalto
hhalqalamFRQur'an typesetting macros for TeX/LaTeXv0.2-8.1Debian TeX maintainers
hhasciidoctorFRAsciiDoc to HTML rendering for Rubyv2.0.12-2Debian Ruby Extras Maintainers
hhaspellFRGNU Aspell spell-checkerv0.60.8-2Agustin Martin Domingo
hhaspell-amFRAmharic dictionary for aspellv0.03-1-5.1Lior Kaplan
hhaspell-brFRBreton dictionary for GNU Aspellv0.50-2-9Debian QA Group
aspell-csFRCzech dictionary for GNU Aspellv0.51.0-1.1Miroslav Kure
hhaspell-heFRHebrew dictionary for aspellv1.0-0-8.1Debian Hebrew Packaging Team
aspell-hrFRThe Croatian dictionary for GNU Aspellv0.51-4.1Vedran Furač
aspell-hsbFRUpper Sorbian dictionary for GNU Aspellv0.02.0-1.1Jan Jeroným Zvánovec
hhaspell-hyFRArmenian dictionary for GNU Aspellv0.10.0-0-3.1Alan Baghumian
hhaspell-itFRItalian dictionary for GNU Aspellv2.4-20070901-0-3.1Debian QA Group
hhaspell-kkFRKazakh dictionary for GNU Aspellv0.2-1.1Timur Birsh
aspell-plFRPolish dictionary for aspellv20150428-3.1Krzysztof Krzyżaniak (eloy)
aspell-ptFRPortuguese dictionaries for GNU Aspell (old package)v1.8+nmu1Agustin Martin Domingo
hhaspell-roFRRomanian dictionary for GNU aspellv3.3.9-1.1Lior Kaplan
hhaspell-skFRSlovak dictionary for GNU Aspellv2.04+ds.1Pali Rohár
hhaspell-svFRSwedish dictionary for GNU aspellv0.51-0-3.1Magnus Holmgren
hhaspell-tlFRTagalog dictionary for GNU Aspellv0.4-0-19Agustin Martin Domingo
hhasymptoteFRscript-based vector graphics language inspired by MetaPostv2.69+ds-1Debian TeX maintainers
hhbiberFRMuch-augmented BibTeX replacement for BibLaTeX usersv2.16-1Debian TeX maintainers
hhbr.ispellFRv3.0~beta4-23Agustin Martin Domingo
hhcalibreFRpowerful and easy to use e-book managerv5.10.1+dfsg-1Calibre maintainer team
hhcb2bibFRextract bibliographic references from various sourcesv2.0.1-1Debian Science Maintainers
hhcd-circleprintFRprints round cd-labelsv0.7.0-5.1Colin Tuckley
gonechaksemFRLaTeX class for presentationsv1.7b-5.1Jamie Wilkinson
hhcherrytreeFRhierarchical note taking applicationv0.99.30+dfsg-1Andrius Merkys
hhcjkFRv4.8.4+git20170127-2.1Debian TeX maintainers
hhclojure-modeFRv5.10.0-3Debian Emacsen team
hhcolordiffFRtool to colorize 'diff' outputv1.0.18-1.1Dave Ewart
hhcompany-modeFRModular in-buffer completion framework for Emacsv0.9.13-2Debian Emacsen team
hhcreamFRVIM macros that make the VIM easier to use for beginnersv0.43-3.1Jeroen Schot
crypt++elFREmacs-Lisp Code for handling compressed and encrypted filesv2.94-3.1Mario Lang
hhctplFRcommand-line template parsing utilityv0.3.4+dfsg-1.1Geany Packaging Team
hhcupsFRCommon UNIX Printing System(tm) - PPD/driver support, web interfacev2.3.3op1-7Debian Printing Team
hhcups-filtersFROpenPrinting CUPS Filters - Main Packagev1.28.7-1Debian Printing Team
hhcups-pdfFRprinter driver for PDF writing via CUPSv3.0.1-9Debian Printing Team
hhcxrefFRGenerates LaTeX and HTML documentation for C programsv1.6e-3.1Camm Maguire
hhdaccoFRCatalan <-> English dictionary (XML files)v2021.01.01-1Leopold Palomo-Avellaneda
hhdarcsumFRTransition package, darcsum to elpa-darcsumv1.10+20120116-4Debian Emacsen team
hhdbarFRgeneral purpose ASCII graphic percentage meter/progressbarv0.0.20100524-6Debian QA Group
debiandoc-sgmlFRDebianDoc SGML DTD and formatting toolsv1.2.32-2.1Debian XML SGML Team
debiandoc-sgml-docFRDocumentation for DebianDoc-SGMLv1.1.26Debian XML SGML Team
debiandoc-sgml-doc-pt-brFRDocumentation for DebianDoc-SGML in Brazilian Portuguesev1.1.13+nmu1Debian XML SGML Team
hhdebpaste-elFRpaste.debian.net client for Emacsv0.1.5-4Debian Emacsen team
hhdeftFREmacs mode to browse, filter, and edit plain text notesv0.8-3Debian Emacsen team
dh-elpaFRDebian helper tools for packaging emacs lisp extensionsv2.0.8Debian Emacsen team
dh-make-elpaFRhelper for creating Debian packages from ELPA packagesv0.19.1Debian Emacsen team
dict-devilFR"The Devil's Dictionary" by Ambrose Biercev1.0-13.1Sven Joachim
dict-elementsFRData regarding the Elementsv20001107-a-9.1Thorsten Alteholz
hhdictemFRDict client for emacsv1.0.4-4.1Yauheni Kaliuta
dict-gcideFRComprehensive English Dictionaryv0.48.5+nmu1Ritesh Raj Sarraf
hhdictionaries-commonFRspelling dictionaries - common utilitiesv1.28.4Agustin Martin Domingo
hhdict-jargonFRdict package for The Jargon Lexiconv4.4.7-3.1Ruben Molina
hhdiff-hl-elFRhighlight uncommitted changes using VCv1.8.8-1Debian Emacsen team
hhdiffuseFRgraphical tool for merging and comparing text filesv0.6.0-2Philipp Huebner
hhdingFRGraphical dictionary lookup program for Unix (Tk)v1.9-2Roland Rosenfeld
hhdired-rsyncFRsupport for rsync from Emacs dired buffersv0.6-1Debian Emacsen team
dl10nFRDebian infrastructure and tools for localizationv3.00+nmu1Debian l10n developers
hhdocbook-dssslFRmodular DocBook DSSSL stylesheets, for print and HTMLv1.79-9.2Peter Eisentraut
hhdocbook-html-formsFRExtension to DocBook XML for generating html formsv1.1.0-5.1Debian XML/SGML Group
hhdocbook-mathmlFRExtension to DocBook XML for using MathML markupv1.1CR1-2.1Debian XML/SGML Group
hhdocbook-slidesFRXML Slides DTD and XSL Stylesheetsv3.4.0-5.1Debian XML/SGML Group
hhdocbook-slides-demoFRDemo presentation slides for the docbook-slides packagev3.4.0-1.1Debian XML/SGML Group
hhdocbook-utilsFRConvert DocBook files to other formats (HTML, RTF, PS, man, PDF)v0.6.14-3.4Debian XML/SGML Group
hhdocbook-websiteFRXML Website DTD and XSL Stylesheetsv2.5.0.0-8.1Debian QA Group
hhdocbook-xsl-docFRv1.78.1-1.1Debian XML/SGML Group
hhdsdoFRv1.6.36-11.1jonas Smedegaard
hhdspdfviewerFRDual-Screen PDF Viewer for LaTeX-beamerv1.15.1-1.1Danny Edel
hhdutchFRv1:2.20.19-2Thijs Kinkhorst
dvi2psFRTeX DVI-driver for NTT JTeX, MulTeX and ASCII pTeXv5.1j-1.4OHURA Makoto
dvi2ps-fontdesc-morisawa5FRfontdesc files of dvi2ps for Morisawa Basic-5 type facesv0.6Debian QA Group
hhdvisvgmFRDVI to SVG converterv2.11.1-1Debian TeX maintainers
hhe3FRvery small text editorv1:2.82+dfsg-2Debian QA Group
hhebibFRBibTeX database manager for Emacsv2.15.4-3Debian Emacsen team
hheblookFRelectronic dictionary search command using EB Libraryv1:1.6.1-16Tatsuya Kinoshita
hhebviewFREPWING dictionary viewerv0.3.6.2-3Debian QA Group
hhedFRclassic UNIX line editorv1.17-1Martin Zobel-Helas
edictFREnglish / Japanese dictionaryv2021.02.03-1Ludovic Drolez
hhelfeedFRv3.4.0-1Debian Emacsen team
hhelisp-slime-navFREmacs extension that provide Emacs Lisp code navigationv0.9-5Debian Emacsen team
hhelm-modeFRMajor Emacs mode for editing Elm source codev0.20.3-3Debian Emacsen team
hhelpa-ligatureFRv1+24+gc830b9d-2Debian Emacsen team
hhelpa-rust-modeFRMajor Emacs mode for editing Rust source codev0.4.0-2Debian Emacsen team
hhelpherFRfriendly gopher and gemini clientv2.10.2-2Debian Emacsen team
hhemacsFRGNU Emacs editor (metapackage)v1:27.1+1-3Rob Browning
hhemacs-buttercupFRbehaviour-driven testing for Emacs Lisp packagesv1.24-1Debian Emacsen team
hhemacs-ctableFRtable component for Emacs Lispv0.1.2-6Debian Emacsen team
emacs-dbFRdatabase interface for Emacs Lispv0.0.6+git20140421.b3a423f-3Debian Emacsen team
hhemacs-deferredFRv0.5.1-4Debian Emacsen team
hhemacs-epcFRRPC stack for Emacs Lispv0.1.1-6Debian Emacsen team
hhemacs-fossilFREmacs VC backend for the Fossil Version Control systemv2020.09.20-4Debian Emacsen team
hhemacs-git-messengerFRpop up last commit information of current linev0.18-5Debian Emacsen team
hhemacs-git-modesFRv1.2.8-4Debian Emacsen team
hhemacs-highlight-indentationFRhighlight the indentation level in Emacs buffersv0.7.0-5Debian Emacsen team
emacs-kvFRkey/value data structure functions for Emacs Lispv0.0.19+git20140108.7211484-4Debian Emacsen team
hhemacs-memoizeFRmemoization functionsv1.1-2.1Debian Emacsen team
hhemacs-nofletFREmacs Lisp noflet macro for dynamic, local advicev0.0.15-5Debian Emacsen team
non-freeemacs-non-dfsgFRGNU Emacs common non-DFSG items, including the core documentationv1:27.1+1-2Rob Browning
emacs-openwithFRseamlessly open files in external programs with Emacsv0.8g-5Debian Emacsen team
hhemacspeakFRspeech output interface to Emacsv53.0+dfsg-1Debian Accessibility Team
hhemacs-powerlineFREmacs version of the Vim powerlinev2.4-4Debian Emacsen team
hhemacs-python-environmentFRvirtualenv API for Emacs Lispv0.0.2-6Debian Emacsen team
hhemacs-sessionFRuse variables, registers and buffer places across sessionsv2.4b-3Debian Emacsen team
hhemacs-smeargleFRhighlight region by last updated timev0.03-5Debian Emacsen team
hhemacs-tablistFRtablist adds maks and filters to tabulated-list-modev1.0-2Debian Emacsen team
emacs-uuidFRUUID/GUID library for Emacs Lispv0.0.3~git20120910.1519bfe-3Debian Emacsen team
hhemacs-web-serverFRpure elisp HTTP serverv1.5.1-4Debian Emacsen team
hhemacs-websocketFREmacs WebSocket client and serverv1.13-1Debian Emacsen team
hhemacs-which-keyFRdisplay available keybindings in popupv3.5.1-1Debian Emacsen team
hhemacs-world-time-modeFREmacs mode to compare timezones throughout the dayv0.0.6-4Debian Emacsen team
gonehhenchantFRWrapper for various spell checker engines (binary programs)v1.6.0-11.1Prach Pongpanich
eo-spellFRv2.1.2000.02.25-58Agustin Martin Domingo
hheplFREmacs Package Libraryv0.9-3Debian Emacsen team
hhepubcheckFRValidation Tool for EPUBv4.2.4-2Debian XML/SGML Group
hhert-async-elFRasynchronous tests for the Emacs ERT testing frameworkv0.1.2-5Debian Emacsen team
hhert-expectations-elFRvery simple unit test framework for Emacs Lispv0.2-4Debian Emacsen team
hheshell-bookmarkFRintegrate bookmarks with Eshellv2.0.0-2.1Debian Emacsen team
hheshell-git-promptFREshell prompt themes for Git usersv0.1.2-4Debian Emacsen team
hheshell-upFRquickly go to a specific parent directory in eshellv0.0.3-5Debian Emacsen team
hhesh-help-elFRadd some help functions and support for Eshellv1.0.1-2.1Debian Emacsen team
hhespa-nolFRv1.11-16Agustin Martin Domingo
esxmlFRXML, ESXML and SXML library for Emacs Lispv0.3.5-1Debian Emacsen team
hhe-wrapperFRinvoke your editor, with optional file:lineno handlingv0.2-1Adam Borowski
hhexpand-region-elFRTransition package, expand-region-el to elpa-expand-regionv0.11.0+36-1Debian Emacsen team
hhexpatFRXML parsing C library - example applicationv2.2.10-2Laszlo Boszormenyi (GCS)
hhexuberant-ctagsFRbuild tag file indexes of source code definitionsv1:5.9~svn20110310-14Colin Watson
hheyebrowse-elFRsimple-minded way of managing window configs in Emacsv0.7.8-2Debian Emacsen team
hhfeathernotesFRHierarchical notes-manager (binaries)v0.8.0-1LXQt Packaging Team
hhfeatherpadFRLightweight Qt5 plain-text editorv0.17.1-1LXQt Packaging Team
hhf-elFRmodern API for working with files and directories in Emacs Lispv0.20.0-3Debian Emacsen team
hhfileppFRgeneric perl-based file pre-processor for text filesv1.8.0-5.1Christoph Haas
hhfill-column-indicatorFRgraphically indicate the fill columnv1.90-2.1Debian Emacsen team
hhfind-file-in-projectFRquick access to project files in Emacsv6.0.0-1Debian Emacsen team
hhflxFRv0.6.1-5Debian Emacsen team
hhfocuswriterFRFullscreen distraction-free writing programv1.7.6-2Barak A. Pearlmutter
hhfopFRXML formatter driven by XSL Formatting Objects (XSL-FO.) - appv1:2.5-3Debian Java Maintainers
hhfragmasterFRuse of psfrag constructs with pdflatexv1.7-8.1Agustin Martin Domingo
hhfreedictFRv2021.01.05-1.1Sebastian Humenda
hhfreedict-wikdictFRv2020.12.28-1.1Sebastian Humenda
hhfrescobaldiFRLilyPond sheet music text editorv3.1.3+ds1-1Debian Python Modules Team
hhfsm-elFRstate machine libraryv0.2.1-4Debian Emacsen team
hhfteFRText editor for programmers - base packagev0.50.2b6-20110708-4Debian QA Group
hhgeany-pluginsFRset of plugins for Geanyv1.37+dfsg-6Geany Packaging Team
hhghostscriptFRinterpreter for the PostScript language and for PDFv9.53.3~dfsg-7Debian Printing Team
hhghub-elFRminuscule client for the Github APIv3.5.1-1Debian Emacsen team
hhghub-plus-elFRthick GitHub API client built on ghubv0.3-6Debian Emacsen team
hhgit-annex-elFREmacs integration for git-annexv1.1-4Debian Emacsen team
hhgitlab-ci-mode-elFREmacs mode for editing GitLab CI filesv20190824.12.2-2Debian Emacsen team
gnuhtml2latexFRConvert HTML files to LaTeXv0.4-3.1Gunnar Wolf
hhgobyFRWYSIWYG presentation tool for Emacsv1.1+0.20180214-4Tatsuya Kinoshita
hhgolden-ratio-elFRautomatic resizing of Emacs windows to the golden ratiov1.0-6Debian Emacsen team
hhgo-mode.elFRv3:1.5.0-4Debian Emacsen team
hhgrapFRprogram for typesetting graphsv1.46-1Debian QA Group
hhgraphql-elFRGraphQL utilitiesv0.1.1-5Debian Emacsen team
grcFRgeneric colouriser for everythingv1.11.3-1.1Radovan Garabík
hhgroffFRGNU troff text-formatting systemv1.22.4-6Colin Watson
hhhalibutFRyet another free document preparation systemv1.2-4Colin Watson
hhhelm-projectileFRHelm integration for Projectilev0.14.0-6Debian Emacsen team
hhhershey-fontsFRv0.1-1.1Kamal Mostafa
hhhighlight-numbers-elFRhighlight numbers in source codev0.2.3-6Debian Emacsen team
hhhplipFRHP Linux Printing and Imaging System (HPLIP)v3.21.2+dfsg1-1Debian Printing Team
hhhspellFRHebrew spell checker and morphological analyzerv1.4-3.1Debian Hebrew Packaging Team
hhhspell-guiFRgraphical front-end for the hspell hebrew spell checkerv0.2.6-7Debian Hebrew Packaging Team
hhht-elFRhash table library for Emacsv2.2-2.1Debian Emacsen team
html2psFRHTML to PostScript converterv1.0b7-4Debian QA Group
hhhtml-xml-utilsFRHTML and XML manipulation utilitiesv7.7-1.1Robin Naundorf
hhhungry-delete-elFRenable hungry deletion in all modesv1.1.5-7Debian Emacsen team
hhhunspell-anFRAragonese dictionary for hunspellv0.2-5Jordi Mallach
hhhunspell-beFRBelarusian dictionary for hunspell and academic orthographyv0.53-3.1Hleb Valoshka
hhhunspell-boFRClassical Tibetan language dictionary for hunspellv0.4.0-1.1Elie Roux
hhhunspell-brFRBreton language dictionary for hunspellv0.12-2.1Elie Roux
hhhunspell-dzFRDzongkha language dictionary for hunspellv0.1.0-1.1Elie Roux
hhhunspell-kkFRKazakh dictionary for hunspellv1.1-2.1Timur Birsh
hhhunspell-lvFRLatvian dictionary for hunspellv1.4.0-1.1Aigars Mahinovs
hhhunspell-mlFRMalayalam dictionary for hunspellv0.1-2.1Debian-IN Team
hhhunspell-seFRNorth Sámi Hunspell dictionaryv1.0~beta6.20081222-1.3Petter Reinholdtsen
hhhydra-elFRv0.15.0-3Debian Emacsen team
hhhyphen-ruFRRussian hyphenation patterns for LibreOffice/OpenOffice.orgv20030310-1.1Ilyas Gasanov
hyphen-showFRShow hyphenations in DVI-filesv20000425-4Martin Buck
hhido-ubiquitousFRcompleting-read-function using idov4.13-2Debian Emacsen team
hhido-vertical-modeFRmake ido-mode display verticallyv0.1.6-5Debian Emacsen team
hhieditFRedit multiple regions in the same way simultaneouslyv0.9.9.9-5Debian Emacsen team
ifrenchFRFrench dictionary for ispell (Hydro-Quebec version)v1.4-29Ryan Kavanagh
igaelicFRScots Gaelic dictionary for ispellv0.50-13.1Alastair McKinstry
hhigerman98FRv20161207-9Roland Rosenfeld
iirishFRIrish (Gaeilge) dictionary for ispellv2.0-27.1Alastair McKinstry
hhilispFREmacs interface to LISP implementationsv5.12.0+cvs.2004.12.26-28Debian Emacsen team
imanxFRManx Gaelic dictionary for ispellv0.50-16.1Alastair McKinstry
hhimediffFRinteractive full screen 2/3-way merge toolv2.2-1.1Osamu Aoki
hhimediff2FRinteractive full screen 2-way merge toolv1.1.2.1-3.1Osamu Aoki
hhimpose+FRPostscript utilities for two-up printing, bbox, etcv0.2-12.1Yaroslav Halchenko
hhinitsplit-elFRcode to split customizations into different filesv1.8+3+gc941d43-3Debian Emacsen team
initzFRHandles the switching of various initialization files of emacsenv0.0.11+20030603cvs-17.3OHASHI Akira
hhipolishFRPolish dictionary for ispellv20210105-1Robert Luberda
hhipp-usbFRDaemon for IPP over USB printer supportv0.9.16-1Debian Printing Team
hhispellFRInternational Ispell (an interactive spelling corrector)v3.4.02-2Robert Luberda
ispell-czechFRv20040229-5.3Petr Čech
hhispell-etFRv1:20030606-31Agustin Martin Domingo
hhispell-foFRv0.4.2+repack1-2Agustin Martin Domingo
hhispell-glFRv0.5-47Agustin Martin Domingo
hhispell.ptFRv20210112-1Agustin Martin Domingo
hhispell-tlFRTagalog dictionary for Ispellv0.3.1-7Agustin Martin Domingo
hhjbig2decFRJBIG2 decoder library - toolsv0.19-2Debian Printing Team
hhjedFReditor for programmers (textmode version)v1:0.99.19-8Wookey
hhjed-extraFRcollection of useful Jed modes and utilitiesv2.5.7-2.1Wookey
hhjeditFRPlugin-based editor for programmersv5.5.0+dfsg-2Debian Java Maintainers
hhjoveFRJonathan's Own Version of Emacs - a compact, powerful editorv4.17.3.6-2Cord Beermann
hhjs2-modeFREmacs mode for editing Javascript programs (dummy package)v0~20201220-1Debian Emacsen team
jtex-baseFRbasic NTT JTeX library filesv2.1-1.2TSUCHIYA Masatoshi
hhkakasiFRKAnji KAna Simple Inverterv2.3.6-4.1Natural Language Processing (Japanese)
hhkateFRpowerful text editorv4:20.12.2-1Debian Qt/KDE Maintainers
hhkbtinFRtintin++ style text-based MUD clientv1.0.22-1Adam Borowski
key-chord-elFRmap pairs of simultaneously pressed keys to commandsv0.6-5Debian Emacsen team
hhkileFRKDE Integrated LaTeX Environmentv4:2.9.93-2Debian Qt/KDE Maintainers
hhkindleclipFRUser interface for managing Amazon Kindle's "My Clippings" filev0.6-1.1Gunnar Wolf
hhklatexformulaFRGUI to easily get an image from a LaTeX formula or equationv4.1.0-1Tobias Winchen
konwertFRCharset conversion for files or terminal I/Ov1.8-13.1Yann Dirson
hhlatex2htmlFRLaTeX to HTML translatorv2021-debian1-1Carsten Leonhardt
hhlatex-cjk-chinese-arphicFRv1.23+nmu1Debian TeX maintainers
hhlatex-cjk-japanese-wadalabFRtype1 and tfm DNP Japanese fonts for latex-cjkv0.20050817-17.1Debian TeX maintainers
hhlatexilaFRLaTeX editor designed for the GNOME desktopv3.22.0-1.1Tanguy Ortolo
hhlatex-makeFReasy compiling of complex (and simple) LaTeX documentsv2.4.2-1Vincent Danjean
hhlatexmkFRPerl script for running LaTeX the correct number of timesv1:4.70b-0.2OHURA Makoto
hhlatexmlFRLaTeX to XML Converterv0.8.5-1Debian TeX maintainers
hhleFRText editor with block and binary operationsv1.16.8-0.1Raphael Geissert
hhlibcmisFRv0.5.2-3Debian LibreOffice Maintainers
hhliblangtagFRv0.6.3-2Debian LibreOffice Maintainers
hhlibnumbertextFRv1.0.7-1Debian LibreOffice Maintainers
hhlibodfgenFRv0.1.8-2Debian LibreOffice Maintainers
hhlibreofficeFRoffice productivity suite (metapackage)v1:7.0.4-3Debian LibreOffice Maintainers
hhlibreoffice-dictionariesFRv1:7.1.0~rc2-2Debian LibreOffice Maintainers
hhlibreoffice-texmathsFRTexMaths is a LaTeX equation editor for LibreOfficev0.43-2.1Kurt Kremitzki
hhlilypondFRprogram for typesetting sheet musicv2.22.0-4Anthony Fok
hhlink-grammarFRCarnegie Mellon University's link grammar parserv5.8.1-1jonas Smedegaard
hhlinum-relativeFRdisplay relative line number in Emacsv0.6-2.1Debian Emacsen team
hhload-relative-elFRrelative file load (within a multi-file Emacs package)v1.3.1-3Debian Emacsen team
lookupFRinteractive utility to search text files quicklyv1.08b-13Ludovic Drolez
hhloop-elFRfriendly imperative loop structures for Emacs Lispv1.3-2.1Debian Emacsen team
hhmacaulay2FRSoftware system for algebraic geometry researchv1.17.1+ds-1Debian Science Maintainers
hhmagyarispellFRv1.6.1-2.1Balint Reczey
hhmakeyFRflexible context menu systemv0.3-4Debian Emacsen team
malagaFRv7.12-7.1Debian QA Group
hhm-buffer-elFRlist-oriented, functional buffer manipulationv0.15-2.1Debian Emacsen team
hhmocker-elFRmocking framework for Emacsv0.5.0-1Debian Emacsen team
hhmonokai-emacsFRfruity color theme for Emacsv3.5.3-3Debian Emacsen team
hhmousepadFRsimple Xfce oriented text editorv0.5.2-1Debian Xfce Maintainers
hhmove-text-elFRmove current line or region up and downv2.0.8-2.1Debian Emacsen team
hhmyspell-el-grFRGreek (el_GR) dictionary for myspellv0.9-1.1Nick Andrik
hhmyspell-hyFRArmenian dictionary for myspellv0.20.0-2.1Alan Baghumian
hhmyspell-lvFRLatvian dictionary for Aspellv0.9.6-10Aigars Mahinovs
myspell.ptFRv20091013-17Agustin Martin Domingo
hhmyspell-pt-brFRtransitional dummy packagev20131030-13Agustin Martin Domingo
myspell-skFRSlovak dictionary for myspellv0.5.5a-2.4Miroslav Kure
hhmyspell-sqFRAlbanian dictionary for myspellv1.6.4-1.1Lior Kaplan
namazu2FRfull text search engine - binary and CGI scriptv2.0.21-22.1NOKUBI Takatsugu
hhnanoFRsmall, friendly text editor inspired by Picov5.4-2Jordi Mallach
hhncurses-hexeditFREdit files/disks in hex, ASCII and EBCDICv0.9.7+orig-7.1Carlos Maddela
hhnode-katexFRv0.10.2+dfsg-8Debian Javascript Maintainers
hhno-littering-elFRhelp keeping ~/.emacs.d cleanv1.2.1-1Debian Emacsen team
hholivetti-modeFREmacs minor mode to more comfortably read and write long-lined prosev1.11.3-1Debian Emacsen team
hhopenjadeFRImplementation of the DSSSL languagev1.4devel1-22Neil Roeth
openoffice.org-en-auFRv2.1-5.5John Steele Scott
openoffice.org-hyphenation-plFRPolish hyphenation patterns for LibreOffice/OpenOffice.orgv1:3.0a-4.1Mateusz Skowronski
hhopenoffice.org-thesaurus-plFRPolish thesaurus for LibreOffice/OpenOffice.orgv1.5-4.1Mateusz Skowronski
hhopensamlFRv3.2.0-2Debian Shib Team
hhorg-bulletsFRshow bullets in Org-mode as UTF-8 charactersv0.2.4-3.1Debian Emacsen team
hhorg-roamFRv1.2.3-1Debian Emacsen team
hhotsFROpen Text Summarizerv0.5.0-6Debian QA Group
hhpage-crunchFRPDF and PS manipulation for printing needsv1.0.1-3.1Sylvain Beucler
hhpageeditFRePub visual XHTML editor based on Sigil's Deprecated BookViewv1.4.0+dfsg-1Mattia Rizzolo
hhparedit-everywhereFRcut-down version of paredit for non-lisp buffersv0.4-4Debian Emacsen team
hhparent-mode-elFRget major mode's parent modesv2.3-5Debian Emacsen team
hhparsebibFREmacs Lisp library for parsing .bib filesv2.3.1-4Debian Emacsen team
hhpdfresurrectFRtool for extracting/scrubbing versioning data from PDF documentsv0.21-2Francois Marier
hhpdfsamFRPDF Split and Mergev4.2.2-1Debian Java Maintainers
hhpdftk-javaFRpdftk port to java - a tool for manipulating PDF documentsv3.2.2-1Johann Felix Soden
hhperspective-elFRtagged workspaces in Emacsv2.2-3Debian Emacsen team
hhpersp-projectileFRintegrate perspective.el with projectilev1:0.2.0-4Debian Emacsen team
hhpip-requirements-elFRmajor mode for editing pip requirements filesv0.5-3Debian Emacsen team
hhpkg-info-elFRprovide information about Emacs packagesv0.6-6Debian Emacsen team
hhpointbackFRrestore window points when returning to buffersv0.2-4Debian Emacsen team
hhpopplerFRv20.09.0-3.1Debian freedesktop.org maintainers
hhpos-tipFRShow tooltip at pointv0.4.6+git20191227-2Debian Emacsen team
hhprinter-driver-okiFRprinter driver for OKI Data printersv1.0.1-1.1Balint Reczey
printing-metasFRv0.20200223Debian Printing Team
hhprotobufFRv3.12.4-1Laszlo Boszormenyi (GCS)
hhps2epsFRconvert PostScript to EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) filesv1.68+binaryfree-3Matteo Cypriani
hhpsgmlFREmacs major mode for editing SGML documentsv1.4.0-9Neil Roeth
hhpsripFRExtract images from PostScript filesv1.3-10Debian QA Group
purifyepsFRcreates EPS files usable in TeX and pdfTeXv1.1-2.1Hilmar Preusse
hhpy-isort-elFRuse isort to sort the imports in a Python bufferv2016.1-5Debian Emacsen team
hhqdaccoFROffline Catalan <-> English dictionary desktop applicationv1.1.2-1Leopold Palomo-Avellaneda
hhqml-modeFREmacs major mode for editing QT Declarative (QML) codev0.4-4Debian Emacsen team
hhqpdfFRtools for transforming and inspecting PDF filesv10.1.0-1Jay Berkenbilt
hhqueue-elFRqueue data structure for Emacs Lispv0.2-3Debian Emacsen team
hhracket-modeFRemacs support for editing and running racket codev20201227git0-3Debian Emacsen team
hhrainbow-delimitersFREmacs mode to colour-code delimiters according to their depthv2.1.3-5Debian Emacsen team
hhrainbow-identifiers-elFRhighlight identifiers according to their namesv0.2.2-5Debian Emacsen team
hhraptor2FRv2.0.14-1.2Dave Beckett
hhredtickFRtiny pomodoro timer for Emacsv00.01.02+git20170220.e6d2e9b+dfsg-4Debian Emacsen team
hhrestart-emacsFRrestart emacs from within emacsv0.1.1-4Debian Emacsen team
hhretextFRSimple text editor for Markdown and reStructuredTextv7.2.0-1Dmitry Shachnev
hhrfcdiffFRcompares two internet draft files and outputs the differencev1.45-1.1Peter Spiess-Knafl
hhrich-minorityFRclean-up and beautify the list of minor-modes in Emacs' mode-linev1.0.3-2Debian Emacsen team
hhrttoolFRRT table formatterv1.0.3.0-6.1Debian Ruby Extras Maintainers
rus-ispellFRv0.99g5-24Mikhail Gusarov
rust-pulldown-cmarkFRv0.2.0-1Debian Rust Maintainers
hhsane-airscanFRSANE backend for AirScan (eSCL) and WSD document scannerv0.99.23-1Debian Printing Team
scalable-cyrfontsFRv4.17+nmu1Anton Zinoviev
hhscdocFRSimple man page generator written for POSIX systems written in C99v1.11.1-1Birger Schacht
contribhhsdicFRv2.1.3-22.1Taku YASUI
hhs-elFRtransitional dummy package, s-el to elpa-sv1.12.0-4Debian Emacsen team
hhserdFRv0.30.10-1Debian Multimedia Maintainers
hhsesmanFRsession manager for Emacs IDEsv0.3.4-2Debian Emacsen team
hhsetzerFRsimple yet full-featured LaTeX editorv0.4.1-1Stephan Lachnit
sgml-dataFRcommon SGML and XML datav2.0.11+nmu1Debian XML SGML Team
hhshut-upFREmacs Lisp macros to quieten Emacsv0.3.3-1Debian Emacsen team
hhsnowballFRv2.1.0-1Stefano Rivera
hhsoftcatala-spellFRv0.20111230b-13Jordi Mallach
hhsordFRv0.16.8-1Debian Multimedia Maintainers
spellutilsFRUtilities to spell-check selectivelyv0.7-8Debian QA Group
hhspinner-elFRspinner for the Emacs modeline for operations in progressv1.7.3-3Debian Emacsen team
hhsplitpatchFRsplit the patch up into files or hunksv1.0+20190128+git3b2edf2-3Debian QA Group
hhsqlparseFRv0.4.1-1Andrii Senkovych
stardict-xmlittreFRFrench Littré dictionary for stardictv1:1.0-1.1Josselin Mouette
stx2anyFRConverter from structured plain text to other formatsv1.56-2.2Panu Kalliokoski
hhsuggest-elFRdiscover Emacs Lisp functions based on examplesv0.7-3Debian Emacsen team
hhsuper-save-elFRauto-save buffers, based on your activityv0.3.0-3Debian Emacsen team
swedishFRv1.4.5-2.2.3Jeremiah C. Foster
hhsword-dict-navesFRNaves Topical Bible for SWORDv2.0-1CrossWire Packaging Team
hhsword-dict-strongs-greekFRStrong's Greek Bible Dictionary for SWORDv3.0-1CrossWire Packaging Team
hhsystem-config-printerFRgraphical interface to configure the printing systemv1.5.14-1Debian GNOME Maintainers
hhsystemd-elFRmajor mode for editing systemd unitsv1.6-2.1Debian Emacsen team
hhsystem-packages-elFRfunctions to manage system packagesv1.0.11-2Debian Emacsen team
tex-commonFRcommon infrastructure for building and installing TeXv6.16Debian TeX maintainers
hhtexinfoFRDocumentation system for on-line information and printed outputv6.7.0.dfsg.2-6Debian TeX maintainers
hhtexlive-baseFRTeX Live: Essential programs and filesv2020.20210113-1Debian TeX maintainers
hhtexlive-binFRv2020.20200327.54578-6Debian TeX maintainers
hhtexlive-extraFRv2020.20210113-1Debian TeX maintainers
hhtexlive-langFRv2020.20210113-1Debian TeX maintainers
hhtexstudioFRLaTeX Editorv3.0.4+ds-1Tom Jampen
hhtexworks-manualFRv20200329-1Debian TeX maintainers
tk-briefFRGUI for easily writing letters with LaTeXv5.10-0.2Yven Johannes Leist
tmexpandFRtext-macro processing script to create HTML and SGML documentsv0.1.2.0-4.1Debian QA Group
hhtnefFRTool to unpack MIME application/ms-tnef attachmentsv1.4.18-3Debian QA Group
hhtodo.txt-baseFRCommon support for todo.txt packagesv2.3David Steele
toiletFRdisplay large colourful characters in text modev0.3-1.3Sam Hocevar
hhtopydoFRadvanced todo.txt terminal utility for managing tasksv0.14-4David Steele
hhtroffcvtFRConverts troff source to HTML, RTF, and plain textv1.04-25Colin Watson
hhundercover-elFRtest coverage library for Emacs Lispv0.8.0-1Debian Emacsen team
hhuni2asciiFRUTF-8 to 7-bit ASCII and vice versa converterv4.18-5Kartik Mistry
hhvala-mode-elFRTransition Package, vala-mode-el to elpa-vala-modev0.1-8Debian Emacsen team
hhveraFRDictionary of computer related acronyms -- info formatv1.24-1Ryan Kavanagh
hhvileFRVI Like Emacs - vi work-alikev9.8u-2Brendan O'Dea
hhvilistextumFRa HTML to text converterv2.6.9-1.3Siegfried-Angel Gevatter Pujals
hhvimFRVi IMproved - enhanced vi editorv2:8.2.2367-1Debian Vim Maintainers
hhvim-airline-themesFRofficial theme collection for vim-airlinev0+git.20180730-6e798f9-1.1Jonathan Carter
hhvim-editorconfigFREditorConfig Plugin for Vimv0.3.3+dfsg-2.1Michael Fladischer
hhvimish-foldFRfold text in GNU Emacs like in Vimv0.2.3-5Debian Emacsen team
hhvim-khunoFRPython flakes Vim pluginv1.0.3-3Edward Betts
hhvim-latexsuiteFRview, edit and compile LaTeX documents from within Vimv1:1.9.0-1.1Johann Felix Soden
hhvim-puppetFRsyntax highlighting for puppet manifests in vimv4~20181115+git4793b074-1.1Puppet Package Maintainers
hhvim-scriptsFRplugins for vim, adding bells and whistlesv20210124Debian Vim Maintainers
hhvim-syntax-gtkFRSyntax files to highlight GTK+ keywords in vimv20110314-1.1Laurent Bigonville
hhvim-ultisnipsFRsnippet solution for Vimv3.1-3.1Michael Fladischer
hhvim-vimerlFRErlang plugin for Vimv1.4.1+git20120509.89111c7-2.1Per Andersson
hhvisFRModern, legacy free, simple yet efficient vim-like editorv0.7-1Paride Legovini
hhvisual-fill-columnFREmacs mode that wraps visual-line-mode buffers at fill-columnv2.2-1Debian Emacsen team
hhvisual-regexp-elFRin-buffer visual feedback while using Emacs regexpsv1.1.2-2Debian Emacsen team
hhvoikko-fiFRDescription of Finnish morphology written for libvoikkov2.4-1Timo Jyrinki
hhvolume-elFRtweak your sound card volume from Emacsv1.0+git.20201002.afb75a5-3Debian Emacsen team
hhw3-dtd-mathmlFRMathematical Markup Language V2.0 DTDv2.0.0.0-5.1Debian XML/SGML Group
hhwikipedia2textFRdisplays Wikipedia articles on the command linev0.14-2Axel Beckert
wilyFRwork-alike of the Acme programming environment for Plan 9v0.13.41-10Debian QA Group
hhwp2latexFRConversion of WordPerfect documents to LaTeX: the converterv3.94+ds-1Hilmar Preusse
hhws-butlerFRunobtrusively remove trailing whitespace in Emacsv0.6-4Debian Emacsen team
wspanishFRSpanish dictionary words for /usr/share/dictv1.0.29Agustin Martin Domingo
hhxalanFRXSLT processor utilityv1.12-6William Blough
hhxciteFRTransition Package, xcite to elpa-xcitev1.60-7Debian Emacsen team
hhxindyFRindex generator for structured documents like LaTeX or SGMLv2.5.1.20160104-9Debian TeX maintainers
hhxlsx2csvFRconvert xslx files to csv formatv1:0.7.6-2Debian Science Maintainers
non-freehhxml2rfcFRXML-based formatting tool for RFCsv2.47.0-1Daniel Kahn Gillmor
hhxmldiffFRlibrary and command line utility for diffing xml filesv2.4-2Debian QA Group
hhxml-rpc-elFREmacs Lisp XML-RPC clientv1.6.12-4Debian Emacsen team
hhxmltoolingFRv3.2.0-2Debian Shib Team
hhxpdfFRMotif-based PDF reader using the Poppler libraryv3.04+git20210103-1Florian Schlichting
hhxr-elFRconvert string regexp to rx notationv1.21-1Debian Emacsen team
hhxuxen-eu-spellFRv0.5.20151110-6Agustin Martin Domingo
hhxwpeFRProgramming environment and editor for console and X11v1.5.30a-3Francesco Paolo Lovergine
hhyatexFRYet Another TeX mode for Emacsv1.82-1KURASHIKI Satoru
hhyodlFRYour Own Document Language (Yodl) is a pre-document languagev4.03.02-1Frank B. Brokken
hhzemberek-serverFRTurkish spellcheck serverv0.7.1-12.3Rail Aliev
hhzenburn-emacsFRlow contrast color theme for Emacsv2.6-3Debian Emacsen team
hhzh-autoconvertFRChinese HZ/GB/BIG5/UTF-16/UTF-7/UTF-8 encodings auto-converterv0.3.16-7Debian Chinese Team
hhztreeFRtext mode directory treev1.0.5-4Debian Emacsen team
hhzzz-to-charFRfancy version of `zap-to-char' commandv0.1.3-3Debian Emacsen team