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Packages with last news in 2021 from Debian Tracker.

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Last news years Astronomy: 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2012 2010 2003
gonenot mainhhDebian TrackerFRshort descriptionversion in DebianDebian maintainer
hhalfaFRAutomated Line Fitting Algorithmv2.1-1Debian Astro Team
hhaoflaggerFRFind RFI in radio astronomical observationsv3.1.0-2Debian Astro Team
hhaplpyFRAstronomical Plotting Library in Pythonv2.0.3+git2020.05.29-1Debian Astro Team
hharavisFRv0.8.20-1Debian Astro Team
hhastapFRastrometric (plate) solver, stacking of images, photometry and FITS viewerv0.9.588-2Debian Astro Team
hhastap-cliFRastrometric (plate) solver, command line versionv0.9.588-3Debian Astro Team
hhastlibFRGeneral Python3 tools for astronomyv0.11.7-1Debian Astro Team
hhastrodendroFRAstronomical Dendrograms in Python 3v0.2.0+dfsg1-2Debian Astro Team
hhastrometry.netFRAstrometry plate solverv0.85+dfsg-1Debian Astro Team
hhastromlFRPython 3 Machine Learning library for astronomyv0.4.post1-6Debian Astro Team
hhastroplanFRv0.7-2Debian Astro Team
hhastropyFRv5.0-1Debian Astro Team
hhastropy-healpixFRHEALPix representation of spherical data - Python 3v0.6-1Debian Astro Team
hhastropy-regionsFRv0.5-1Debian Astro Team
hhastroqueryFRv0.4.1+dfsg-7Debian Astro Team
hhastroscrappyFROptimized Cosmic Ray Annihilation in Pythonv1.1.0-1Debian Astro Team
hhatlasFRv3.10.3-12Debian Science Maintainers
blendsFRv0.7.4Debian Pure Blend Team
hhboincFRmetapackage for the BOINC client and the managerv7.16.17+dfsg-2Debian BOINC Maintainers
gonehhboinc-app-setiFRSETI@home application for the BOINC clientv8.00~svn3725-3Debian BOINC Maintainers
hhboxerFRsystem deployment ninja tricksv1.4.2-2Debian Perl Group
hhboxer-dataFRclasses and nodes usable by Boxerv10.9.5Boxer developers
hhcasacoreFRv3.4.0-2Debian Astro Team
casacore-data-tai-utcFRDifference table between TAI and UTC for casacorev1.3Debian Astro Team
hhcasa-formats-ioFRCode to handle I/O from/to data in CASA formatv0.1-2Debian Astro Team
hhcassbeamFRCassegrain antenna modellingv1.1-3Debian Astro Team
hhccdprocFRBasic data reductions of astronomy CCD imagesv2.3.0-1Debian Astro Team
hhccfitsFRv2.6+dfsg-1Aurelien Jarno
hhcds-healpix-javaFRv0.30.2+ds-1Debian Astro Team
hhcfitsioFRv4.0.0-1Debian Astro Team
hhchealpixFRv3.30.0-9Debian Astro Team
hhcoyoteFRGDL library from D. Fannings IDL coursesv2019.08.19-1Debian Astro Team
hhcplFRv7.1.4+ds-1Debian Astro Team
hhcpl-plugin-amberFRESO data reduction pipeline for the AMBER instrumentv4.4.1+dfsg-1Debian Astro Team
hhcpl-plugin-forsFRESO data reduction pipeline for the FORS1/2 instrumentsv5.5.7+dfsg-2Debian Astro Team
hhcpl-plugin-girafFRESO data reduction pipeline for the GIRAFFE instrumentv2.16.8+dfsg-1Debian Astro Team
hhcpl-plugin-hawkiFRESO data reduction pipeline for the HAWK-I instrumentv2.4.9+dfsg-1Debian Astro Team
hhcpl-plugin-museFRESO data reduction pipeline for the MUSE instrumentv2.8.5+dfsg-1Debian Astro Team
hhcpl-plugin-nacoFRESO data reduction pipeline for the NaCo instrumentv4.4.10+dfsg-2Debian Astro Team
hhcpl-plugin-uvesFRESO data reduction pipeline for the UVES instrumentv6.1.6+dfsg-1Debian Astro Team
hhcpl-plugin-vimosFRESO data reduction pipeline for the VIMOS instrumentv4.1.6+dfsg-2Debian Astro Team
hhcpl-plugin-visirFRESO data reduction pipeline for the VISIR instrumentv4.3.11+dfsg-1Debian Astro Team
hhcpl-plugin-xshooFRESO data reduction pipeline for the XSHOOTER instrumentv3.5.3+dfsg-1Debian Astro Team
hhcvxoptFRv1.2.7+dfsg-2Debian Science Maintainers
hhdaskFRv2021.09.1+dfsg-2Debian Python Team
hhdcrawFRdecode raw digital camera imagesv9.28-3Debian Astro Team
hhdebian-astroFRv3.0Debian Astro Team
hhdpuserFRInteractive language for handling numbers, strings, and matricesv4.1+dfsg-1Debian Astro Team
hhdrmsFRAccess HMI, AIA and MDI data with Pythonv0.6.2-1Debian Astro Team
hheinsteinpyFRGeneral Relativity in Pythonv0.3.0-2Debian Astro Team
hhemceeFRAffine-invariant ensemble MCMC sampling for Python 3v3.1.1-1Debian Astro Team
hherfaFRv2.0.0-1Debian Astro Team
hheso-midasFREuropean Southern Observatory Munich Image Data Analysis Systemv21.02pl1.0-1Debian Astro Team
hhesorexFRExecution Tool for European Southern Observatory pipelinesv3.13.5+ds-2Debian Astro Team
hhfast-histogramFRFast 1D and 2D histogram functions in Pythonv0.9-2Debian Astro Team
hhfitshFRSoftware package for astronomical image processingv0.9.4-1Debian Astro Team
hhfitsverifyFRFITS File Format-Verification Toolv4.20-4Debian Astro Team
hhfuntoolsFRMinimal buy-in FITS utility packagev1.4.8-1Debian Astro Team
hhfxloadFRFirmware download to EZ-USB devicesv0.0.20081013-2Debian Astro Team
hhgalpyFRPython 3 package for Galactic Dynamicsv1.6.0.post0-2Debian Astro Team
hhgammapyFRPython package for gamma-ray astronomyv0.19-1Debian Astro Team
hhgavodachsFRv2.5+dfsg-1Debian Astro Team
gonehhgeant321FR[Physics] Particle detector description and simulation toolv1:3.21.14.dfsg-11Debian Science Maintainers
hhgimpFRGNU Image Manipulation Programv2.10.30-1Debian GNOME Maintainers
hhgingaFRAstronomical image viewerv3.2.0-2Debian Astro Team
hhgitFRfast, scalable, distributed revision control systemv1:2.34.1-1Jonathan Nieder
hhgizaFRv1.2.1-1Debian Astro Team
non-freehhglieseFRstellar data set from the Third Catalogue of Nearby Starsv3.0.95-2Francisco Manuel Garcia Claramonte
hhgluevizFRLinked data visualizationv1.0.1+dfsg-2Debian Astro Team
hhgnuastroFRGNU Astronomy Utilities programsv0.16.1-1Debian Astro Team
hhgnudatalanguageFRFree IDL compatible incremental compilerv1.0.1-3Debian Astro Team
hhgnuplotFRCommand-line driven interactive plotting program.v5.4.2+dfsg2-2Debian Science Maintainers
hhgpredictFRSatellite tracking programv2.3-72-gc596101-3Debian Hamradio Maintainers
hhgraceFRXY graphing and plotting toolv1:5.1.25-12Nicholas Breen
hhgraphvizFRrich set of graph drawing toolsv2.42.2-5Laszlo Boszormenyi (GCS)
hhgslFRv2.7.1+dfsg-3Dirk Eddelbuettel
hhgwcsFRv0.17.1-1Debian Astro Team
hhgyotoFRGeneral relativistic geodesic integration and ray-tracingv1.4.4-7Debian Astro Team
hhhdf5FRv1.10.7+repack-4Gilles Filippini
hhhealpix-cxxFRv3.80.0-5Debian Astro Team
hhhealpix-javaFRv3.60+ds-4Debian Astro Team
hhhealpyFRv1.15.0-2Debian Astro Team
hhidlastroFRLow-level astronomy software for GDLv2021.09.30+dfsg-1Debian Astro Team
hhimagejFRImage processing program with a focus on microscopy imagesv1.53k-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhimagemagickFRimage manipulation programs -- binariesv8: Packaging Team
hhimexamFRv0.9.1-2Debian Astro Team
hhindiFRv1.9.3+dfsg-1Debian Qt/KDE Maintainers
hhindi-aagcloudwatcher-ngFRINDI driver for the AAG Cloud Watcherv1.6-2Debian Astro Team
hhindi-aokFRINDI driver for AOK Skywalkerv1.1-2Debian Astro Team
hhindi-apogeeFRINDI driver for Apogee CCDs and Filter Wheelsv1.9-2Debian Astro Team
hhindi-armadillo-platypusFRINDI driver for Lunatico Astronomia Armadillo and Platypusv1.0-2Debian Astro Team
contribhhindi-asiFRv2.0-2Debian Astro Team
hhindi-astrolink4FRINDI driver for Astrolink 4.0 devicesv0.1-2Debian Astro Team
hhindi-astromechfocFRINDI driver for Astromechanics Canon Lens Controllerv0.2-2Debian Astro Team
hhindi-avalonFRINDI driver for Avalon Instruments mountsv1.12-2Debian Astro Team
hhindi-beefocusFRINDI driver for Bee Focusv0.1-2Debian Astro Team
hhindi-bresserexos2FRINDI driver for Exos II GoTo Telescope Mountv1.0-2Debian Astro Team
hhindi-dreamfocuserFRINDI driver for DeamFocuser focuserv2.1-2Debian Astro Team
hhindi-dsiFRINDI driver for Meade DSI Pro I/II/IIIv0.4-2Debian Astro Team
hhindi-eqmodFRINDI EQMod Driverv1.0-2Debian Astro Team
hhindi-ffmvFRINDI driver for Point Grey Firefly MV camerasv0.3-2Debian Astro Team
hhindi-gigeFRINDI driver for GigE machine vision camerasv0.1-2Debian Astro Team
hhindi-gphotoFRINDI driver for Gphoto (DSLR) Camerasv3.0-2Debian Astro Team
hhindi-gpsdFRINDI driver for gpsd GPS daemonv0.5-2Debian Astro Team
hhindi-gpsnmeaFRINDI driver for GPS NMEA streamsv0.2-2Debian Astro Team
hhindi-limesdrFRINDI driver for LimeSDR (LMS7) Receiverv1.4-2Debian Astro Team
hhindi-maxdomeiiFRINDI driver for MaxDome II dome control systemv1.3-2Debian Astro Team
hhindi-mgenFRINDI driver for Lacerta Mgen Autoguiderv0.1-2Debian Astro Team
hhindi-nexdomeFRINDI driver for NexDomev1.5-2Debian Astro Team
hhindi-nightscapeFRINDI driver for Celestron Nightscape 8300v1.0.6-2Debian Astro Team
hhindi-orion-ssg3FRINDI Driver for Orion StarShoot G3 and G4 camerasv0.1-2Debian Astro Team
hhindi-rtklibFRINDI driver for precise positioning with RTKLIBv1.0-2Debian Astro Team
hhindi-shelyakFRINDI driver for Shelyak and Alpy Spectrographv1.0-2Debian Astro Team
hhindi-spectracyberFRINDI driver for hydrogen line spectrometerv1.3-2Debian Astro Team
hhindi-starbookFRINDI driver for Vixen Starbook telescope controllersv0.8-2Debian Astro Team
hhindi-sxFRINDI driver for Starlight Xpress CCD and Filter Wheelv1.15-2Debian Astro Team
hhindi-talon6FRINDI driver for Talon6 Roll Off Roofv2.0-2Debian Astro Team
hhindi-webcamFRINDI Driver for web camerasv1.0-2Debian Astro Team
hhinkscapeFRvector-based drawing programv1.1.1-2Debian Multimedia Maintainers
hhipythonFRv7.27.0-1Debian Python Team
hhirafFRImage Reduction and Analysis Facilityv2.16.1+2021.06.14-3Debian Astro Team
hhjcdfFRv1.2.4+dfsg-1Debian Astro Team
hhjsofaFRv0~20210512-1Debian Astro Team
hhkateFRpowerful text editorv4:21.08.2-1Debian Qt/KDE Maintainers
hhkstFRscientific data plotting toolv2.0.8-5Debian QA Group
hhkstarsFRdesktop planetarium, observation planning and telescope controlv5:3.5.6-2Debian Qt/KDE Maintainers
hhlabplotFRinteractive graphing and analysis of scientific datav2.8.2-2Debian Qt/KDE Maintainers
hhlapackFRv3.10.0-2Debian Science Maintainers
hhlibapogee3FRApogee Library for camera controlv3.2-2Debian Astro Team
non-freehhlibasiFRlibrary to control ASI cameras, focuser, filter wheels and ST4v1.20.3-2Debian Astro Team
hhlibfits-javaFRJava library for the I/O handling of FITS filesv1.15.2-2Debian Astro Team
hhlibfliFRv2.0-2Debian Astro Team
hhlibpktriggercordFRlibrary for Pentax cameras in MSC modev0.85.1-2Debian Astro Team
hhlibtk-imgFRExtended image format support for Tcl/Tk (runtime)v1:1.4.13+dfsg-1Sergei Golovan
hhlightspeedFRShows how objects moving at relativistic speeds look likev1.2a.debian.1-3Debian QA Group
hhlmfit-pyFRv1.0.2-1Debian Science Maintainers
hhlynkeos.appFRGNUstep app for processing planetary astronomical imagesv3.4+dfsg1-3Debian GNUstep maintainers
hhmatplotlibFRv3.5.1-1Sandro Tosi
hhmayavi2FRscientific visualization package for 2-D and 3-D datav4.7.1-3Debian Python Team
hhmercurialFReasy-to-use, scalable distributed version control systemv5.9.3-1Debian Python Team
hhmissfitsFRBasic maintenance and packaging tasks on FITS filesv2.8.0-5Debian Astro Team
hhmocassinFRMOnte CArlo SimulationS of Ionised Nebulaev2.02.73.2-1Debian Astro Team
hhmpfitFRRobust non-linear least squares curve fitting for GDLv1.85+2017.01.03-4Debian Astro Team
hhmpl-animatorsFRInterative animation framework for matplotlibv1.0.0-2Debian Astro Team
hhmunipackFRAstronomical photometry software packagev0.5.14-2Debian Astro Team
hhndcubeFRv2.0.1-1Debian Astro Team
hhneatFRNebular Empirical Analysis Toolv2.3.2-2Debian Astro Team
hhnumpyFRv1:1.21.5-1Sandro Tosi
hhopenuniverseFR3D Universe Simulatorv1.0beta3.1+dfsg-7Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña
hhopenvlbiFRv1.22.3-1Debian Astro Team
hhorbit-predictorFRPython library to propagate satellite orbitsv1.14.2-1Debian Astro Team
hhpandasFRv1.3.4+dfsg-7Debian Science Maintainers
hhparaviewFRParallel Visualization Applicationv5.10.0~rc1-1Debian Science Maintainers
hhpdlFRperl data language: Perl extensions for numericsv1:2.063-2Debian Perl Group
non-freehhpgplot5FRlarge subroutine library for plotting scientific datav5.2.2-19.4Carlo Segre
hhpgsphereFRv1.1.1+2021-11-10-1Debian PostgreSQL Maintainers
hhphotutilsFRAstropy affiliated package for image photometry (Python 3)v1.2.0-1Debian Astro Team
hhpillowFRv8.4.0-1Matthias Klose
hhplanetary-system-stackerFRcreate a sharp image of a planetary system object (moon, sun, planets)v0.8.31-2Debian Astro Team
hhplplotFRv5.15.0+dfsg-24Debian Science Maintainers
hhpluto-find-orbFRv0.0~git20180227-4Debian Astro Team
hhpoliastroFRAstrodynamics and Orbital Mechanics computationsv0.16.0-1Debian Astro Team
hhpostgresql-q3cFRv2.0.0-6Debian PostgreSQL Maintainers
hhprestoFRtoolkit for processing B and T cell sequencesv0.7.0-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpurifyFRCollection of routines for radio interferometric imagingv2.0.0-6Debian Astro Team
hhpyavmFRPython3 module to handle Astronomy Visualization Metadata Standardv0.9.4-7Debian Astro Team
hhpydlFRv1.0.0~rc2-1Debian Astro Team
hhpyephemFRCompute positions of the planets and stars with Pythonv4.1.3-1Debian Astro Team
hhpyerfaFRv2.0.0.1+ds-1Debian Astro Team
hhpygnuplotFRSimple Python wrapper for Gnuplotv0.11.16-4Debian Python Team
hhpymocFRv0.5.0-5Debian Astro Team
hhpynpointFRPipeline for processing and analysis of high-contrast imaging datav0.10.0-1Debian Astro Team
hhpyrafFRPython interface for IRAFv2.2.0-1Debian Astro Team
hhpyregionFRv2.1.1-1Debian Astro Team
hhpysynphotFRv2.0.0+dfsg-1Debian Astro Team
hhpytest-astropyFRPytest dependencies for Astropy and affiliated packagesv0.9.0-1Debian Astro Team
hhpytest-cythonFRpytest plugin for testing Cython extension modules (Python 3)v0.1.1-1Debian Astro Team
hhpython3-defaultsFRv3.9.8-1Matthias Klose
python3-stdlib-extensionsFRv3.9.9-3Matthias Klose
hhpython-asdfFRv2.8.3-1Debian Astro Team
hhpython-casacoreFRPython bindings to the casacore libraryv3.4.0-1Debian Astro Team
hhpython-defaultsFRv2.7.18-3Matthias Klose
hhpython-drizzleFRv1.13.3-1Debian Astro Team
hhpython-fitsioFRPython 3 library to read from and write to FITS filesv1.1.6+dfsg-1Debian Astro Team
hhpython-qtconsoleFRv5.1.1-1Debian Python Team
hhpython-vispyFRv0.6.6-2Debian Science Maintainers
hhpytoolsFRv2021.2.8-1Tomasz Rybak
hhpyvoFRPython 3 library for data services of the Virtual observatory (VO)v1.1-1Debian Astro Team
hhradio-beamFRPython Tools for Radio Beam IO and Manipulationv0.3.3-1Debian Astro Team
hhreprojectFRReproject astronomical images with Python 3v0.8-1Debian Astro Team
hhsaods9FRImage display tool for astronomyv8.3+repack-1Debian Astro Team
hhscampFRCompute astrometric and photometric solutionsv2.10.0-2Debian Astro Team
hhscikit-learnFRv1.0.1-1Debian Science Maintainers
hhscilabFRScientific software package for numerical computationsv6.1.1+dfsg2-3Debian Science Maintainers
hhscipyFRv1.7.1-2Debian Python Team
hhscreenFRterminal multiplexer with VT100/ANSI terminal emulationv4.8.0-7Axel Beckert
hhser-playerFRVideo player and processing utility for SER filesv1.7.3-2Debian Astro Team
hhshunit2FRunit test framework for Bourne based shell scriptsv2.1.6-1.2Ulrich Dangel
hhsirilFRastronomical image processing toolv0.99.10.1-2Debian Astro Team
hhskimageFRv0.18.3-2Debian Science Maintainers
hhskycatFRImage visualization and access to catalogs and data for astronomyv3.1.2+starlink1~b+dfsg-6Debian Astro Team
hhskyviewFRImage generation from a range of remote databasesv3.5.5+repack-2Debian Astro Team
hhslcfitsioFRread and write FITS files from S-Langv0.4.7~pre.17-1Rafael Laboissière
hhspectral-cubeFRManipulate astronomical data cubes with Pythonv0.6.0-1Debian Astro Team
hhspecutilsFRBase classes and utilities for astronomical spectra in Pythonv1.5.0-1Debian Astro Team
hhsphinx-astropyFRSphinx extensions and configuration specific to the Astropy projectv1.6.0-1Debian Astro Team
hhsplashFRVisualisation tool for Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics simulationv3.3.3-1Debian Astro Team
hhspyderFRPython IDE for scientistsv4.2.1+dfsg1-3Debian Science Maintainers
hhstarjava-cdfFRv1.0+2021.01.10+dfsg-1Debian Astro Team
hhstarjava-dpacFRv1.0+2021.01.08-1Debian Astro Team
hhstarjava-ecsvFRv1.0+2021.08.26-1Debian Astro Team
hhstarjava-fitsFRv0.1+2021.01.10-2Debian Astro Team
hhstarjava-tableFRv4.0-3Debian Astro Team
hhstarjava-tjoinFRv1.0+2021.01.10-2Debian Astro Team
hhstarjava-topcatFRv4.8-2Debian Astro Team
hhstarjava-ttoolsFRv3.4-2Debian Astro Team
hhstarjava-utilFRv1.0+2021.01.10-2Debian Astro Team
hhstarjava-votableFRv2.0+2021.01.10-2Debian Astro Team
hhstarlink-astFRv9.2.5+dfsg-1Debian Astro Team
hhstellariumFRreal-time photo-realistic sky generatorv0.20.4-3Debian Astro Team
hhstiffFRconvert scientific FITS images to the TIFF formatv2.4.0-6Debian Astro Team
hhstsci.toolsFRMiscellaneous Python tools from STScIv4.0.1-2Debian Astro Team
hhsubversionFRAdvanced version control systemv1.14.1-3James McCoy
hhsunpyFRSoftware library for solar physics based on Pythonv3.1.2-3Debian Astro Team
hhswarpFRResample and co-add together FITS imagesv2.41.5-1Debian Astro Team
hhsympyFRv1.7.1-3Debian Science Maintainers
hhtcl8.6FRTcl (the Tool Command Language) v8.6 - shellv8.6.12+dfsg-1Tcl/Tk Debian Packagers
hhtexlive-baseFRTeX Live: Essential programs and filesv2021.20211217-1Debian TeX maintainers
hhtexlive-extraFRv2021.20211217-1Debian TeX maintainers
hhtheanoFRv1.0.5+dfsg-4Debian Science Maintainers
hhtheliFRAstronomical image data reduction pipelinev3.1.1-1Debian Astro Team
hhtk8.6FRTk toolkit for Tcl and X11 v8.6 - windowing shellv8.6.12-1Tcl/Tk Debian Packagers
hhveuszFR2D and 3D scientific plotting application with graphical interfacev3.3.1-3Debian Science Maintainers
hhvoro++FRlibrary for the computation of the Voronoi diagramv0.5+revert-to-0.4.6+dfsg1-1Debian Astro Team
hhwcslibFRv7.7+ds-1Debian Astro Team
hhwscleanFRFast generic widefield interferometric imagerv3.0-2Debian Astro Team
hhx11irafFRv2.1+dfsg-1Debian Astro Team
hhxtideFRprovides tide and current predictionsv2.15.2-1.1Peter S Galbraith
hhxtide-dataFRHarmonics data for xtidev20191229-1.1Peter S Galbraith
non-freehhyaleFRstellar data set from the Yale Bright Star Catalogv5.0.95-2Francisco Manuel Garcia Claramonte
hhyorick-cubeviewFR3D FITS data viewer specialized in spectro-imagingv2.2-2.1Debian Science Maintainers
hhytFRFramework for analyzing and visualizing simulation data (Python 3)v4.0.1-4Debian Astro Team