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Packages with last news in 2021 from Debian Tracker.

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Last news years Accessibility: 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2009
gonenot mainhhDebian TrackerFRshort descriptionversion in DebianDebian maintainer
hhatk1.0FRv2.36.0-3Debian Accessibility Team
hhatkmm1.6FRv2.28.2-1Debian GNOME Maintainers
hhat-spi2-atkFRv2.38.0-2Debian Accessibility Team
hhat-spi2-coreFRAssistive Technology Service Provider Interface (dbus core)v2.42.0-2Debian Accessibility Team
big-cursorFRlarger mouse cursors for Xv3.15Debian Accessibility Team
blendsFRv0.7.4Debian Pure Blend Team
hhboxerFRsystem deployment ninja tricksv1.4.2-2Debian Perl Group
hhboxer-dataFRclasses and nodes usable by Boxerv10.9.5Boxer developers
hhbrailleutilsFRcommand-line interface for the brailleutils libraryv1.2.3-7Debian Accessibility Team
hhbriseFRv0.38.20190120-1Debian Input Method Team
hhbrlttyFRAccess software for a blind person using a braille displayv6.4-2Debian Accessibility Team
hhcaribouFRConfigurable on screen keyboard with scanning modev0.4.21-7.2Debian GNOME Maintainers
hhcellwriterFRgrid-entry handwriting input panelv1.3.6-3Debian QA Group
hhcompizFROpenGL window and compositing managerv2:0.8.18-2Hypra Team
hhconsole-brailleFRFonts and keymaps for reading/typing unicode braillev1.10Debian Accessibility Team
non-freehhcuneiformFRmulti-language OCR systemv1.1.0+dfsg-9Debian QA Group
hhcups-filtersFROpenPrinting CUPS Filters - Main Packagev1.28.10-2Debian Printing Team
hhdaisy-playerFRplayer for DAISY Digital Talking Booksv13.0-3Debian Accessibility Team
hhdasherFRgraphical predictive text input systemv5.0.0~beta~repack2-3Debian Accessibility Team
hhebook-speakerFReBook reader that reads aloud in a synthetic voicev6.2.0-3Debian Accessibility Team
hhedbrowseFR/bin/ed-alike webbrowser written in Cv3.7.7-4Debian Accessibility Team
hhefliteFRFestival-Lite based emacspeak speech serverv0.4.1-13Debian Accessibility Team
hhemacspeakFRspeech output interface to Emacsv53.0+dfsg-1Debian Accessibility Team
hhespeakFRMulti-lingual software speech synthesizerv1.48.15+dfsg-3Debian Accessibility Team
hhespeakeditFRMulti-lingual software speech synthesizer - editorv1.48.15-1Debian Accessibility Team
hhespeak-ngFRMulti-lingual software speech synthesizerv1.50+dfsg-9Debian Accessibility Team
hhespeakupFRConnector between speakup kernel modules and espeakv1:0.90-5Debian Accessibility Team
hhfcitxFRFlexible Input Method Frameworkv1: Input Method Team
hhfcitx5FRNext generation of Fcitx Input Method Frameworkv5.0.11-1Debian Input Method Team
hhfcitx5-chewingFRChewing input method support for fcitx5v5.0.8-1Debian Input Method Team
hhfcitx5-chinese-addonsFRChinese-related addon for fcitx5 (metapackage)v5.0.9-2Debian Input Method Team
hhfcitx5-gtkFRv5.0.10-1Debian Input Method Team
hhfcitx5-hangulFRHangul input method wrapper for fcitx5v5.0.6-1Debian Input Method Team
hhfcitx5-kkcFRFcitx5 wrapper for libkkc IM enginev5.0.6-2Debian Input Method Team
hhfcitx5-libthaiFRThai input method engine for Fcitx5 based on LibThaiv5.0.6-1Debian Input Method Team
hhfcitx5-luaFRv5.0.5-2Debian Input Method Team
hhfcitx5-material-colorFRUI theme for fcitx5 following Material Designv0.2.1-1Debian Input Method Team
hhfcitx5-qtFRv5.0.8-1Debian Input Method Team
hhfcitx5-rimeFRRime input method support for fcitx5v5.0.9-1Debian Input Method Team
hhfcitx5-skkFRJapanese SKK input engine for Fcitx5v5.0.9-1Debian Input Method Team
hhfcitx5-unikeyFRVietnamese Input Method Engine for Fcitx5 using Unikey Enginev5.0.7-1Debian Input Method Team
hhfcitx-anthyFRFcitx wrapper for Anthy IM enginev0.2.4-1Debian Input Method Team
hhfcitx-googlepinyinFRFcitx wrapper for Google Pinyin IM enginev0.1.6-5Debian Input Method Team
hhfcitx-kkcFRFcitx wrapper for libkkc IM enginev0.1.4-3Debian Input Method Team
hhfcitx-libpinyinFRFcitx wrapper for libpinyinv0.5.4-1Debian Input Method Team
hhfcitx-qt5FRv1.2.6-2Debian Input Method Team
hhfcitx-rimeFRFcitx wrapper for RIME enginev0.3.2-10Debian Input Method Team
hhfcitx-skkFRJapanese SKK input engine for Fcitxv0.1.4-2Debian Input Method Team
hhfcitx-table-extraFRv0.3.8-3Debian Input Method Team
hhfestivalFRGeneral multi-lingual speech synthesis systemv1:2.5.0-8Debian TTS team
hhfestival-freebsoft-utilsFRFestival extensions and utilitiesv0.10-9Debian TTS team
hhfestvox-ruFRRussian male speaker for Festivalv0.5+dfsg-6Debian TTS team
hhfestvox-us-slt-htsFR: US English voice for Festival. 32kHz sample rate, HTSv0.2010.10.25-4Debian TTS team
hhfliteFRSmall run-time speech synthesis enginev2.2-2Debian Accessibility Team
hhfreettsFRspeech synthesis systemv1.2.2-7Bdale Garbee
hhgcinFRGTK+ based input method for Chinese usersv2.9.0+dfsg1-2Debian Input Method Team
hhgnome-shell-extension-kimpanelFRKDE kimpanel protocol extension for GNOME shellv0~20211103.5b97eb9-1Debian Input Method Team
hhhimeFRGTK+ based input method for Chinese usersv0.9.11+dfsg-2Debian Input Method Team
hhibusFRIntelligent Input Bus - corev1.5.25-3Debian Input Method Team
hhibus-anthyFRanthy engine for IBusv1.5.14-1Debian Input Method Team
hhibus-arrayFRArray 30 input engine for iBusv0.2.2-1Debian Input Method Team
hhibus-avroFRIBus engine for Avro Phoneticv1.2-4Debian Input Method Team
hhibus-brailleFRBraille input engine for IBusv0.3-7Debian Input Method Team
hhibus-input-padFRInput Pad for IBusv1.4.99.20140916-2Debian Input Method Team
hhibus-keymanFRKeyman engine for IBusv14.0.283-2Debian Input Method Team
hhibus-kmflFRKMFL engine for Ibusv14.0.283-2Debian Input Method Team
hhibus-libpinyinFRIntelligent Pinyin engine based on libpinyin for IBusv1.12.1-2Debian Input Method Team
hhibus-libthaiFRThai input method engine for IBus based on LibThaiv0.1.5-1Debian Input Method Team
hhibus-libzhuyinFRNew Zhuyin engine based on libzhuyin for IBusv1.10.0-2Debian Input Method Team
hhibus-m17nFRm17n engine for IBusv1.4.8-1Debian Input Method Team
hhibus-rimeFRRime Input Method Engine for IBusv1.5.0-1Debian Input Method Team
hhibus-tableFRtable engine for IBusv1.14.1-1Debian Input Method Team
hhibus-typing-boosterFRCompletion input method to speedup typingv2.15.11-1Debian Input Method Team
hhim-configFRInput method configuration frameworkv0.49-1Debian Input Method Team
hhinput-padFROn-screen Input Pad to Send Characters with Mousev1.0.99.20210817-2Debian Input Method Team
hhjava-atk-wrapperFRv0.38.0-5Debian Accessibility Team
hhkasumiFRSimple dictionary utility for Anthyv2.5-10Debian Input Method Team
hhkcm-fcitx5FRv5.0.9-1Debian Input Method Team
hhkeyman-configFRv14.0.283-2Debian Input Method Team
hhkeyman-keyboardprocessorFRv14.0.283-2Debian Input Method Team
hhkmagFRscreen magnifier toolv4:21.08.0-1Debian Qt/KDE Maintainers
hhkmflcompFRKMFL (Keyboard Mapping for Linux) Compilerv14.0.283-2Debian Input Method Team
hhkmousetoolFRmouse manipulation tool for the disabledv4:21.08.0-1Debian Qt/KDE Maintainers
hhkmouthFRtype-and-say frontend for speech synthesizersv4:21.08.0-1Debian Qt/KDE Maintainers
hhlibdumbttsFRv0.3.2-2Debian TTS team
hhlibgooglepinyinFRv0.1.2-7Debian Input Method Team
hhlibimeFRv1.0.10-1Debian Input Method Team
hhlibkmflFRv14.0.283-2Debian Input Method Team
hhliblouisFRv3.20.0-1Debian Accessibility Team
hhliblouisutdmlFRv2.10.0-3Debian Accessibility Team
hhliblouisxmlFRv2.4.0-12Debian Accessibility Team
hhlibpinyinFRv2.6.1-1Debian Input Method Team
hhlibrimeFRv1.7.3+dfsg1-2Debian Input Method Team
hhlibskkFRv1.0.5-2Debian Input Method Team
hhm17n-libFRv1.8.0-3.1Debian Input Method Team
hhmagnusFRVery simple screen magnifierv1:1.0.3-3Debian+Ubuntu MATE Packaging Team
hhmarisaFRcommand line tools for libmarisav0.2.6-8Debian Input Method Team
contribhhmbrolaFRMultilingual software speech synthesizerv3.3+dfsg-8Samuel Thibault
hhnatbrailleFRFrench braille typesetting programv2.0rc3-12Debian Accessibility Team
hhopenccFRsimplified-traditional Chinese conversion toolv1.1.3+ds1-5Debian Input Method Team
hhorcaFRScriptable screen readerv41.1-1+0Debian Accessibility Team
hhpocketsphinxFRSpeech recognition toolv0.8+5prealpha+1-13Debian Accessibility Team
hhprinter-driver-indexbrailleFRCUPS printing to Index Braille printersv1.2.3-4Debian Printing Team
hhpyatspiFRAssistive Technology Service Provider Interface - Python3 bindingsv2.38.2-1Debian Accessibility Team
hhpython-espeakFRPython bindings for eSpeakv0.5-4Debian TTS team
non-freehhrhvoiceFRSpeech synthesizer - test toolsv1.2.3+dfsg-2Debian TTS team
hhrime-essayFRRime Input Method Engine preset vocabulary and language modelv0.0~git20210805.8882482-2Debian Input Method Team
hhrime-preludeFRRime Input Method Engine basic configuration filesv0.0~git20211023.4001edf-1Debian Input Method Team
saytimeFRspeaks the current time through your sound cardv1.0-35Holger Levsen
hhsctkFRspeech recognition scoring toolkitv2.4.10-20151007-1312Z+dfsg2-3.1Giulio Paci
hhsonicFRSimple utility to speed up or slow down speechv0.2.0-11Debian Accessibility Team
hhsound-iconsFRSounds for speech enabled applicationsv0.1-8Debian TTS team
hhspeechd-elFREmacs speech client using Speech Dispatcherv2.11-2Milan Zamazal
hhspeech-dispatcherFRCommon interface to speech synthesizersv0.11.0-1Debian TTS team
contribhhspeech-dispatcher-contribFRv0.11.0-1Debian TTS team
hhspeechd-upFRInterface between Speech Dispatcher and SpeakUpv0.5~20110719-11Debian Accessibility Team
hhspeech-toolsFREdinburgh Speech Tools - user binariesv1:2.5.0-12Debian Accessibility Team
hhsphinxbaseFRv0.8+5prealpha+1-13Debian Accessibility Team
hhsphinxtrainFRSpeech recognition tool - training toolv1.0.8+5prealpha+1-4Debian Accessibility Team
hhsptkFRspeech signal processing toolkitv3.9-3Giulio Paci
hhsunpinyinFRv3.0.0~rc2+ds1-4Debian Input Method Team
non-freehhsvoxFRv1.0+git20130326-12Debian Accessibility Team
hhtesseractFRv4.1.1-2.1Alexander Pozdnyakov
hhvmgFRVirtual Magnifying Glassv3.7.1-6Debian Accessibility Team
hhxcb-imdkitFRv1.0.3-1Debian Input Method Team
hhxkbsetFRSmall utility to change the AccessX settings of XKEYBOARDv0.6-1Debian Accessibility Team