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Packages with last news in 2021 from Debian Tracker.

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Last news years Medical: 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2003
gonenot mainhhDebian TrackerFRshort descriptionversion in DebianDebian maintainer
hhabyssFRde novo, parallel, sequence assembler for short readsv2.3.3-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhacedbFRv4.9.39+dfsg.02-7Debian Med Packaging Team
hhadapterremovalFRrapid adapter trimming, identification, and read merging of gene sequencesv2.3.2-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhaevolFRdigital genetics model to run Evolution Experiments in silicov5.0+ds-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhallelecountFRNGS copy number algorithmsv4.3.0-1.1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhalter-sequence-alignmentFRgenomic sequences ALignment Transformation EnviRonmentv1.3.4-6Debian Med Packaging Team
hhaltreeFRprogram to perform phylogeny-based association and localization analysisv1.3.2-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhampliconnoiseFRremoval of noise from 454 sequenced PCR ampliconsv1.29-10Debian Med Packaging Team
hhandiFREfficient Estimation of Evolutionary Distancesv0.14-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhanfoFRShort Read Aligner/Mapper from MPGv0.98-9Debian Med Packaging Team
non-freehharbFRphylogenetic sequence analysis suite - main programv6.0.6-5Debian Med Packaging Team
hharghFRC++ header-only command line processing libraryv1.3.1+ds-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hharibaFRAntibiotic Resistance Identification By Assemblyv2.14.6+ds-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhartemisFRgenome browser and annotation toolv18.1.0+dfsg-6Debian Med Packaging Team
hhassembly-statsFRget assembly statistics from FASTA and FASTQ filesv1.0.1+ds-5Debian Med Packaging Team
hhassemblyticsFRdetect and analyze structural variants from a genome assemblyv1.2.1+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhataqvFRATAC-seq QC and visualizationv1.2.1+ds-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhaugurFRpipeline components for real-time virus analysisv13.0.2-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhaugustusFRgene prediction in eukaryotic genomesv3.4.0+dfsg2-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhavogadroFRMolecular Graphics and Modelling Systemv1.95.1-2Debichem Team
hhaxe-demultiplexerFRTrie-based DNA sequencing read demultiplexerv0.3.3+dfsg-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhbali-phyFRBayesian Inference of Alignment and Phylogenyv3.6.1+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhballFRv1.5.0+git20180813.37fc53c-10Debian Med Packaging Team
hhbambamcFRv0.0.50-6Debian Med Packaging Team
hhbamclipperFRRemove gene-specific primer sequences from SAM/BAM alignmentsv1.0.0-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhbamkitFRtools for common BAM file manipulationsv0.0.1+git20170413.ccd079d-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhbamtoolsFRtoolkit for manipulating BAM (genome alignment) filesv2.5.1+dfsg-10Debian Med Packaging Team
hhbandageFRBioinformatics Application for Navigating De novo Assembly Graphs Easilyv0.8.1-5Debian Med Packaging Team
hhbartFRtools for computational magnetic resonance imagingv0.7.00-2Debian Med Packaging Team
contribhhbart-cudaFRtools for computational magnetic resonance imagingv0.7.00-5Debian Med Packaging Team
hhbart-viewFRviewer for multi-dimensional complex-valued datav0.1.00-6Debian Med Packaging Team
hhbbhashFRbloom-filter based minimal perfect hash function libraryv1.0.0-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhbbmapFRBBTools genomic aligner and other tools for short sequencesv38.94+dfsg-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhbcalmFRde Bruijn compaction in low memoryv2.2.3-2Debian Med Packaging Team
contribhhbcbioFRtoolkit for analysing high-throughput sequencing datav1.2.5-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhbcftoolsFRgenomic variant calling and manipulation of VCF/BCF filesv1.13-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhbeadsFR2-DE electrophoresis gel image spot detectionv1.1.20-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhbeagleFRGenotype calling, genotype phasing and imputation of ungenotyped markersv5.2-210628-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhbeast2-mcmcFRBayesian MCMC phylogenetic inferencev2.6.6+dfsg-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhbeast-mcmcFRBayesian MCMC phylogenetic inferencev1.10.4+dfsg-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhbedopsFRhigh-performance genomic feature operationsv2.4.40+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhbedtoolsFRsuite of utilities for comparing genomic featuresv2.30.0+dfsg-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhberkeley-expressFRStreaming quantification for high-throughput sequencingv1.5.3+dfsg-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhbiberFRMuch-augmented BibTeX replacement for BibLaTeX usersv2.16-2Debian TeX maintainers
hhbioawkFRextension of awk for biological sequence analysisv1.0-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhbiobambam2FRtools for early stage alignment file processingv2.0.183+ds-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhbiojava4-liveFRv4.2.12+dfsg-6Debian Med Packaging Team
hhbiojava-liveFRv1:1.7.1-9Debian Med Packaging Team
hhbiomaj3FRBioMAJ workflow management libraryv3.1.18-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhbiomaj3-coreFRBioMAJ core library - Python 3.Xv3.0.26-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhbiomaj3-daemonFRBioMAJ daemon libraryv3.0.22-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhbiomaj3-downloadFRBioMAJ download management libraryv3.2.4-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhbiomaj3-processFRBioMAJ process management libraryv3.0.16-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhbiomaj3-zipkinFRBioMAJ zipkin log tracing libraryv0.2.2-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhbioperlFRPerl tools for computational molecular biologyv1.7.8-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhbioperl-runFRBioPerl wrappers: scriptsv1.7.3-7Debian Med Packaging Team
hhbiosigFRv2.3.3-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhbio-vcfFRdomain specific language (DSL) for processing the VCF formatv0.9.5-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhbitseqFRBayesian Inference of Transcripts from Sequencing Datav0.7.5+dfsg-6Debian Med Packaging Team
hhblasrFRmapping single-molecule sequencing readsv5.3.5+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
blendsFRv0.7.4Debian Pure Blend Team
hhbmtkFRv0.0.9+ds-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhbolt-lmmFREfficient large cohorts genome-wide Bayesian mixed-model association testingv2.3.6+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhbowtieFRUltrafast memory-efficient short read alignerv1.3.1-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhbowtie2FRultrafast memory-efficient short read alignerv2.4.4-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhboxerFRsystem deployment ninja tricksv1.4.2-2Debian Perl Group
hhboxer-dataFRclasses and nodes usable by Boxerv10.9.5Boxer developers
hhbppphyviewFRBio++ Phylogenetic Viewerv0.6.1-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhbrianFRv2.4.2-8Debian Med Packaging Team
hhbuscoFRbenchmarking sets of universal single-copy orthologsv5.2.2-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhbustoolsFRprogram for manipulating BUS files for single cell RNA-Seq datasetsv0.41.0+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhbwaFRBurrows-Wheeler Alignerv0.7.17-6Debian Med Packaging Team
non-freehhcaftoolsFRmaintenance of DNA sequence assembliesv2.0.3-1Steffen Moeller
hhcamitkFRv4.1.2-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhcampFRv0.8.4-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhcanuFRsingle molecule sequence assembler for genomesv2.0+dfsg-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhcapsule-maven-nextflowFRpackaging tool for Java applications with Maven coordinatesv1.0.3.1+dfsg-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhcapsule-nextflowFRpackaging and deployment tool for Java applicationsv1.1.0+dfsg-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhcat-batFRtaxonomic classification of contigs and metagenome-assembled genomes (MAGs)v5.2.3-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhcctFRvisually comparing bacterial, plasmid, chloroplast, or mitochondrial sequencesv1:1.0.2-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhcdbfastaFRConstant DataBase indexing and retrieval tools for multi-FASTA filesv1.00+git20181005.014498c+dfsg-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhcd-hitFRsuite of programs designed to quickly group sequencesv4.8.1-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhcdkFRChemistry Development Kit (CDK) Java librariesv1:2.6-1Debian Java Maintainers
hhcentrifugeFRrapid and memory-efficient system for classification of DNA sequencesv1.0.3-10Debian Med Packaging Team
hhchangeoFRRepertoire clonal assignment toolkit (Python 3)v1.2.0-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhcharlsFRv2.2.0+dfsg-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhchromhmmFRChromatin state discovery and characterizationv1.23+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhchromimputeFRLarge-scale systematic epigenome imputationv1.0.3+dfsg-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhciftilibFRv1.6.0-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhcif-toolsFRSuite of tools to manipulate, validate and query mmCIF filesv1.0.0-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhcimgFRv2.9.4+dfsg-3Debian Science Maintainers
hhcirclatorFRcircularize genome assembliesv1.5.6-6Debian Med Packaging Team
hhcivetwebFRembeddable web server with optional CGI, SSL and Lua supportv1.15+dfsg-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhclearcutFRextremely efficient phylogenetic tree reconstructionv1.0.9+git20150622.7658e90-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhclonalframeFRinference of bacterial microevolution using multilocus sequence datav1.2-11Debian Med Packaging Team
hhclonalframemlFREfficient Inference of Recombination in Whole Bacterial Genomesv1.12-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhclonaloriginFRinference of homologous recombination in bacteria using whole genome sequencesv1.0-6Debian Med Packaging Team
hhcl-pubmedFRCommon Lisp package to query Pubmed medical literature databasev2.1.3-5.1Kevin M. Rosenberg
hhcmtkFRComputational Morphometry Toolkitv3.3.1p2+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhcnrunFRv2.1.0-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhcnvkitFRCopy number variant detection from targeted DNA sequencingv0.9.9-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhcodonwFRCorrespondence Analysis of Codon Usagev1.4.4-6Debian Med Packaging Team
hhcoilsFRcoiled coil secondary structure predictionv2002-9Debian Med Packaging Team
hhconcurrentqueueFRindustrial-strength lock-free queue for C++v1.0.3+ds-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhconda-package-handlingFRcreate and extract conda packages of various formatsv1.7.3-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhconsensuscoreFRv1.1.1+dfsg-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhcovtobedFRconvert the coverage track from a BAM file into a BED filev1.3.1+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhcracFRintegrated RNA-Seq read analysisv2.5.2+dfsg-5Debian Med Packaging Team
hhcronometerFRCRON-o-Meter - Exercise and nutrient intake trackerv0.9.9+dfsg1-1Debian Java Maintainers
hhctdconverterFRConvert CTD files into Galaxy tool and CWL CommandLineTool filesv2.1-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhctdoptsFRGives your Python tools a CTD-compatible interfacev1.5-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhcthreadpoolFRminimal ANSI C thread pool - development filesv0.0+git20201207.b259a6e-1Debian Science Maintainers
hhctsimFRComputed tomography simulatorv6.0.2-5Debian Med Packaging Team
non-freehhcufflinksFRTranscript assembly, differential expression and regulation for RNA-Seqv2.2.1+dfsg.1-9Debian Med Packaging Team
hhcutesvFRcomprehensive discovery of structural variations of genomic sequencesv1.0.12-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhcwlformatFRcode formatter for Common Workflow Languagev2021.01.05-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhcwltoolFRCommon Workflow Language reference implementationv3.1.20211104071347-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhcyvcf2FRVCF parser based on htslib (Python 3)v0.30.14-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhdamapperFRlong read to reference genome mapping toolv0.0+git20210330.ab45103-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhdascrubberFRalignment-based scrubbing pipeline for DNA sequencing readsv1.1-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhdatamashFRstatistics tool for command-line interfacev1.7-2Debian Science Maintainers
hhdawgFRsimulate the evolution of recombinant DNA sequencesv1.2-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhdazzdbFRmanage nucleotide sequencing read datav1.0+git20201103.8d98c37-1.1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhdcm2niixFRnext generation DICOM to NIfTI converterv1.0.20211006-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhdcmstackFRDICOM to NIfTI conversion - python3 packagev0.8-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhdcmtkFROFFIS DICOM toolkit command line utilitiesv3.6.6-4Debian Med Packaging Team
debian-medFRv3.7Debian Med Packaging Team
hhdebian-scienceFRv1.14.2Debian Science Maintainers
hhdellyFRStructural variant discovery by read analysisv0.8.7-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhdensity-fitnessFRCalculates per-residue electron density scoresv1.0.0-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhdextractorFR(d)extractor and compression command libraryv1.0-5Debian Med Packaging Team
hhdialign-tFRv1.0.2-14Debian Med Packaging Team
hhdiamond-alignerFRaccelerated BLAST compatible local sequence alignerv2.0.13-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhdicom3toolsFRDICOM medical image files manipulation and conversion toolsv1.00~20211009110822-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhdicomniftiFRconverts DICOM files into the NIfTI formatv2.33.1-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhdicompylerFRradiation therapy research platformv0.4.2.0+git20200106.2643e0e-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhdicomscopeFROFFIS DICOM Viewerv3.6.0-23Debian Med Packaging Team
gonehhdindelFRdetermines indel calls from short-read datav1.01-wu1-3+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhdipyFRv1.4.1-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhdiscosnpFRdiscovering Single Nucleotide Polymorphism from raw set(s) of readsv1:2.6.1-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhdisulfinderFRcysteines disulfide bonding state and connectivity predictorv1.2.11-11Debian Med Packaging Team
hhdrop-seqFRv2.4.1+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhdwgsimFRshort sequencing read simulatorv0.1.12-5Debian Med Packaging Team
hhea-utilsFRcommand-line tools for processing biological sequencing datav1.1.2+dfsg-9Debian Med Packaging Team
hhecopcrFRestimate PCR barcode primers qualityv1.0.1+dfsg-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhedfbrowserFRviewer for biosignal storage files such as bdf and edfv1.88+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhedflibFRv1.20-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhedtsurfFRtriangulated mesh surfaces for protein structuresv0.2009-10Debian Med Packaging Team
hheegdevFRv0.2-6Debian Med Packaging Team
hheigensoftFRreduction of population bias for genetic analysesv7.2.1+dfsg-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhelastixFRtoolbox for rigid and nonrigid registration of imagesv5.0.1-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhembossFREuropean molecular biology open software suitev6.6.0+dfsg-10Debian Med Packaging Team
hhe-memFREfficient computation of Maximal Exact Matches for very large genomesv1.0.1-5Debian Med Packaging Team
hhemperorFRv1.0.3+ds-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhenlightenFRv1.7.2-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhepigrassFRscientific tool for simulations and scenario analysis in network epidemiologyv3.0.3+dfsg-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhestscanFRORF-independent detector of coding DNA sequencesv3.0.3-6Debian Med Packaging Team
hhexamlFRExascale Maximum Likelihood (ExaML) code for phylogenetic inferencev3.0.22-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhfast5FRutilities for manipulating Oxford Nanopore Fast5 filesv0.6.5-5Debian Med Packaging Team
hhfasta3FRtools for searching collections of biological sequencesv36.3.8h.2020-02-11-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhfastaniFRFast alignment-free computation of whole-genome Average Nucleotide Identityv1.33-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhfastaqFRFASTA and FASTQ file manipulation toolsv3.17.0-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhfastlinkFRfaster version of pedigree programs of Linkagev4.1P-fix100+dfsg-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhfastpFRUltra-fast all-in-one FASTQ preprocessorv0.23.2+dfsg-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhfastqcFRquality control for high throughput sequence datav0.11.9+dfsg-5Debian Med Packaging Team
hhfastq-pairFRRewrites paired end fastq so all reads have a mate to separate out singletonsv1.0-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhfastqtlFRQuantitative Trait Loci (QTL) mapper in cis for molecular phenotypesv2.184+dfsg-8Debian Med Packaging Team
hhfermi-liteFRv0.1+git20190320.b499514-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhffindexFRsimple index/database for huge amounts of small filesv0.9.9.9-5Debian Med Packaging Team
hhfiltlongFRquality filtering tool for long reads of genome sequencesv0.2.1-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhfis-gtmFRmetapackage for the latest version of FIS-GT.M databasev6.3-014-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhflexbarFRflexible barcode and adapter removal for sequencing platformsv1:3.5.0-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhfreebayesFRBayesian haplotype-based polymorphism discovery and genotypingv1.3.5-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhfreecontactFRfast protein contact predictorv1.0.21-11Debian Med Packaging Team
hhfsm-liteFRfrequency-based string mining (lite)v1.0-7Debian Med Packaging Team
hhg2FRv0.72-10Debian Med Packaging Team
hhgalileoFRUtility to securely synchronize a Fitbit device with the Fitbit web servicev0.5.1-8Debian Med Packaging Team
hhgarliFRphylogenetic analysis of molecular sequence data using maximum-likelihoodv2.1-5Debian Med Packaging Team
hhgatb-coreFRGenome Analysis Toolbox with de-Bruijn graphv1.4.2+dfsg-8Debian Med Packaging Team
hhgbrowseFRGMOD Generic Genome Browserv2.56+dfsg-9Debian Med Packaging Team
hhgdcmFRv3.0.10-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhgdpcFRvisualiser of molecular dynamic simulationsv2.2.5-15Debian Med Packaging Team
hhgemmaFRGenome-wide Efficient Mixed Model Associationv0.98.5+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhgenomethreaderFRsoftware tool to compute gene structure predictionsv1.7.3+dfsg-6Debian Med Packaging Team
hhgenometoolsFRversatile genome analysis toolkitv1.6.2+ds-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhgfapyFRflexible and extensible software library for handling sequence graphsv1.2.1+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhgff2aplotFRpair-wise alignment-plots for genomic sequences in PostScriptv2.0-14Debian Med Packaging Team
hhgff2psFRproduces PostScript graphical output from GFF-filesv0.98l-6Debian Med Packaging Team
hhgffreadFRGFF/GTF format conversions, region filtering, FASTA sequence extractionv0.12.7-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhghemicalFRGNOME molecular modelling environmentv3.0.0-5Debichem Team
hhghmmFRGeneral Hidden-Markov-Model library - toolsv0.9~rc3-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhgifticlibFRv1.0.9-4Debian Med Packaging Team
gonehhginkgocadxFRMedical Imaging Software and complete DICOM Viewerv3.8.8-5Debian Med Packaging Team
hhgmapFRspliced and SNP-tolerant alignment for mRNA and short readsv2021-08-25+ds-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhgmicFRGREYC's Magic for Image Computingv2.9.4-4Bernd Zeimetz
hhgnumed-clientFRmedical practice management - Clientv1.8.6+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhgnumed-serverFRmedical practice management - serverv22.16-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhgolang-github-biogo-htsFRbiogo high throughput sequencing repositoryv1.4.3+dfsg1-1Debian Go Packaging Team
hhgolang-github-dataence-porter2FRv0.0~git20150829.56e4718-5Debian Go Packaging Team
hhgoldencheetahFRset of analysis tools for cycling performancev1:3.5-1.1KURASHIKI Satoru
hhgrabixFRwee tool for random access into BGZF filesv0.1.7-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhgraphlanFRcircular representations of taxonomic and phylogenetic treesv1.1.3-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhgromacsFRMolecular dynamics simulator, with building and analysis toolsv2021.4-2Debichem Team
hhgubbinsFRphylogenetic analysis of genome sequencesv2.4.1-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhgwamaFRGenome-Wide Association Meta Analysisv2.2.2+dfsg-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhgwyddionFRScanning Probe Microscopy visualization and analysis toolv2.59-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhh5sparseFRScipy sparse matrix in HDF5v0.1.0-5Debian Med Packaging Team
hhharmonypyFRis a data integration algorithmv0.0.5-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhharvest-toolsFRarchiving and postprocessing for reference-compressed genomic multi-alignmentsv1.3-7Debian Med Packaging Team
hhhdf5FRv1.10.7+repack-4Gilles Filippini
hhhdmfFRHierarchical Data Modeling Frameworkv3.1.1-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhheudiconvFRDICOM converter with support for structure heuristicsv0.10.0-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhhhsuiteFRsensitive protein sequence searching based on HMM-HMM alignmentv3.3.0+ds-6Debian Med Packaging Team
hhhingeFRlong read genome assembler based on hingingv0.5.0-7Debian Med Packaging Team
hhhisat2FRgraph-based alignment of short nucleotide reads to many genomesv2.2.1-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhhmmerFRprofile hidden Markov models for protein sequence analysisv3.3.2+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhhnswlibFRv0.5.2-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhhopscotch-mapFRC++ fast hash map and hash set using hopscotch hashingv2.3.0-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhhtscodecsFRv1.1.1-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhhtseqFRPython3 high-throughput genome sequencing read analysis utilitiesv0.13.5-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhhtsjdkFRv2.24.1+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhhtslibFRv1.13+ds-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhhunspell-en-medFREnglish medical dictionary for hunspellv0.0.20140410-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhhyphyFRv2.5.33+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhicb-utilsFRJava library of utilities to manage files and compute statisticsv2.0.1+git20161002.afee1d9-5Debian Med Packaging Team
hhidseq-benchFRBenchmark generator for the IDseq Portalv0.0~git20200902.8241a9a-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhigorFRinfers V(D)J recombination processes from sequencing datav1.4.0+dfsg-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhigraphFRv0.8.5+ds1-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhigvFRIntegrative Genomics Viewerv2.11.9+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhillustrateFRcartoonish representations of large biological moleculesv0.0+git20200923.217db48-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhimagejFRImage processing program with a focus on microscopy imagesv1.53k-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhimagemagickFRimage manipulation programs -- binariesv8: Packaging Team
hhimviewFRImage viewing and analysis applicationv1.1.9h-3Debian Science Maintainers
hhindexed-gzipFRv1.6.4-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhinsighttoolkit4FRv4.13.3withdata-dfsg1-4.1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhinsighttoolkit5FRv5.2.1-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhinsilicoseqFRsequencing simulator producing realistic Illumina readsv1.5.4-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhintakeFRlightweight package for finding and investigating datav0.6.4-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhinvesaliusFR3D medical imaging reconstruction softwarev3.1.99995-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhitksnapFRsemi-automatic segmentation of structures in 3D imagesv3.6.0-5NeuroDebian Team
hhivaFRiterative virus sequence assemblerv1.0.11+ds-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhivarFRfunctions broadly useful for viral amplicon-based sequencingv1.3.1+dfsg-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhjabrefFRgraphical frontend to manage BibTeX and BibLaTeX databasesv3.8.2+ds-16Debian Java Maintainers
hhjalignerFRSmith-Waterman algorithm with Gotoh's improvementv1.0+dfsg-8Debian Med Packaging Team
hhjalviewFRmultiple alignment editorv2.11.1.4+dfsg-2Debian Java Maintainers
hhjellyfishFRcount k-mers in DNA sequencesv2.3.0-12Debian Med Packaging Team
hhjellyfish1FRcount k-mers in DNA sequencesv1.1.11-6Debian Med Packaging Team
hhjheatchartFRv0.6-1.1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhjmodeltestFRHPC selection of models of nucleotide substitutionv2.1.10+dfsg-11Debian Med Packaging Team
hhjmolFRMolecular Viewerv14.32.3+dfsg1-1Debichem Team
hhjoypyFRridgeline-/joyplots plotting routinev0.2.2-3Debian Python Team
hhkalignFRGlobal and progressive multiple sequence alignmentv1:3.31-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhkallistoFRnear-optimal RNA-Seq quantificationv0.46.2+dfsg-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhkaptiveFRobtain information about K and O types for Klebsiella genome assembliesv0.7.3-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhkbibtexFRBibTeX editor for KDEv0.9.90-1Debian Science Maintainers
hhkhmerFRin-memory DNA sequence kmer counting, filtering & graph traversalv2.1.2+dfsg-10Debian Med Packaging Team
hhkineticstoolsFRdetection of DNA modificationsv0.6.1+git20210811.276ca9c+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhkingFRinteractive system for three-dimensional vector graphicsv2.23.161103+dfsg2-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhking-probeFREvaluate and visualize protein interatomic packingv2.18-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhkisspliceFRDetection of various kinds of polymorphisms in RNA-seq datav2.5.4+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhkleborateFRtool to screen Klebsiella genome assembliesv2.1.0-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhklustakwikFRautomatic sorting of the samples (spikes) into clustersv3.0.2+ds-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhkmaFRmapping genomic sequences to raw reads directly against redundant databasesv1.3.23-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhkmcFRcount kmers in genomic sequencesv3.1.1+dfsg-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhkrakenFRassigning taxonomic labels to short DNA sequencesv1.1.1-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhkraken2FRtaxonomic classification system using exact k-mer matchesv2.1.2-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlamarcFRLikelihood Analysis with Metropolis Algorithm using Random Coalescencev2.1.10.1+dfsg-6Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlast-alignFRgenome-scale comparison of biological sequencesv1256-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlastzFRpairwise aligning DNA sequencesv1.04.15-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlefseFRdetermine features of organisms, clades, taxonomic units, genesv1.1.2-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibace-perlFRObject-Oriented Access to ACEDB Databasesv1.92-11Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibargsFRsimple header-only C++ argument parser libraryv6.2.6-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibatomic-queueFRv0.0+git20211209.7db4cea-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibbio-asn1-entrezgene-perlFRparser for NCBI Entrez Gene and NCBI Sequence recordsv1.730-2Debian Perl Group
hhlibbiodFRv0.2.3+git20191120.b8eecef-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibbio-db-biofetch-perlFRDatabase object interface to BioFetch retrievalv1.7.3-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibbio-db-embl-perlFRDatabase object interface for EMBL entry retrievalv1.7.4-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibbio-db-ncbihelper-perlFRcollection of routines useful for queries to NCBI databasesv1.7.6-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibbioparser-devFRlibrary for parsing several formats in bioinformaticsv3.0.15-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibbiosoup-devFRC++ header-only support library for bioinformatics toolsv0.10.0-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibbio-tools-phylo-paml-perlFRBioperl interface to the PAML suitev1.7.3-3Debian Perl Group
hhlibbio-tools-run-alignment-clustalw-perlFRBioperl interface to Clustal Wv1.7.4-2Debian Perl Group
hhlibbio-tools-run-alignment-tcoffee-perlFRBioperl interface to T-Coffeev1.7.4-2Debian Perl Group
hhlibbio-variation-perlFRBioPerl variation-related functionalityv1.7.5-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibbpp-coreFRv2.4.1-7Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibbpp-phylFRv2.4.1-6Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibbpp-phyl-omicsFRv2.4.1-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibbpp-popgenFRv2.4.1-6Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibbpp-qtFRv2.4.1-6Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibbpp-raaFRv2.4.1-6Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibbpp-seqFRv2.4.1-7Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibbpp-seq-omicsFRv2.4.1-7Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibcerealFRv1.3.0+dfsg-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibchipcardFRv5.1.6-1Micha Lenk
hhlibcifppFRv1.0.1-5Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibctapimktFRv1.0.5~rc1-9Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibdeflateFRv1.8-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibdisorderFRv0.0.2+git20130809.8062ee1-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibedlibFRv1.2.7-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibfastahackFRv1.0.0+dfsg-9Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibgclibFRv0.12.7+ds-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibgdfFRv0.1.3-11Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibgenomeFRv1.3.11+svn20110227.4616-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibgffFRGFF/GTF parsing from cufflinks as a libraryv2.0.0-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibgoby-javaFRv3.3.1+dfsg2-7Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibgo-perlFRperl modules for GO and other OBO ontologiesv0.15-9Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibgzstreamFRv1.5+git20171107.9a20658-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibhac-javaFRhierarchical agglomerative clusteringv0.20110510+git20110510.8b2a326-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibhmsbeagleFRv3.1.2+dfsg-12Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibhpptoolsFRvarious C++ header toolsv1.1.1-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibicsFRv1.6.5-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibjbzip2-javaFRbzip2 compression/decompression libraryv0.9.1-7Debian Java Maintainers
hhlibjloda-javaFRJava library of data structures and algorithms for bioinformaticsv2.1-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibjung-free-javaFRJava Universal Network/Graph Frameworkv2.1.1-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibla4j-javaFRLinear Algebra for Javav0.6.0-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhliblemonFRv1.3.1+dfsg-5Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibmaus2FRv2.0.806+ds-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibmincFRv2.4.03-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibmurmurhashFRv1.5-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibnclFRv2.1.21+git20210811.b1213a7-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibpal-javaFRPhylogenetic Analysis Libraryv1.5.1+dfsg-7Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibpdb-redoFRv1.0.2-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibpsortbFRv1.0+dfsg-5Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibqesFRv0.2.8+ds-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibquazipFRv0.9.1-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibrandom123FRv1.14.0+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibrcsb-core-wrapperFRv1.005-10Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibrdp-taxonomy-tree-javaFRtaxonomy tree library from Ribosomal Database Project (RDP)v1.2.0-5Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibsbmlFRv5.19.0+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibsecrecyFRv0.0.5+dfsg-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibseqlibFRv1.2.0+dfsg-8Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibsmithwatermanFRv0.0+git20160702.2610e25-12Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibsswFRv1.1-13Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibstatgenFRv1.0.15-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibstreamvbyteFRv0.4.1-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibtabixppFRv1.1.0-6Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibteclaFRv1.6.3-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibtfbs-perlFRscanning DNA sequence with a position weight matrixv0.7.1+ds-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibthread-poolFRC++ header-only thread pool library (devel)v3.0.2-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibvbz-hdf-pluginFRv1.0.1-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibvcflibFRv1.0.2+dfsg-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibvigraimpexFRv1.11.1+dfsg-8Debian Science Maintainers
hhlibxdfFRv0.99.8+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibzeepFRv5.1.4-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlibzstdFRv1.4.8+dfsg-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlighterFRfast and memory-efficient sequencing error correctorv1.1.2-6Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlogolFRPattern matching tool using Logol languagev1.7.9+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhlumpy-svFRgeneral probabilistic framework for structural variant discoveryv0.3.1+dfsg-6Debian Med Packaging Team
hhmacromoleculebuilderFRv3.5+dfsg-4Debichem Team
hhmacsFRModel-based Analysis of ChIP-Seq on short reads sequencersv2.2.7.1-5Debian Med Packaging Team
hhmacsyfinderFRdetection of macromolecular systems in protein datasetsv2.0~rc4-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhmaffilterFRprocess genome alignment in the Multiple Alignment Formatv1.3.1+dfsg-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhmafftFRMultiple alignment program for amino acid or nucleotide sequencesv7.490-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhmapdamageFRtracking and quantifying damage patterns in ancient DNA sequencesv2.2.1+dfsg-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhmapsembler2FRbioinformatics targeted assembly softwarev2.2.4+dfsg1-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhmashFRfast genome and metagenome distance estimation using MinHashv2.3+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhmassxpertFRpolymer chemistry modelling and mass spectrometry data simulation (runtime)v6.0.2-1Debichem Team
hhmauve-alignerFRmultiple genome alignmentv2.4.0+4736-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhmcallerFRfind methylation in nanopore readsv1.0.3+git20210624.b415090-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhmedicaltermsFRv20160103-6Debian Med Packaging Team
hhmegahitFRultra-fast and memory-efficient meta-genome assemblerv1.2.9-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhmetaphlan2FRMetagenomic Phylogenetic Analysisv3.0.13-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhmetastudent-dataFRpredictor of Gene Ontology terms from protein sequence - data filesv2.0.1-7Debian Med Packaging Team
hhmiaFRv2.4.7-8Debian Med Packaging Team
hhmialmpickFRTools for landmark picking in 3D volume data setsv0.2.15-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhmicrobiomeutilFRMicrobiome Analysis Utilitiesv20101212+dfsg1-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhmigrateFRv0.13.0-3Debian OpenStack
hhmilibFRlibrary for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data processingv1.13-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhminc-toolsFRMNI medical image format toolsv2.3.00+dfsg-7Debian Med Packaging Team
hhmindthegapFRperforms detection and assembly of DNA insertion variants in NGS read datasetsv2.2.3-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhminiaFRshort-read biological sequence assemblerv3.2.6-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhminiasmFRultrafast de novo assembler for long noisy DNA sequencing readsv0.3+dfsg-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhminimac4FRFast Imputation Based on State Space Reduction HMMv1.0.2-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhminimapFRtool for approximate mapping of long biosequences such as DNA readsv0.2-6Debian Med Packaging Team
hhminimap2FRversatile pairwise aligner for genomic and spliced nucleotide sequencesv2.22+dfsg-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhmipeFRTools to store PCR-derived datav1.1-9Debian Med Packaging Team
hhmirtopFRannotate miRNAs with a standard mirna/isomir namingv0.4.24-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhmmseqs2FRultra fast and sensitive protein search and clusteringv13-45111+ds-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhmosdepthFRBAM/CRAM depth calculation biological sequencingv0.3.2+ds-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhmothurFRsequence analysis suite for research on microbiotav1.46.1-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhmrbayesFRBayesian Inference of Phylogenyv3.2.7a-5Debian Med Packaging Team
hhmrcFRresource compiler to store data in ELF object filesv1.3.4-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhmricronFRmagnetic resonance image conversion, viewing and analysisv1.2.20211006+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhmrtrix3FRdiffusion-weighted MRI white matter tractographyv3.0.3-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhmsxpertsuiteFRmass spectrometry software suite - metapackagev5.8.9-1Debichem Team
hhmultiqcFRoutput integration for RNA sequencing across tools and samplesv1.11+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhmummerFREfficient sequence alignment of full genomesv3.23+dfsg-7Debian Med Packaging Team
hhmurasakiFRhomology detection tool across multiple large genomesv1.68.6-13Debian Med Packaging Team
hhmypyFRoptional static typing for Pythonv0.930-1Debian Python Team
hhnanofiltFRfiltering and trimming of long read sequencing datav2.6.0-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhnanolyseFRremove lambda phage reads from a fastq filev1.2.0-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhnanookFRpre- and post-alignment analysis of nanopore sequencing datav1.33+dfsg-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhnanopolishFRconsensus caller for nanopore sequencing datav0.13.3-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhnanosvFRstructural variant caller for nanopore datav1.2.4+git20190409.c1ae30c-6Debian Med Packaging Team
hhncbi-acc-downloadFRdownload genome files from NCBI by accessionv0.2.8-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhncbi-blast+FRnext generation suite of BLAST sequence search toolsv2.12.0+ds-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhncbi-entrez-directFRNCBI Entrez utilities on the command linev14.6.20210224+dfsg-5Debian Med Packaging Team
hhncbi-vdbFRv2.11.2+dfsg-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhneobioFRcomputes alignments of amino acid and nucleotide sequencesv0.0.20030929-6Debian Med Packaging Team
hhngmlrFRCoNvex Gap-cost alignMents for Long Readsv0.2.7+git20210816.a2a31fb+dfsg-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhngs-sdkFRv2.11.2-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhnibabelFRv3.2.1-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhnifticlibFRv3.0.1-8Debian Med Packaging Team
hhnim-htsFRv0.3.19+ds-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhnim-kexprFRkexpr math expressions for nimv0.0.2-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhnim-lapperFRsimple, fast interval searches for nimv0.1.7-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhnipyFRv0.5.0-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhnipypeFRv1.7.0-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhnitimeFRv0.9-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhntcardFRStreaming algorithm to estimate cardinality in genomics datasetsv1.2.2+dfsg-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhnthashFRMethods to evaluate runtime and uniformity tests for hashing methodsv2.2.0-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhnxtrimFROptimized trimming of Illumina mate pair readsv0.4.3+dfsg-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhobitoolsFRprograms to analyze NGS data in a DNA metabarcoding contextv1.2.13+dfsg-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhoctaveFRGNU Octave language for numerical computationsv6.2.0-1Debian Octave Group
hhodilFRC++11 library for the DICOM standard (application)v0.12.1-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhodinFRdevelop, simulate and run magnetic resonance sequencesv2.0.5-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhont-fast5-apiFRv4.0.0+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhopencfuFRcount cell colonies (CFUs) on agar plates by processing digital picturesv4.0.0+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhopencvFRv4.5.4+dfsg-9Debian Science Maintainers
hhopenmmFRv7.6.0+dfsg-1Debichem Team
hhopenmsFRpackage for LC/MS data management and analysisv2.6.0+cleaned1-3Debichem Team
hhopensurgsimFRv0.7.0-11Debian Med Packaging Team
hhoptimirFRIntegrating genetic variations in miRNA alignmentv1.1-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhorthancFRLightweight, RESTful DICOM server for medical imagingv1.9.7+dfsg-5Debian Med Packaging Team
hhorthanc-dicomwebFRPlugin to extend Orthanc with support of WADO and DICOMwebv1.7+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhorthanc-gdcmFRDICOM transcoder/decoder for Orthanc using GDCM (notably for JPEG2k)v1.4-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhorthanc-imagejFRImageJ plugin to import images from Orthancv1.2+dfsg-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhorthanc-mysqlFRPlugins to use MySQL or MariaDB as a database back-end to Orthancv4.3-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhorthanc-postgresqlFRPlugins to use PostgreSQL as a database back-end to Orthancv4.0-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhorthanc-pythonFRDevelop plugins for Orthanc using the Python programming languagev3.4+ds-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhorthanc-webviewerFRWeb viewer of medical images for Orthancv2.7-6Debian Med Packaging Team
hhorthanc-wsiFRWhole-slide imaging support for Orthanc (digital pathology)v1.1-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhoscarFROpen Source CPAP Analysis Reporter (OSCAR)v1.3.0-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpairtoolsFRv0.3.0-3.2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpaleomixFRpipelines and tools for the processing of ancient and modern HTS datav1.3.6-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhparacluFRParametric clustering of genomic and transcriptomic featuresv10-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhparaflyFRparallel command processing using OpenMPv0.1.0-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhparallelFRbuild and execute command lines from standard input in parallelv20210822+ds-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhparallel-fastq-dumpFRparallel fastq-dump wrapperv0.6.7-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhparasailFRAligner based on libparasail3v2.4.3+dfsg-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhparaviewFRParallel Visualization Applicationv5.10.0~rc1-1Debian Science Maintainers
hhparsinsertFRParsimonious Insertion of unclassified sequences into phylogenetic treesv1.04-10Debian Med Packaging Team
hhparsnpFRrapid core genome multi-alignmentv1.5.6+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhparyforFRParallel_for implementation based on atomic queuesv0.1-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpatmanFRrapid alignment of short sequences to large databasesv1.2.2+dfsg-8Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpatsyFRv0.5.2-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpbcopperFRv1.9.3+dfsg-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpbdagconFRsequence consensus using directed acyclic graphsv0.3+git20180411.c14c422+dfsg-5Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpbseqlibFRv5.3.5+dfsg-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpbsuiteFRsoftware for Pacific Biosciences sequencing datav15.8.24+dfsg-7Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpeptidebuilderFRgenerate atomic oligopeptide 3D structure from sequencev1.1.0-3Debian Med Packaging Team
permFRefficient mapping of short reads with periodic spaced seedsv0.4.0-8Debian Med Packaging Team
hhphastFRphylogenetic analysis with space/time modelsv1.6+dfsg-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhphybinFRbinning/clustering newick trees by topologyv0.3-5Debian Med Packaging Team
hhphyloniumFRFast and Accurate Estimation of Evolutionary Distancesv1.6-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhphymlFRPhylogenetic estimation using Maximum Likelihoodv3:3.3.20211021-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhphysampFRsample sequence alignment corresponding to phylogenyv1.1.0-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhphyutilityFRsimple analyses or modifications on both phylogenetic trees and data matricesv2.7.3+dfsg-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpicard-toolsFRCommand line tools to manipulate SAM and BAM filesv2.26.6+dfsg-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpigx-rnaseqFRpipeline for checkpointed and distributed RNA-seq analysesv0.0.19-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpilercrFRsoftware for finding CRISPR repeatsv1.06+dfsg-5Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpilonFRautomated genome assembly improvement and variant detection toolv1.24-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpinfishFRCollection of tools to annotate genomes using long read transcriptomics datav0.1.0+ds-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpiqueFRsoftware pipeline for performing genome wide association studiesv1.0-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpirsFRProfile based Illumina pair-end Reads Simulatorv2.0.2+dfsg-10Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpixelmedFRv20210920+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpixelmed-codecFRv20200328-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpizzlyFRIdentifies gene fusions in RNA sequencing datav0.37.3+ds-6Debian Med Packaging Team
hhplacnetFRPlasmid Constellation Network projectv1.04-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhplasmididFRmapping-based, assembly-assisted plasmid identification toolv1.6.5+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhplasmidomicsFRdraw plasmids and vector maps with PostScript graphics exportv0.2.0-10Debian Med Packaging Team
hhplasmidseekerFRidentification of known plasmids from whole-genome sequencing readsv1.3+dfsg-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhplastFRParallel Local Sequence Alignment Search Toolv2.3.2+dfsg-7Debian Med Packaging Team
hhplastimatchFRmedical image reconstruction and registrationv1.9.3+dfsg.1-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhplinkFRwhole-genome association analysis toolsetv1.07+dfsg-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhplink1.9FRwhole-genome association analysis toolsetv1.90~b6.24-210606-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhplink2FRwhole-genome association analysis toolsetv2.00~a3-211011+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhplipFRfully automated protein-ligand interaction profilerv2.2.2+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpopulationsFRpopulation genetic softwarev1.2.33+svn0120106+dfsg-6Debian Med Packaging Team
hhporechopFRadapter trimmer for Oxford Nanopore readsv0.2.4+dfsg-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpplacerFRphylogenetic placement and downstream analysisv1.1~alpha19-6Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpraatFRprogram for speech analysis and synthesisv6.2.04-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhprestoFRtoolkit for processing B and T cell sequencesv0.7.0-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhprime-phyloFRbayesian estimation of gene trees taking the species tree into accountv1.0.11-10Debian Med Packaging Team
hhprimer3FRtool to design flanking oligo nucleotides for DNA amplificationv2.5.0-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhprobconsFRPROBabilistic CONSistency-based multiple sequence alignmentv1.12-14Debian Med Packaging Team
hhprodigalFRMicrobial (bacterial and archaeal) gene finding programv1:2.6.3-5Debian Med Packaging Team
gonehhprofphdFRsecondary structure and solvent accessibility predictorv1.0.42-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhproftmbFRper-residue prediction of bacterial transmembrane beta barrelsv1.1.12-10Debian Med Packaging Team
hhprokkaFRrapid annotation of prokaryotic genomesv1.14.6+dfsg-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhproteinorthoFRDetection of (Co-)orthologs in large-scale protein analysisv6.0.31+dfsg-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhprottestFRselection of best-fit models of protein evolutionv3.4.2+dfsg-7Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpsignifitFRFitting and testing hypotheses about psychometric functionsv2.5.6-8Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpsychopyFRenvironment for creating psychology stimuli in Pythonv2021.2.3+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpullseqFRExtract sequence from a fasta or fastqv1.0.2-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpycoqcFRcomputes metrics and generates Interactive QC plotsv2.5.2+dfsg-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpydicomFRv2.2.2-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpyensemblFRinstalls data from the Ensembl genome databasev1.9.4+ds-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpyfaiFRFast Azimuthal Integration scriptsv0.20.0+dfsg1-4.1Debian Science Maintainers
hhpymolFRMolecular Graphics Systemv2.5.0+dfsg-1Debichem Team
hhpynnFRsimulator-independent specification of neuronal network modelsv0.10.0-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpynwbFRPython library for working with Neurodata in the NWB formatv1.2.1-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpyodeFRv1.2.0.dev15-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpyrangesFR2D representation of genomic intervals and their annotationsv0.0.111+ds-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpyrleFRrun length arithmetic in Pythonv0.0.33-3Debian Python Team
hhpysurferFRvisualize Freesurfer's data in Python3v0.11.0-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython3-typed-astFRAST with PEP 484 type comments supportv1.4.3-1Debian Python Team
hhpython-alignlibFRedit and Hamming distances for biological sequencesv0.1.1+dfsg-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-anndataFRannotated gene by sample numpy matrixv0.7.8-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-avroFRApache Avro serialization system (Python 3 library)v1.10.2+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-bcbio-gffFRPython3 library to read and write Generic Feature Formatv0.6.8-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-bel-resourcesFRPython3 utilities for BEL resource filesv0.0.3-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-bids-validatorFRvalidator for the Brain Imaging Data Structure (BIDS) datasetsv1.8.2-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-biom-formatFRv2.1.10-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-biopythonFRv1.79+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-bxFRlibrary to manage genomic data and its alignmentv0.8.9-1Debian Med Packaging Team
gonehhpython-bz2fileFRPython3 library for reading and writing bzip2-compressed filesv0.98-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-cigarFRmanipulate SAM cigar stringsv0.1.3-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-ciso8601FRfast ISO8601 date time parser for Python written in Cv2.2.0-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-cobraFRv0.22.1-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-cogentFRv2021.10.12a1+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-colormapFRease manipulation of matplotlib colormaps and color codecs (Python 3)v1.0.4-3Debian Python Team
hhpython-colormathFRAbstracts common color math operations (Python 3 version)v3.0.0-1.1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-coolerFRv0.8.11-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-csbFRv1.2.5+dfsg-7Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-cutadaptFRv3.5-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-datacacheFRhelpers for transparently downloading datasetsv0.4.7-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-deeptoolsFRplatform for exploring biological deep-sequencing datav3.5.1-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-dendropyFRv4.5.2-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-depinfoFRv1.7.0-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-dicompylercoreFRcore radiation therapy modules for DICOM / DICOM RT used by dicompylerv0.5.5-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-dnaioFRv0.6.0-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-duckpyFRsimple Python library for searching on DuckDuckGov3.2.0-3Debian Python Team
hhpython-easydevFRcommon utilities to ease the development of Python packages (Python 3)v0.12.0+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-epimodelsFRsimple interface to simulate mathematical epidemic models in Python3v0.3.20-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-ete3FRPython Environment for (phylogenetic) Tree Exploration - Python 3.Xv3.1.2+dfsg-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-geneimpactsFRwraps command line tools to assess variants in gene sequencesv0.3.7-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-gtfparseFRparser for gene transfer format (aka GFF2)v1.2.1+ds-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-hdmediansFRhigh-dimensional medians in Python3v0.14.2-4Debian Python Team
hhpython-hl7FRPython3 library for parsing HL7 messagesv0.4.2-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-leidenalgFRv0.8.8-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-loompyFRaccess loom formatted files for bioinformaticsv3.0.6+dfsg-5Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-lzstringFRLZ-based compression algorithm for Python (Python 3 version)v1.0.4-1.1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-matplotlib-vennFRPython 3 plotting area-proportional two- and three-way Venn diagramsv0.11.6-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-mneFRPython modules for MEG and EEG data analysisv0.23.4+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-multisplitbyFRPython3 module to create iterables split on arbitrary separatorsv0.0.1-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-nanogetFRv1.16.1-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-nanomathFRsimple math function for other Oxford Nanopore processing scriptsv1.2.1+ds-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-nclsFRv0.0.63+ds-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-pairixFRv0.3.7-5Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-parasailFRPython3 bindings for the parasail C libraryv1.2.4-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-pauvreFRQC and genome browser plotting Oxford Nanopore and PacBio long readsv0.2.3-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-pbcoreFRv2.1.2+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-pipdeptreeFRv2.2.0-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-pyaniFRPython3 module for average nucleotide identity analysesv0.2.11-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-pybedtoolsFRv0.8.2-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-pycosatFRv0.6.3+dfsg-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-pyfaidxFRv0.6.2-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-pyflowFRlightweight parallel task engine for Pythonv1.1.20-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-pynndescentFRnearest neighbor descent for approximate nearest neighborsv0.5.2+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-pypubsubFRPython 3 publish-subcribe libraryv4.0.3-5Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-pysamFRv0.17.0+ds-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-pyspoaFRv0.0.8-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-pyvcfFRv0.6.8+git20170215.476169c-8Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-questplusFRQUEST+ implementation in Python3v2019.4-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-rdflib-jsonldFRrdflib extension adding JSON-LD parser and serializer in Python 3v0.6.1-1Debian Python Team
hhpython-ruffusFRv2.8.4-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-scitrackFRPython3 library to track scientific datav2021.5.3-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-screedFRshort nucleotide read sequence utils in Python 3v1.0.5-4Debian Med Packaging Team
contribhhpython-seqclusterFRv1.2.8+ds-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-sinfoFRprint different version information for loaded modulesv0.3.1-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-skbioFRv0.5.6-6Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-spectraFREasy color scales and color conversion for Python (Python 3 version)v0.0.11-3Debian Med Packaging Team
gonehhpython-sqlsoupFRone step database access tool for Python3, built on the SQLAlchemy ORMv0.9.1-5Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-sqtFRv0.8.0-5Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-stdlib-listFRList of Python Standard Libraries (2.6-7, 3.2-9)v0.8.0-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-streamzFRbuild pipelines to manage continuous streams of datav0.6.3-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-stubserverFRmock tester of external web dependencies for Pythonv1.1-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-tornadoFRv6.1.0-3Debian Python Team
hhpython-treetimeFRinference of time stamped phylogenies and ancestral reconstruction (Python 3)v0.8.4-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-wdlparseFRWorkflow Description Language (WDL) parser for Pythonv0.1.0-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-wordcloudFRlittle word cloud generator in Pythonv1.8.1+dfsg-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpython-xopenFRPython3 module to open compressed files transparentlyv1.2.1-3Debian Python Team
hhpytorchFRv1.8.1-2Debian Science Maintainers
hhpyxidFRinterface for Cedrus XID and StimTracker devicesv1.0-5Debian Med Packaging Team
hhpyxnatFRInterface to access neuroimaging data on XNAT serversv1.4-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhq2-alignmentFRQIIME 2 plugin for generating and manipulating alignmentsv2021.8.0-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhq2cliFRClick-based command line interface for QIIME 2v2021.8.0-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhq2-cutadaptFRQIIME 2 plugin to work with adapters in sequence datav2021.8.0-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhq2-dada2FRQIIME 2 plugin to work with adapters in sequence datav2021.8.0-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhq2-demuxFRQIIME 2 plugin for demultiplexing of sequence readsv2021.8.0+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhq2-diversity-libFRQIIME2 plugin to expose diversity metrics/measures as actionsv2021.8.0-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhq2-feature-classifierFRQIIME 2 plugin supporting taxonomic classificationv2021.8.0-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhq2-feature-tableFRQIIME 2 plugin supporting operations on feature tablesv2021.8.0+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhq2-fragment-insertionFRQIIME 2 plugin for fragment insertionv2021.8.0-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhq2-metadataFRQIIME 2 plugin for working with and visualizing Metadatav2021.8.0-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhq2-phylogenyFRQIIME 2 plugin for phylogenyv2021.4.0-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhq2-quality-controlFRQIIME 2 plugin for quality assurance of feature and sequence datav2021.8.0-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhq2-quality-filterFRQIIME2 plugin for PHRED-based filtering and trimmingv2021.8.0-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhq2-sample-classifierFRQIIME 2 plugin for machine learning prediction of sample datav2021.8.0-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhq2-taxaFRQIIME 2 plugin for working with feature taxonomy annotationsv2021.8.0+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhq2templatesFRDesign template package for QIIME 2 Pluginsv2021.8.0+ds-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhq2-typesFRQIIME 2 plugin defining types for microbiome analysisv2021.8.0-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhqcatFRdemultiplexing Oxford Nanopore reads from FASTQ filesv1.1.0-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhqcumberFRquality control of genomic sequencesv2.3.0-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhqiimeFRQuantitative Insights Into Microbial Ecologyv2021.8.0-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhquorumFRQUality Optimized Reads of genomic sequencesv1.1.1-6Debian Med Packaging Team
hhqutemolFRinteractive visualization of macromoleculesv0.4.1~cvs20081111-14Debichem Team
hhraconFRconsensus module for raw de novo DNA assembly of long uncorrected readsv1.5.0-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhradiantFRexplore hierarchical metagenomic data with zoomable pie chartsv2.8+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhragoutFRReference-Assisted Genome Ordering UTilityv2.3-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhrambo-kFRRead Assignment Method Based On K-mersv1.21+dfsg-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhramplerFRmodule for sampling genomic sequencesv2.0.0-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhrapmapFRrapid sensitive and accurate DNA read mapping via quasi-mappingv0.15.0+dfsg-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhraster3dFRtools for generating images of proteins or other moleculesv3.0-7-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhraxmlFRRandomized Axelerated Maximum Likelihood of phylogenetic treesv8.2.12+dfsg-7Debian Med Packaging Team
hhr-baseFRGNU R statistical computation and graphics systemv4.1.2-1Dirk Eddelbuettel
hhr-bioc-affyFRBioConductor methods for Affymetrix Oligonucleotide Arraysv1.72.0-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-affyioFRBioConductor tools for parsing Affymetrix data filesv1.64.0-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-altcdfenvsFRBioConductor alternative CDF environmentsv1:2.56.0-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-annotateFRBioConductor annotation for microarraysv1.72.0+dfsg-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-annotationdbiFRGNU R Annotation Database Interface for BioConductorv1.56.2-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-annotationhubFRGNU R client to access AnnotationHub resourcesv3.2.0+dfsg-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-aroma.lightFRBioConductor methods normalization and visualization of microarray datav3.24.0-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-beachmatFRI/O for several formats storing matrix datav2.10.0+ds-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-biobaseFRbase functions for Bioconductorv2.54.0-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-biocgenericsFRgeneric functions for Bioconductorv0.40.0-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-biocneighborsFRNearest Neighbor Detection for Bioconductor Packagesv1.12.0+ds-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-biocsingularFRSingular Value Decomposition for Bioconductor Packagesv1.10.0+ds-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-biomartFRGNU R Interface to BioMart databases (Ensembl, COSMIC, Wormbase and Gramene)v2.50.1+dfsg-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-biomformatFRGNU R interface package for the BIOM file formatv1.22.0+dfsg-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-biostringsFRGNU R string objects representing biological sequencesv2.62.0-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-biovizbaseFRGNU R basic graphic utilities for visualization of genomic datav1.42.0-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-bitseqFRtranscript expression inference and analysis for RNA-seq datav1.38.0+dfsg-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-bsgenomeFRBioConductor infrastructure for Biostrings-based genome data packagesv1.62.0-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-cnerFRCNE Detection and Visualizationv1.30.0+dfsg-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-complexheatmapFRmake complex heatmaps using GNU Rv2.10.0+dfsg-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-ctcFRCluster and Tree Conversionv1.68.0-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-cummerbundFRtool for analysis of Cufflinks RNA-Seq outputv2.36.0-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-dada2FRsample inference from amplicon sequencing datav1.22.0+dfsg-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-deseqFRGNU R differential gene expression analysisv1.39.0-7Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-deseq2FRR package for RNA-Seq Differential Expression Analysisv1.34.0+dfsg-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-dnacopyFRR package: DNA copy number data analysisv1.68.0-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-ebseqFRR package for RNA-Seq Differential Expression Analysisv1.34.0-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-edgerFREmpirical analysis of digital gene expression data in Rv3.36.0+dfsg-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-ensembldbFRGNU R utilities to create and use an Ensembl based annotation databasev2.18.2+dfsg-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-experimenthubFRBioConductor client to access ExperimentHub resourcesv2.2.0+ds-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-genefilterFRmethods for filtering genes from microarray experimentsv1.76.0-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-geneplotterFRR package of functions for plotting genomic datav1.72.0-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-genomeinfodbFRBioConductor utilities for manipulating chromosome identifiersv1.30.0-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-genomicalignmentsFRBioConductor representation and manipulation of short genomic alignmentsv1.30.0-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-genomicfeaturesFRGNU R tools for making and manipulating transcript centric annotationsv1.46.1+dfsg-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-genomicfilesFRDistributed computing by file or by rangev1.30.0-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-genomicrangesFRBioConductor representation and manipulation of genomic intervalsv1.46.1+dfsg-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-geoqueryFRGet data from NCBI Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO)v2.62.1+dfsg-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-go.dbFRannotation maps describing the entire Gene Ontologyv3.14.0-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-graphFRhandle graph data structures for BioConductorv1.72.0-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-grohmmFRGRO-seq Analysis Pipelinev1.28.0-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-gvizFRPlotting data and annotation information along genomic coordinatesv1.38.0+dfsg-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-hilbertvisFRGNU R package to visualise long vector datav1.52.0-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-htsfilterFRGNU R filter replicated high-throughput transcriptome sequencing datav1.34.0+dfsg-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-hypergraphFRBioConductor hypergraph data structuresv1.66.0-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-imputeFRImputation for microarray datav1.68.0-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-irangesFRGNU R low-level containers for storing sets of integer rangesv2.28.0-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-limmaFRlinear models for microarray datav3.50.0+dfsg-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-makecdfenvFRBioConductor CDF Environment Makerv1.70.0-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-mergeomicsFRIntegrative network analysis of omics datav1.22.0-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-metagenomeseqFRGNU R statistical analysis for sparse high-throughput sequencingv1.36.0-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-mofaFRMulti-Omics Factor Analysis (MOFA)v1.6.1+dfsg-5Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-multiassayexperimentFRSoftware for integrating multi-omics experiments in BioConductorv1.20.0+dfsg-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-multtestFRBioconductor resampling-based multiple hypothesis testingv2.50.0-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-mutationalpatternsFRGNU R comprehensive genome-wide analysis of mutational processesv3.4.0+dfsg-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-nanostringqcproFRprocessing and QA for NanoString mRNA expression datav1.26.0-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-org.hs.eg.dbFRgenome-wide annotation for Humanv3.14.0-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-pcamethodsFRBioConductor collection of PCA methodsv1.86.0-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-phyloseqFRGNU R handling and analysis of high-throughput microbiome census datav1.38.0+dfsg-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-preprocesscoreFRBioConductor collection of pre-processing functionsv1.56.0+ds-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-purecnFRcopy number calling and SNV classification using targeted short read sequencingv2.0.1+dfsg-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-pwmenrichFRPWM enrichment analysisv4.30.0-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-qusageFRqusage: Quantitative Set Analysis for Gene Expressionv2.28.0-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-qvalueFRGNU R package for Q-value estimation for FDR controlv2.26.0-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-rbglFRR interface to the graph algorithms contained in the BOOST libraryv1.70.0+dfsg-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-rgsepdFRGNU R gene set enrichment / projection displaysv1.26.0-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-rsamtoolsFRGNU R binary alignment (BAM), variant call (BCF), or tabix file importv2.10.0-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-rsubreadFRSubread Sequence Alignment and Counting for Rv2.8.1-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-rtracklayerFRGNU R interface to genome browsers and their annotation tracksv1.54.0-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-s4vectorsFRBioConductor S4 implementation of vectors and listsv0.32.3-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-savrFRGNU R parse and analyze Illumina SAV filesv1.32.0-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-scaterFRSingle-Cell Analysis Toolkit for Gene Expression Data in Rv1.22.0+ds-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-shortreadFRGNU R classes and methods for high-throughput short-read sequencing datav1.52.0-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-singlecellexperimentFRS4 Classes for Single Cell Datav1.16.0+ds-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-snpstatsFRBioConductor SnpMatrix and XSnpMatrix classes and methodsv1.44.0+dfsg-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-tcgabiolinksFRGNU R/Bioconductor package for integrative analysis with GDC datav2.22.2+dfsg-2Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-tfbstoolsFRGNU R Transcription Factor Binding Site (TFBS) Analysisv1.32.0+dfsg-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-titancnaFRSubclonal copy number and LOH prediction from whole genome sequencingv1.32.0-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-tximportFRtranscript-level estimates for biological sequencingv1.22.0+dfsg-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-variantannotationFRBioConductor annotation of genetic variantsv1.40.0-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-bioc-xvectorFRBioConductor representation and manpulation of external sequencesv0.34.0-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-ade4FRGNU R analysis of ecological datav1.7-18-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-adegenetFRGNU R exploratory analysis of genetic and genomic datav2.1.5-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-alakazamFRImmunoglobulin Clonal Lineage and Diversity Analysisv1.2.0-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-apeFRGNU R package for Analyses of Phylogenetics and Evolutionv5.6-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-beeswarmFRbee swarm plot, an alternative to stripchartv0.4.0-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-bio3dFRGNU R package for biological structure analysisv2.4-2-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-corrplotFRVisualization of a Correlation Matrixv0.92-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-crayonFRGNU R colored terminal outputv1.4.2-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-dosefindingFRPlanning and Analyzing Dose Finding experimentsv1.0-2-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-dtFRGNU R wrapper of the JavaScript library 'DataTables'v0.17+dfsg-3Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-epiFRGNU R epidemiological analysisv2.44-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-epiestimFRGNU R estimate time varying reproduction numbers from rpidemic curvesv2.2-4+dfsg-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-epirFRGNU R Functions for analysing epidemiological datav2.0.40-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-fastclusterFRFast hierarchical clustering routines for GNU Rv1.2.3-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-fitdistrplusFRsupport fit of parametric distributionv1.1-6-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-forecastFRGNU R forecasting functions for time series and linear modelsv8.15-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-future.applyFRapply function to elements in parallel using futuresv1.8.1-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-future.batchtoolsFRFuture API for Parallel and Distributed Processingv0.10.0+dfsg-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-geneticsFRGNU R package for population geneticsv1. R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-gprofilerFRInterface to the 'g:Profiler' Toolkitv0.7.0-2Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-haplo.statsFRGNU R package for haplotype analysisv1.8.7-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-hmsFRGNU R pretty time of dayv1.1.1-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-incidenceFRGNU R compute, handle, plot and model incidence of dated eventsv1.7.3-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-memoiseFRMemoise functionsv2.0.1-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-metapFRMeta-Analysis of Significance Valuesv1.7-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-minervaFRMaximal Information-Based Nonparametric Explorationv1.5.10-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-msmFRGNU R Multi-state Markov and hidden Markov models in continuous timev1.6.9-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-optimalcutpointsFRComputing Optimal Cutpoints in Diagnostic Testsv1.1-5-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-pcappFRRobust PCA by Projection Pursuitv1.9-74-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-phangornFRGNU R package for phylogenetic analysisv2.8.1-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-phytoolsFRGNU R phylogenetic tools for comparative biologyv0.7-90-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-procFRDisplay and Analyze ROC Curvesv1.18.0-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-pscbsFRR package: Analysis of Parent-Specific DNA Copy Numbersv0.66.0-2Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-psychFRGNU R procedures for psychological, psychometric, and personality researchv2.1.9-2Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-psychotreeFRGNU R recursive partitioning based on psychometric modelsv0.15-4-2Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-qqmanFRR package for visualizing GWAS results using Q-Q and manhattan plotsv0.1.8+dfsg-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-qtlFRGNU R package for genetic marker linkage analysisv1.50-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-rotlFRGNU R interface to the 'Open Tree of Life' APIv3.0.12-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-rpactFRConfirmatory Adaptive Clinical Trial Design and Analysisv3.2.0-2Debian R Packages Maintainers
gonehhr-cran-rsgccFRGini correlation and clustering of gene expression datav1.0.6-2Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-rsvdFRRandomized Singular Value Decompositionv1.0.5-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-rwaveFRGNU R time-frequency analysis of 1-D signalsv2.6-0-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-sctransformFRVariance Stabilizing Transformations for Single Cell UMI Datav0.3.2-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-seqinrFRGNU R biological sequences retrieval and analysisv4.2-8-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-seuratFRTools for Single Cell Genomicsv4.0.6-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-sfFRSimple Features for Rv1.0-5+dfsg-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-shazamFRImmunoglobulin Somatic Hypermutation Analysisv1.1.0-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-sitmoFRGNU R parallel pseudo random number generator 'sitmo' header filesv2.0.2-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-sjplotFRGNU R data visualization for statistics in social sciencev2.8.10-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-stringiFRGNU R character string processing facilitiesv1.7.6-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-surveillanceFRGNU R package for the Modeling and Monitoring of Epidemic Phenomenav1.19.1-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-veganFRCommunity Ecology Package for Rv2.5-7+dfsg-2Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-venndiagramFRGenerate High-Resolution Venn and Euler Plotsv1.7.1-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-wgcnaFRWeighted Correlation Network Analysisv1.70-3-1Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhr-cran-withrFRGNU R package to run code 'With' temporarily modified global statev2.4.3-2Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhrdkitFRv202109.2-1Debichem Team
hhrdp-alignmentFRRibosomal Database Project (RDP) alignment tools packagev1.2.0-7Debian Med Packaging Team
hhrdp-classifierFRextensible sequence classifier for fungal lsu, bacterial and archaeal 16sv2.10.2-6Debian Med Packaging Team
hhrdp-readseqFRRibosomal Database Project (RDP) sequence reading and writingv2.0.2-8Debian Med Packaging Team
hhreaderwriterqueueFRsingle-producer, single-consumer lock-free queue for C++v1.0.5-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhreaducksFRNanopore read de-multiplexer (read demux -> readux -> readucks, innit)v0.0.3-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhrelionFRtoolkit for 3D reconstructions in cryo-electron microscopyv3.1.3-1Debian Med Packaging Team
contribhhrelion-cudaFRparallel toolkit for 3D reconstructions in cryo-electron microscopyv3.1.0-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhrepeatmasker-reconFRfinds repeat families from biological sequencesv1.08-7Debian Med Packaging Team
hhresfinderFRidentify acquired antimicrobial resistance genesv4.1.5-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhrna-starFRultrafast universal RNA-seq alignerv2.7.9a+dfsg-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhroguenarokFRversatile and scalable algorithm for rogue taxon identificationv1.0.1-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhr-other-mott-happyFRGNU R package for fine-mapping complex diseasesv2.4-5Debian R Packages Maintainers
hhroutine-updateFRroutine updater for a Debian source packagev0.0.10Debian Med Packaging Team
hhrsemFRRNA-Seq by Expectation-Maximizationv1.3.3+dfsg-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhrtaxFRClassification of sequence reads of 16S ribosomal RNA genev0.984-8Debian Med Packaging Team
hhruby-bioFRRuby tools for computational molecular biologyv2.0.3-1Debian Ruby Extras Maintainers
hhsalmidFRrapid Kmer based Salmonella identifier from sequence datav0.1.23-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhsalmonFRwicked-fast transcript quantification from RNA-seq datav1.6.0+ds1-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhsambambaFRtools for working with SAM/BAM datav0.8.1+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhsamblasterFRmarks duplicates, extracts discordant/split readsv0.1.26-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhsamclipFRfilter SAM file for soft and hard clipped alignmentsv0.4.0-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhsamtoolsFRprocessing sequence alignments in SAM, BAM and CRAM formatsv1.13-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhsamtools-legacyFRmanipulates nucleotide sequence alignments in BAM or SAM formatv0.1.19+dfsg-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhscoaryFRpangenome-wide association studiesv1.6.16-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhscrappieFRbasecaller for Nanopore sequencerv1.4.2-8Debian Med Packaging Team
hhseerFRgenomic sequence element (kmer) enrichment analysisv1.1.4-6Debian Med Packaging Team
hhsegemehlFRshort read mapping with gapsv0.3.4-5Debian Med Packaging Team
hhseirsplusFRModels of SEIRS epidemic dynamics with extensionsv0.1.4+really-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhseppFRphylogeny with ensembles of Hidden Markov Modelsv4.5.1+really4.5.1+dfsg-2Debian Med Packaging Team
gonehhseqanFRC++ library for the analysis of biological sequences (development)v1.4.2+dfsg-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhseqan2FRv2.4.0+dfsg-14Debian Med Packaging Team
hhseqan3FRv3.1.0+ds-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhseqkitFRcross-platform and ultrafast toolkit for FASTA/Q file manipulationv2.0.1+ds-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhseqmagickFRimagemagick-like frontend to Biopython SeqIOv0.8.4-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhseqprepFRstripping adaptors and/or merging paired reads of DNA sequences with overlapv1.3.2-7Debian Med Packaging Team
hhseqseroFRSalmonella serotyping from genome sequencing datav1.0.1+dfsg-5Debian Med Packaging Team
hhseqtoolsFRv4.44.1+dfsg-7Debian Med Packaging Team
hhseriationFRfinds a suitable linear order for a set of objectsv0.1+git20210125.fc7b8cb-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhsgaFRde novo genome assembler that uses string graphsv0.10.15-7Debian Med Packaging Team
hhshapeit4FRfast and accurate method for estimation of haplotypes (phasing)v4.2.2+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhshastaFRnanopore whole genome assembly (binaries and scripts)v0.8.0-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhshovillFRAssemble bacterial isolate genomes from Illumina paired-end readsv1.1.0-5Debian Med Packaging Team
hhsightFRv21.0.0-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhsigviewerFRGUI viewer for biosignals such as EEG, EMG, and ECGv0.6.4-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhsimdeFRImplementations of SIMD instructions for all systemsv0.7.2-5Debian Med Packaging Team
hhsimkaFRcomparative metagenomics method dedicated to NGS datasetsv1.5.3-5Debian Med Packaging Team
hhsimriscFRsimulation model for breast cancer riskv14.05.00-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhskesaFRstrategic Kmer extension for scrupulous assembliesv2.4.0-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhskewerFRpost-processing of high-throughput DNA sequence readsv0.2.2-6Debian Med Packaging Team
hhsmaltFRSequence Mapping and Alignment Toolv0.7.6-12Debian Med Packaging Team
hhsmart-openFRutils for streaming large filesv5.2.1-3Debian Python Team
hhsmrtanalysisFRsoftware suite for single molecule, real-time sequencingv0~20210111Debian Med Packaging Team
hhsnakemakeFRpythonic workflow management systemv6.10.0+dfsg1-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhsnapFRlocation of genes from DNA sequence with hidden markov modelv2013-11-29-11Debian Med Packaging Team
hhsnap-alignerFRScalable Nucleotide Alignment Programv1.0.0+dfsg-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhsnp-sitesFRBinary code for the package snp-sitesv2.5.1-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhsoapalignerFRaligner of short reads of next generation sequencersv2.20-5Debian Med Packaging Team
hhsoapdenovo2FRshort-read assembly method to build de novo draft assemblyv242+dfsg-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhsocket++FRv1.12.13+git20131030.5d039ba-1Debian Med Packaging Team
gonehhsofa-frameworkFRv1.0~beta4-12Debian Med Packaging Team
hhsorted-nearestFRCython helper library for pyrangesv0.0.31+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhspacedFRalignment-free sequence comparison using spaced wordsv1.2.0-201605+dfsg-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhspalnFRsplicing-aware transcript-alignment to genomic DNAv2.4.1+dfsg-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhspdlogFRv1:1.9.2+ds-0.2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhsphinxcontrib-autoprogramFRautomated documentation of CLI programs for Sphinx (Python 3)v0.1.7-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhspoaFRSIMD partial order alignment toolv4.0.7+ds-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhspread-phyFRanalyze and visualize phylogeographic reconstructionsv1.0.7+dfsg-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhsra-sdkFRutilities for the NCBI Sequence Read Archivev2.11.3+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhsrst2FRShort Read Sequence Typing for Bacterial Pathogensv0.2.0-9Debian Med Packaging Team
hhssakeFRgenomics application for assembling millions of very short DNA sequencesv4.0.1-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhsspaceFRscaffolding pre-assembled contigs after extensionv2.1.1+dfsg-6Debian Med Packaging Team
hhssshtestFRstupid simple (ba)sh testingv0.0+git20190416.6f5438a-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhstacksFRpipeline for building loci from short-read DNA sequencesv2.60+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhstaden-io-libFRv1.14.14+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhstringtieFRassemble short RNAseq reads to transcriptsv2.1.6+ds-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhsubreadFRtoolkit for processing next-gen sequencing datav2.0.3+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhsumalibsFRv1.0.36-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhsurpyvorFRmodification of VCF files with SURVIVORv0.5-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhsurvivorFRtool set for simulating/evaluating SVsv1.0.7-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhsvimFRStructural variant caller for long sequencing readsv2.0.0-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhswarm-clusterFRrobust and fast clustering method for amplicon-based studiesv3.1.0+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhswissknifeFRPerl API to the UniProt databasev1.80-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhtantanFRlow complexity and tandem repeat masker for biosequencesv26-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhteemFRv1.12.0~20160122-4Debian Science Maintainers
hhtexlive-extraFRv2021.20211217-1Debian TeX maintainers
hhtheseusFRsuperimpose macromolecules using maximum likelihoodv3.3.0-10Debian Med Packaging Team
hhtidditFRstructural variant callingv2.12.2+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhtifffileFRRead and write image data from and to TIFF filesv20211102-1Debian Python Team
hhtigr-glimmerFRGene detection in archea and bacteriav3.02b-6Debian Med Packaging Team
hhtippFRtool for Taxonomic Identification and Phylogenetic Profilingv1.0+dfsg-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhtnseq-transitFRstatistical calculations of essentiality of genes or genomic regionsv3.2.3-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhtoilFRcross-platform workflow enginev5.5.0-7Debian Med Packaging Team
hhtomboFRidentification of modified nucleotides from raw nanopore sequencing datav1.5.1-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhtoolzFRv0.11.2-1Debian Python Team
hhtoppredFRtransmembrane topology predictionv1.10-9Debian Med Packaging Team
hhtortoizeFRApplication to calculate ramachandran z-scoresv2.0.1-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhtransdecoderFRfind coding regions within RNA transcript sequencesv5.0.1-5Debian Med Packaging Team
hhtransrate-toolsFRhelper for transratev1.0.0-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhtree-puzzleFRReconstruction of phylogenetic trees by maximum likelihoodv5.3~rc16+dfsg-8Debian Med Packaging Team
hhtreeviewFRJava re-implementation of Michael Eisen's TreeViewv1.2.0+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhtrfFRlocate and display tandem repeats in DNA sequencesv4.09.1-5Debian Med Packaging Team
hhtrim-galoreFRautomate quality and adapter trimming for DNA sequencingv0.6.7-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhtrinculoFRtoolkit to carry out genetic association for multi-category phenotypesv0.96+dfsg-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhtrinityrnaseqFRRNA-Seq De novo Assemblyv2.13.2+dfsg-3Debian Med Packaging Team
non-freehhtrnascan-seFRdetection of transfer RNA genes in genomic sequencev2.0.9+ds-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhtvcFRgenetic variant caller for Ion Torrent sequencing platformsv5.0.3+git20151221.80e144e+dfsg-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhuc-echoFRerror correction algorithm designed for short-reads from NGSv1.12-16Debian Med Packaging Team
non-freehhugeneFRintegrated bioinformatics toolkitv40.1+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhumap-learnFRUniform Manifold Approximation and Projectionv0.4.5+dfsg-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhumisFRtools for processing UMI RNA-tag datav1.0.8-1Debian Med Packaging Team
gonehhunanimityFRgenerate and process accurate consensus nucleotide sequencesv3.3.0+dfsg-2.1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhuncalledFRUtility for Nanopore Current Alignment to Large Expanses of DNAv2.2+ds-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhunicyclerFRhybrid assembly pipeline for bacterial genomesv0.4.8+dfsg-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhunifracFRv0.10.0-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhunikmerFRToolkit for nucleic acid k-mer analysisv0.18.8-1Debian Med Packaging Team
non-freehhvarscanFRvariant detection in next-generation sequencing datav2.4.3+dfsg-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhvcfannoFRannotate a VCF with other VCFs/BEDs/tabixed filesv0.3.3+ds-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhvcftoolsFRCollection of tools to work with VCF filesv0.1.16-3Debian Med Packaging Team
non-freehhvdjtoolsFRframework for post-analysis of B/T cell repertoiresv1.2.1+git20190311-6Debian Med Packaging Team
hhvelvetoptimiserFRautomatically optimise Velvet do novo assembly parametersv2.2.6-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhvgFRtools for working with genome variation graphsv1.30.0+ds-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhvirulencefinderFRidentify virulence genes in total or partial sequenced isolates of bacteriav2.0.4-2Debian Med Packaging Team
hhvmatchFRlarge scale sequence analysis softwarev2.3.1+dfsg-7Debian Med Packaging Team
hhvsearchFRtool for processing metagenomic sequencesv2.18.0-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhvtk6FRv6.3.0+dfsg2-8.1Debian Science Maintainers
hhvtk7FRBinaries for VTK7v7.1.1+dfsg2-10.1Debian Science Maintainers
hhvtk-dicomFRv0.8.12-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhwham-alignFRWisconsin's High-Throughput Alignment Methodv0.1.5-8Debian Med Packaging Team
hhworkraveFRRepetitive Strain Injury prevention toolv1.10.48-2Francois Marier
hhwtdbg2FRde novo sequence assembler for long noisy readsv2.5-8Debian Med Packaging Team
hhxdffileioFRv0.3-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhxeniumFRv0.0.2+ds-6Debian Med Packaging Team
hhxmedconFRMedical Image (DICOM, ECAT, ...) conversion tool (GUI)v0.16.3+dfsg-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhxporeFRNanopore analysis of differential RNA modificationsv2.1-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhxxsds-dynamicFRsuccinct and compressed fully-dynamic data structures libraryv1.0~alpha.1+20210426.548c6f7-1Debian Med Packaging Team
hhyaggoFRgenerate command line parser using getopt_longv1.5.10-5Debian Med Packaging Team
hhyahaFRfind split-read mappings on single-end queriesv0.1.83-3Debian Med Packaging Team
hhyanagibaFRfilter low quality Oxford Nanopore reads basecalled with Albacorev1.0.0-4Debian Med Packaging Team
hhyanosimFRread simulator nanopore DRS datasetsv0.1-4Debian Med Packaging Team