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Packages with last news in 2021 from Debian Tracker.

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Last news years Communication: 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2009 2008
gonenot mainhhDebian TrackerFRshort descriptionversion in DebianDebian maintainer
hharchmboxFRa simple email archiver written in perlv4.10.0-2.1Debian QA Group
hhasteriskFROpen Source Private Branch Exchange (PBX)v1:16.15.1~dfsg-1Debian VoIP Team
hhasterisk-moh-opsoundFRv2.03-1.1Debian VoIP Team
asterisk-prompt-fr-armelleFRFrench voice prompts for Asterisk by Armelle Desjardinsv20070613-2.1Debian VoIP Team
asterisk-prompt-fr-proformatiqueFRFrench voice prompts for Asteriskv20070706-1.4-2.1Debian VoIP Team
hhasterisk-prompt-itFRdummy transitional packagev1:1.4.22+mm20110907-3.1Debian VoIP Team
hhastroidFRrebuild a new abstract syntax tree from Python's AST (Python3)v2.5-1Sandro Tosi
hhbbdb3FRReboot of the BBDB Insidious Big Brother Database for Emacsv3.2-10Barak A. Pearlmutter
hhbctoolboxFRv4.4.13-2Debian VoIP Team
hhbelcardFRv4.4.13-2Debian VoIP Team
hhbelle-sipFRv4.4.21+dfsg-1Debian VoIP Team
hhbelrFRv4.4.13-2Debian VoIP Team
hhbiboumiFRXMPP gateway to connect to IRC serversv9.0-2Debian VoIP Team
hhbidiuiFRBiDirectional support for Thunderbirdv0.9.7-2.1Debian Hebrew Packaging Team
binkdFRFidoTech TCP/IP mailerv1.1a-111-1Marco d'Itri
hhbogofilterFRfast Bayesian spam filter (meta package)v1.2.5-1Adrian Bunk
hhbsfilterFRBayesian spam filterv1:1.0.19-2.1Debian Ruby Extras Maintainers
hhbzrtpFRv4.4.13-2Debian VoIP Team
hhcallaudiodFRCall audio routing daemonv0.0.5-1DebianOnMobile Maintainers
hhcanlockFRutilities for creating and verifying Usenet cancel locksv3.2.2-1Florian Schlichting
hhchasquidFRsimple SMTP (email) server written in gov1.6-1Debian Go Packaging Team
hhchewmailFRmail archiver for various mailbox formatsv1.3-1.1Eric Dorland
clamassassinFRemail virus filter wrapper for ClamAVv1.2.4-1.1Robert Edmonds
hhclawskerFRConfiguration tweaker for Claws Mailv1.3.4-1Ricardo Mones
hhconserverFRv8.2.6-2Conserver Maintainers
hhcoturnFRTURN and STUN server for VoIPv4.5.2-1Debian VoIP Team
hhcourierFRv1.0.14-1Markus Wanner
hhcourier-authlibFRCourier authentication libraryv0.71.1-1Markus Wanner
hhcouriergreyFRMail filter interface of Courier-MTA to support greylistingv0.3.2-5Marco Balmer
hhcrashmailFRJAM and *.MSG capable Fidonet tosserv1.7-2Debian QA Group
cyclades-serial-clientFRNetwork Serial port client software for Cyclades terminal serversv0.94Debian QA Group
hhcyrus-imapdFRCyrus mail system - IMAP supportv3.2.5-2Debian Cyrus Team
hhcyrus-sasl2FRv2.1.27+dfsg-2.1Debian Cyrus Team
hhdjango-mailman3FRDjango library to help interaction with Mailman3 (Python 3 version)v1.3.5-1Debian Mailman Team
hhdkimproxyFRan SMTP-proxy that signs and/or verifies emails, using the Mail::DKIM modulev1.4.1-3.1Thomas Goirand
hhdmaFRlightweight mail transport agentv0.13-1Arno Töll
hhdovecotFRv1: Maintainers
hhdovecot-fts-xapianFRfull-text search for dovecot using xapianv1.4.7-1Joseph Nahmias
hhdxtoolFRDistoX data download utilityv0.1-4Wookey
hhefax-gtkFRfront end in GTK+ for the efax programv3.2.8-2.2Lior Kaplan
hhejabberdFRdistributed, fault-tolerant Jabber/XMPP + MQTT serverv20.12-1Ejabberd Packaging Team
hhejabberd-contribFRuser-contributed modules for ejabberd (metapackage)v0.2020.10.21~dfsg0-3Ejabberd Packaging Team
hhemail-reminderFRSend event reminders by emailv0.8.1-2Francois Marier
hherlang-base64urlFRstandalone URL-safe base64-compatible codec for Erlangv1.0.1-3Ejabberd Packaging Team
hherlang-goldrushFRsmall Erlang app that provides fast event stream processingv0.2.0-4Ejabberd Packaging Team
hherlang-idnaFRpure Erlang IDNA implementation that follows RFC 5891v6.1.1-1Ejabberd Packaging Team
hherlang-joseFRJSON Object Signing and Encryption (JOSE) for Erlangv1.11.1-1Ejabberd Packaging Team
hherlang-lagerFRlogging framework for Erlangv3.8.1-1Ejabberd Packaging Team
hherlang-luerlFRimplementation of Lua in Erlangv1:0.4-3Ejabberd Packaging Team
hherlang-p1-acmeFRACME client library for Erlangv1.0.10-1Ejabberd Packaging Team
hherlang-p1-cache-tabFRin-memory cache application for Erlang / Elixir appsv1.0.26-1Ejabberd Packaging Team
hherlang-p1-eimpFRErlang application for manipulating graphic imagesv1.0.18-1Ejabberd Packaging Team
hherlang-p1-iconvFRfast encoding conversion library for Erlang / Elixirv1.0.12-1Ejabberd Packaging Team
hherlang-p1-mqtreeFRindex tree for MQTT topic filtersv1.0.11-1Ejabberd Packaging Team
hherlang-p1-mysqlFRpure Erlang MySQL driverv1.0.17-1Ejabberd Packaging Team
hherlang-p1-oauth2FRErlang library for server side implementation of OAuth2v0.6.8-1Ejabberd Packaging Team
hherlang-p1-pamFRpam authentication and accounting management for Erlangv1.0.10-1Ejabberd Packaging Team
hherlang-p1-pgsqlFRPure Erlang PostgreSQL driverv1.1.10-2Ejabberd Packaging Team
hherlang-p1-pkixFRPKIX certificates management library for Erlangv1.0.7-1Ejabberd Packaging Team
hherlang-p1-sipFRSIP library for Erlangv1.0.39-1Ejabberd Packaging Team
hherlang-p1-sqlite3FRSQLite3 wrapper for Erlang applicationsv1.1.9-1Ejabberd Packaging Team
hherlang-p1-stringprepFRerlang interface to stringprepv1.0.24-1Ejabberd Packaging Team
hherlang-p1-stunFRSTUN library for Erlangv1.0.40-1Ejabberd Packaging Team
hherlang-p1-tlsFRnative TLS / SSL driver for Erlang / Elixirv1.1.10-1Ejabberd Packaging Team
hherlang-p1-utilsFRset of small Erlang librariesv1.0.21-1Ejabberd Packaging Team
hherlang-p1-xmlFRXML utilities for Erlangv1.1.45-1Ejabberd Packaging Team
hherlang-p1-xmppFRErlang/Elixir XMPP parsing and serialization libraryv1.5.1-1Ejabberd Packaging Team
hherlang-p1-yamlFRerlang wrapper for libyaml C libraryv1.0.29-1Ejabberd Packaging Team
hherlang-p1-yconfFRYAML configuration processorv1.0.9-1Ejabberd Packaging Team
hherlang-p1-zlibFRerlang interface to zlibv1.0.9-1Ejabberd Packaging Team
hherlang-redis-clientFRRedis client for Erlang applicationsv1.2.0-4Ejabberd Packaging Team
hherlang-unicode-util-compatFRunicode_util compatibility library for Erlang <= 20v0.7.0-1Ejabberd Packaging Team
hhexim4FRmetapackage to ease Exim MTA (v4) installationv4.94-12Exim4 Maintainers
hheximdoc4FRv4.94-2Exim4 Maintainers
hhfetchmailFRSSL enabled POP3, APOP, IMAP mail gatherer/forwarderv6.4.15-1Laszlo Boszormenyi (GCS)
hhfetchyahooFRRetrieve mail from Yahoo!'s webmail servicev2.14.7-1.1Don Armstrong
hhflimFRlibrary about internet message for emacsenv1:1.14.9+0.20201117-2Tatsuya Kinoshita
hhfoxtrotgpsFRGTK+ mapping and GPS applicationv1.2.2+bzr328-1Paul Wise
hhfuzzyocrFRspamassassin plugin to check image attachmentsv3.6.0-15Francois Marier
hhgajimFRGTK+-based Jabber clientv1.3.0~beta2-1Debian XMPP Maintainers
hhgajim-antispamFRGajim plugin to block some incoming messagesv1.5.2-2Debian XMPP Maintainers
hhgajim-appindicatorintegrationFRintegrates Gajim with the appindicatorv1.3.3-2Debian XMPP Maintainers
hhgajim-lengthnotifierFRdisplays character count and notifies when maximum length is reachedv1.3.2-2Debian XMPP Maintainers
hhgajim-omemoFRGajim plugin for OMEMO Multi-End Message and Object Encryptionv2.7.13-1Debian XMPP Maintainers
hhgajim-openpgpFRGajim plugin for OpenPGP encryptionv1.3.9-2Debian XMPP Maintainers
hhgajim-pgpFRGajim plugin for PGP encryptionv1.3.5-2Debian XMPP Maintainers
hhgajim-plugininstallerFRGajim plugin to install plugins from ftp.gajim.orgv1.3.8-1Debian XMPP Maintainers
hhgajim-syntaxhighlightFRhighlights source code blocks in chat windowv1.3.2-2Debian XMPP Maintainers
hhgajim-triggersFRconfigure Gajim's behaviour for each contactv1.3.1-2Debian XMPP Maintainers
hhgajim-urlimagepreviewFRdisplays images inside Gajim chat windowv2.5.6-2Debian XMPP Maintainers
hhgetmail6FRmail retriever with support for POP3, IMAP4 and SDPSv6.14-1Debian Python Modules Team
hhgnokiiFRDatasuite for mobile phone management (metapackage)v0.6.30+dfsg-1.3Leo Costela
hhgnome-callsFRMake and receive PSTN phone callsv0.2.0-2DebianOnMobile Maintainers
hhgnubiffFRmail notification program for GNOME (and others)v2.2.17-3Debian QA Group
hhgnuradioFRGNU Radio Software Radio Toolkitv3.8.2.0-14A. Maitland Bottoms
hhgsaslFRGNU SASL command line utilityv1.10.0-4Debian XMPP Maintainers
hhgsmlibFRv1.10+20120414.gita5e5ae9a-0.3Mark Purcell
htagFRA tagline/.signature adder for email, news and FidoNet messagesv0.0.24-1.2Simon Huggins
hhhylafaxFRv3:6.0.7-3.1Giuseppe Sacco
hhhyperkittyFRWeb user interface to access GNU Mailman3 archivesv1.3.3-1Debian Mailman Team
hhimFRmail/news handling commands and Perl modulesv1:153-4Tatsuya Kinoshita
hhimaprowlFRIMAP new mail notification utility for iPhone using Prowl Public APIv1.2.1-1.2Takuo KITAME
hhinn2FRInterNetNews' news serverv2.6.3+20210104-1Marco d'Itri
hhinterimapFRFast bidirectional synchronization for QRESYNC-capable IMAP serversv0.5.6-1Guilhem Moulin
hhipp-usbFRDaemon for IPP over USB printer supportv0.9.16-1Debian Printing Team
hhjabber-mucFRMulti User Conference component for the Jabber IM serverv0.8-8Debian XMPP Maintainers
hhjsjacFRJavaScript Jabber Client Libraryv1.3.4+dfsg-3Debian XMPP Maintainers
hhjwchatFRfull featured, web-based Jabber chat clientv1.0+dfsg-1.5Debian XMPP Maintainers
hhkamailioFRvery fast, dynamic and configurable SIP serverv5.4.4-1Debian VoIP Team
knewsFRGraphical threaded news readerv1.0b.1-33Colin Watson
leafnodeFRNNTP server for small sitesv1.11.11-3Moritz Muehlenhoff
hhlibccrtpFRv2.0.9-2.3Debian VoIP Team
hhlibmime-lite-html-perlFRTransform HTML page into MIME emailv1.24-3.1Debian Sympa team
hhlibphp-jabberFRObject-oriented PHP interface for the Jabber/XMPP protocolv0.4.3-6Debian XMPP Maintainers
gonehhlibqmatrixclientFRv0.4.2.1-1Hubert Chathi
hhlibsrtp2FRv2.3.0-5Debian VoIP Team
hhlibstropheFRv0.10.1-1Debian XMPP Maintainers
hhlinphoneFRv4.4.21-1Debian VoIP Team
hhlinphone-desktopFRSIP softphone - graphical clientv4.2.5-3Debian VoIP Team
lsdbFRThe Lovely Sister Database (email rolodex) for Emacsv0.11-10.2OHASHI Akira
hhmaildirsyncFRsimple and efficient Maildir synchronisation utilityv1.2-3Debian QA Group
hhmaildir-utilsFRSet of utilities to deal with Maildirs (upstream name mu)v1.4.15-1Norbert Preining
hhmailman3FRMailing list management systemv3.3.3~rc1-1Debian Mailman Team
hhmailmanclientFRPython bindings for Mailman3 REST API (Python 3 version)v3.3.2-1Debian Mailman Team
hhmailman-hyperkittyFRMailman3 plugin to archive emails with HyperKittyv1.1.0-10Debian Mailman Team
hhmailman-suiteFRDjango project integrating Mailman3 Postorius and HyperKittyv0+20200530-1Debian Mailman Team
hhmailscriptsFRcollection of scripts for manipulating e-mail on Debianv0.22-1Sean Whitton
hhmail-spf-perlFRv2.9.0-5Debian Perl Group
hhmailutilsFRGNU mailutils utilities for handling mailv1:3.11.1-4Jordi Mallach
hhmatrix-mirageFRdesktop IM client for the Matrix protocolv0.6.4~dfsg+~hsluv1.0.0-4Matrix Packaging Team
hhmatrix-synapseFRMatrix reference homeserverv1.25.0-1Matrix Packaging Team
hhmatrix-synapse-ldap3FRLDAP auth provider for the Matrix homeserverv0.1.4+git20201015+a3c7a9f-1Matrix Packaging Team
hhmediastreamer2FRv1:4.4.21-3Debian VoIP Team
hhmewFRmail reader supporting PGP/MIME for Emacsv1:6.8-11Tatsuya Kinoshita
hhmew-betaFRmail reader supporting PGP/MIME for Emacs (development version)v7.0.50~6.8+0.20210113-1Tatsuya Kinoshita
hhmgettyFRSmart Modem getty replacementv1.2.1-1.1Andreas Barth
mhonarcFRMail to HTML converterv2.6.19-2.1Jeff Breidenbach
hhmilter-greylistFRGreylist milter for sendmailv4.6.2-3Debian QA Group
mime-constructFRconstruct/send MIME messages from the command linev1.11+nmu3Roderick Schertler
hhminicomFRFriendly menu driven serial communication programv2.8-1Martin A. Godisch
hhmodem-cmdFRgraphical ODE simulatorv1.0.2-3.1SZ Lin (林上智)
hhmodemmanagerFRD-Bus service for managing modemsv1.14.10-0.1Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre
hhmovimFRdecentralised social network fully based on XMPPv0.17.1-1.1Debian XMPP Maintainers
hhmu-citeFRmessage citation utility for emacsenv8.1+0.20201103-2Tatsuya Kinoshita
hhmuttFRtext-based mailreader supporting MIME, GPG, PGP and threadingv2.0.5-1Mutt maintainers
muttprintFRPretty printing of mailsv0.73-8.1Rene Engelhard
muttprofileFRutility to choose profiles in Muttv1.0.1-5.1Jari Aalto
hhmysqmailFRreal-time logging system in MySQLv0.4.9-10.2Thomas Goirand
hhneomuttFRcommand line mail reader based on Mutt, with added featuresv20201127+dfsg.1-1Mutt maintainers
hhnhekoFRdesktop IM client for the Matrix protocolv0.8.0-1Matrix Packaging Team
hhnnFRHeavy-duty USENET news reader (curses-based client)v6.7.3-14Cord Beermann
hhnode-matrix-js-sdkFRnode module Client-Server SDK for the Matrix protocolv9.3.0+~cs9.9.16-2Matrix Packaging Team
hhnotmuchFRthread-based email index, search and taggingv0.31.3-2Carl Worth
hhnyxFRterminal status monitor for torv2.1.0-2.1Ulises Vitulli
hhofflineimap3FRIMAP/Maildir synchronization and reader supportv0.0~git20210105.00d395b+dfsg-2Debian Python Modules Team
hholmFRv3.2.1~dfsg-7Matrix Packaging Team
hhopensmtpdFRsecure, reliable, lean, and easy-to configure SMTP serverv6.8.0p2-3Ryan Kavanagh
hhortpFRv1:4.4.13-2Debian VoIP Team
hhpainintheaptFRPester people about available package updates by email or jabberv0.20181201-2Debian XMPP Maintainers
hhpantalaimonFRE2EE aware proxy daemon for matrix clients - daemonv0.9.1-1Matrix Packaging Team
poppassdFRpassword change server for Eudora and NUPOPv1.8.5-5Debian QA Group
hhpostfix-policyd-spf-perlFRSimple Postfix policy server for RFC 4408/7208 SPF checkingv2.011-1.1Scott Kitterman
hhpostfwdFRPostfix policyd to combine complex restrictions in a rulesetv1.35-6Jan Wagner
hhpostgreyFRgreylisting implementation for Postfixv1.36-5.2Antonio Radici
hhpostoriusFRWeb user interface to access GNU Mailman3v1.3.3-1Debian Mailman Team
hhpostsrsdFRSender Rewriting Scheme (SRS) lookup table for Postfixv1.10-1Oxan van Leeuwen
hhprocmail-libFRprocmail library of plug-in recipesv1:2009.1202-4.1Jari Aalto
hhprofanityFRconsole based XMPP clientv0.10.0-1Debian XMPP Maintainers
hhprosodyFRLightweight Jabber/XMPP serverv0.11.7-3Debian XMPP Maintainers
hhprosody-modulesFRSelection of community modules for Prosodyv0.0~hg20200915.ed0c7044b00f+dfsg-2Debian XMPP Maintainers
hhpsiFRQt-based XMPP clientv1.5+dfsg1-1Debian XMPP Maintainers
hhpsi-plusFRQt-based XMPP client (basic version)v1.4.554-5Boris Pek
hhpsi-plus-l10nFRlocalization files for Psi+v1.4.554-1Boris Pek
hhpsi-translationsFRlocalization files for Psiv1.12+real1.5-4Debian XMPP Maintainers
gonepycmailFRmail sorter written in Pythonv0.1.6Radovan Garabík
hhpython-matrix-nioFRv0.16.0-1Matrix Packaging Team
hhpython-nbxmppFRv2.0.0-1Debian XMPP Maintainers
hhpyzorFRspam-catcher using a collaborative filtering networkv1:1.0.0-6Python Applications Packaging Team
gonecontribqmhandleFRtool to manage the qmail message queuev1.3.2-2Debian QA Group
hhquaternionFRdesktop IM client for the Matrix protocolv0.0.9.5~beta2-1Matrix Packaging Team
hhquicktextFRCreate templates for Thunderbirdv3.5-1Debian Mozilla Extension Maintainers
hhqxmppFRv1.3.2-2Debian XMPP Maintainers
hhrevoltFRbetter desktop integration for Elementv0.0+git20200723.0aca6c8-1Matrix Packaging Team
hhringFRv20210104.4.dda80df~ds1-1Debian VoIP Team
hhroundcubeFRskinnable AJAX based webmail solution for IMAP servers - metapackagev1.4.10+dfsg.2-1Debian Roundcube Maintainers
roundcube-plugins-extraFRskinnable AJAX based webmail solution - extra pluginsv1.4.10+1-2Debian Roundcube Maintainers
hhrspamdFRRapid spam filtering systemv2.7-1Sebastien Badia
hhsachesiFRBlackBerry 10 device utilityv2.0.4+ds-4Bastian Germann
hhsa-eximFRSpamAssassin filter for Eximv4.2.1-20Magnus Holmgren
hhsalutatoiFRv0.8.0~hg3453.864485605d12-2Debian XMPP Maintainers
sanitizerFRThe Anomy Mail Sanitizer - an email virus scannerv1.76-5.1Debian QA Group
hhsat-pubsubFRXMPP Publish-Subscribe service componentv0.4.0~hg437.454f61a32427-1Debian XMPP Maintainers
hhsat-templatesFRcollection of templates for Salut à Toiv0.8.0~hg297.0657982e81af+dfsg-2Debian XMPP Maintainers
sauceFRSMTP defence software against spamv0.9.0+nmu4Ian Jackson
hhschleuderFRencrypting mailing list manager with remailing-capabilitiesv3.5.3-2Debian Ruby Extras Maintainers
hhschleuder-cliFRcommand line tool to configure schleuder mailing listsv0.1.0-4Debian Ruby Extras Maintainers
hhscmailFRa mail filter written in Schemev1.3-4.1NIIBE Yutaka
hhsemiFRlibrary to provide MIME feature for emacsenv1.14.7~0.20201115-1Tatsuya Kinoshita
hhsendemailFRlightweight, command line SMTP email clientv1.56-5.1Alejandro Garrido Mota
hhsendpageFRv1.0.3-1.1Kees Cook
hhsipsakFRSIP Swiss army knifev0.9.8-2Debian VoIP Team
hhsip-testerFRPerformance testing tool for the SIP protocolv1:3.6.1-1Debian VoIP Team
hhslixmppFRv1.7.0-2Debian XMPP Maintainers
hhsms4youFRPersonal gateway connecting SMS to XMPP or emailv0.0.7-1Debian XMPP Maintainers
hhsmtpproxFRsimple efficient SMTP proxy in perlv1.2-1.1Jesse Norell
hhsmtpprox-looppreventFRTransparent SMTP proxy to prevent mail forwarding loopsv0.1-1.1Jesse Norell
hhs-nailFRfeature-rich BSD mail(1)v14.9.21-1Paride Legovini
hhsogoFRScalable groupware serverv5.0.1-3Debian SOGo Maintainers
solid-pop3dFRPOP3 server supporting Maildir, PAM, vhostingv0.15-31Robert Luberda
hhsopeFRv5.0.1-1Debian SOGo Maintainers
hhspamassassinFRPerl-based spam filter using text analysisv3.4.5~pre1-3Noah Meyerhans
hhspampdFRspamassassin based SMTP/LMTP proxy daemonv2.53-1.1Michael Meskes
hhsqwebmail-deFRGerman translations for the SqWebMail webmail servicev6.0.0-1Willi Mann
hhssh-contactFRestablish SSH connections to your IM contacts using Telepathy (metapackage)v0.7-1.1Debian Telepathy maintainers
hhssmtpFRextremely simple MTA to get mail off the system to a mail hubv2.64-10Debian QA Group
hhstrophejsFRLibrary for writing XMPP clientsv1.2.14+dfsg-8Debian XMPP Maintainers
hhsympaFRModern mailing list managerv6.2.60~dfsg-2Debian Sympa team
hhtelepathy-farstreamFRv0.6.2-1.1Debian Telepathy maintainers
hhtelepathy-gabbleFRJabber/XMPP connection managerv0.18.4-4Debian Telepathy maintainers
hhthunderbirdFRmail/news client with RSS, chat and integrated spam filter supportv1:78.6.1-1Carsten Schoenert
hhtinFRFull-screen easy to use Usenet newsreaderv1:2.4.5-1Marco d'Itri
hht-protFRdisplay filter for Internet messagesv3.4-4.1Rhonda D'Vine
hhtwinkleFRVoice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) SIP Phone (GUI)v1:1.10.2+dfsg-1Debian VoIP Team
hhucommonFRv7.0.0-19Debian VoIP Team
hhvmFRmail user agent for Emacsv8.2.0b-7Ian Jackson
vpb-driverFRv4.2.61-1.1Ron Lee
hhwlFRmail/news reader supporting IMAP for emacsenv2.15.9+0.20190205-7Tatsuya Kinoshita
hhwl-betaFRmail/news reader supporting IMAP for emacsen (development version)v2.15.9+0.20210105-1Tatsuya Kinoshita
hhwysFRdaemon to start/stop PulseAudio loopbacks for phone call audiov0.1.11-1DebianOnMobile Maintainers
hhxciteFRTransition Package, xcite to elpa-xcitev1.60-7Debian Emacsen team
hhxlbiffFRmail notification pop-up with configurable message scansv4.5.1-1Stephen Gildea
hhyampleFRYet Another Mail Processing Languagev0.30-3.1Morten Werner Forsbring