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Packages with last news in 2021 from Debian Tracker.

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Last news years Fonts: 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011
gonenot mainhhDebian TrackerFRshort descriptionversion in DebianDebian maintainer
hh3270fontFRmonospaced font based on IBM 3270 terminalsv2.3.1-1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhafdkoFRAdobe Font Development Kit for OpenTypev3.6.2+dfsg1-1Debian Fonts Task Force
aplus-fsfFRA+ programming language run-time environmentv4.22.1-10.1Neil Roeth
hhbdf2sfdFRBDF to SFD converterv1.1.7-1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhbirdfontFRfont editor that lets you create outline vector graphics and export fontsv2.29.6-1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhcffsubrFRCFF subroutinizer based on the AFDKO txv0.2.8-1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhcm-superFRTeX font package (full version) with CM (EC) in Type1 in T1, T2*, TS1, X2 encv0.3.4-17Debian TeX maintainers
hhcomic-neueFRless horrible remake of Comic Sansv2.51-3Debian Fonts Task Force
hhcomprefforFRCFF table subroutinizer for FontToolsv0.5.1-2Debian Fonts Task Force
hhcool-retro-termFRterminal emulator which mimics old screensv1.1.1+git20200723-2.1Gürkan Myczko
gonehhcu2quFRPython library for cubic-to-quadratic bezier curve conversionv1.6.5-1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhculmusFRTrueType and Type1 Hebrew Fonts for X11v0.133-1Debian Hebrew Packaging Team
hhculmus-fancyFRType1 Fancy Hebrew Fonts for X11v0.0.20140315-1Debian Hebrew Packaging Team
hhdclFRv7.4.1-1Youhei SASAKI
hhdefconFRUFO based objects for use in font editing applicationsv0.9.0-1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhdenemoFRfree graphical music notation editor (GTK front end to LilyPond)v2.5.0-1Dr. Tobias Quathamer
dvi2ps-fontdataFRv1.0.1-3.1OHURA Makoto
hhfntFRFont downloader/managerv1.4.1-1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfontforgeFRfont editorv1:20201107~dfsg-4Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfontmakeFRCompile fonts from UFO or Glyphs to OTF/TTFv2.4.1-1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfont-managerFRfont management application for the GNOME desktopv0.8.7-2Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfontmathFRObjects for performing math operations on font datav0.8.1-1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfontmatrixFRfeatureful personal font managerv0.9.100+ds-1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfontpartsFRv0.9.6-1Debian Fonts Task Force
fonts-aenigmaFR465 free TrueType fonts by Brian Kentv0.0.20080511+dfsg-4Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-agaveFRmonospaces programming fontv37-2Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-arkpandoraFRReplacement fonts for Microsoft's Arial, Times, and Verdana fontsv2.04-1.1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-averia-gwfFRAvería GWF font familyv1.00-3.1Alfonso Sabato Siciliano
hhfonts-averia-sans-gwfFRAvería Sans GWF font familyv1.00-2.1Alfonso Sabato Siciliano
hhfonts-averia-serif-gwfFRAvería Serif GWF font familyv1.00-2.1Alfonso Sabato Siciliano
hhfonts-babelstone-modernFRBabelStone latin modern fontv6.002-1.1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-betecknaFRgeometric Futura-like sans-serif TrueType fontv0.5-3Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-cantarellFRsans serif font family designed for on-screen readabilityv0.303-2Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-cascadia-codeFRmonospaced font designed to enhance appearance of Windows Terminalv2102.03-1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-cmuFRsets the computer modern unicode fontsv0.7.0-5Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-compagnonFRtypeface family composed of five distinctive stylesv0.2-3Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-ddc-uchenFRddc Dzongkha Development Commission free OpenType Tibetan fontv1.0-1.2Sruthi Chandran
hhfonts-dotgothic16FRTrueType font based on the old 16x16 Gothic bitmapv1.000-20210120-2Debian Fonts Task Force
fonts-dzongkhaFRTrueType fonts for Dzongkha languagev0.3-9Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-elstobFRfont for medievalistsv1.015+ds-2Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-engadgetFRModern font from John Strackev1.001-1-5Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-evertype-conakryFRsmart Graphite font for N'Kov0.002+source-5Debian Fonts Task Force
fonts-f500FRWipeout 3 Fontv1.0-10Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-firacodeFRMonospaced font with programming ligaturesv6.2-1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-font-awesomeFRiconic font designed for use with Twitter Bootstrapv5.0.10+really4.7.0~dfsg-4.1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-gemunu-libreFRnew interpretation to FM Gamunu fontv1.100+ds-2Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-hanazonoFRJapanese TrueType mincho font by KAGE system and FontForgev20170904-2.1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-hosny-thabitFRfixed width OpenType Arabic fontsv0.02-2.1Debian Fonts Task Force
contribhhfonts-ibm-plexFRextensive typeface family designed by IBMv6.0.0-1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-inconsolataFRmonospace font for pretty code listings and for the terminalv001.010-6Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-interFRInter font familyv3.19+ds-2Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-ipaexfontFRJapanese OpenType font, all IPAex Fontsv00401-4Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-ipafontFRJapanese OpenType font set (Mincho and Gothic)v00303-23Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-ipamj-minchoFRJapanese OpenType font, IPAmj Mincho Fontv005.01-2.1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-jetbrains-monoFRfree and open-source typeface for developersv2.242+ds-2Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-johnsmith-induniFROTF fonts with exhaustive set of Roman charactersv20101012-7.1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-junctionFRhumanist sans-serif typefacev20110525.18de841-1.1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-karlaFRGrotesque Sans Serif Latin typefacev20201218-1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-kaushanscriptFRscript font that feels like writing quickly with an inked brushv1.02-2.1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-khmerosFRKhmerOS Unicode fonts for the Khmer language of Cambodiav5.0-9Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-klaudia-berenikaFRfont family based on Celtic inscriptionsv2011-09-03-2Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-kleeFRscript font handwritten by pencil or penv1.000-20210121-2Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-kristiFRcasual cursive script typeface with a "felt-tip pen" feelv20100000-2.1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-leckerli-oneFRLeckerli One fontv20110000-1.1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-lexi-saebomFRLexi Saebom Korean fontv20100129-3.1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-lg-aboriginalFRunicode fonts for North-American Aboriginal languagesv1.0-6.1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-liberation2FRFonts with the same metrics as Times, Arial and Courier (v2)v2.1.5-1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-linuxlibertineFRLinux Libertine family of fontsv5.3.0-6Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-lklug-sinhalaFRUnicode Sinhala font by Lanka Linux User Groupv0.6-4Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-lobstertwoFRupdated and improved family version of the Lobster fontv2.0-2.1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-manchufontFRSmart OpenType font for Manchu scriptv2.007.svn0068-5.1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-manropeFRmodern geometric sans-serifv4.504+git20201211-2Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-misakiFRJapanese Gothic and Mincho font from "Misaki" bitmap fontv20210505-1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-mmcedarFRMMCedar - combined Motoya L Cedar and M+fontsv20101113a-5.1Debian Fonts Task Force
fonts-nafeesFRnafees free OpenType Urdu fontsv1.2-5.1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-notoFRmetapackage to pull in all Noto fontsv20201225-1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-noto-cjkFR"No Tofu" font families with large Unicode coverage (CJK regular and bold)v1:20201206-cjk+repack1-1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-noto-color-emojiFRcolor emoji font from Googlev2.034-1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-ocr-bFRmachine-readable typeface as used in passportsv0.3~dfsg1-1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-oflb-asana-mathFRextended smart Unicode Math fontv000.907-7Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-okolaksFRdecorative, sans serif fontv0.6.0-2Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-open-sansFRhumanist sans serif typeface by Steve Mattesonv1.11-2Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-osifontFRISO 3098-compliant TrueType font for CAD projectsv0.1.20211207-1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-pecitaFROpenType hand-written font whose letters are connectedv5.4-2Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-quattrocentoFRclassic, elegant, sober and strong Roman typefacev1.1-2.1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-radisnoirFRfont inspired by Bayer Universal and Bauhausv0.9b-3.2Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-rampartFRunique outline shadow font made in the image of 3-D blocksv1.000-20210120-2Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-reggaeFRdisplay font often used in Japanese boys' magazines and digital contentv1.000-20210120-2Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-ricty-diminishedFRfont based on Inconsolata and Circle M+ 1m for programmingv4.1.1-4Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-roboto-fontfaceFRlargely geometric, friendly and open curves fontv0.5.0-3Debian OpenStack
hhfonts-rocknrollFRpop-style fontv1.000-20210120-2Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-sambhota-tsugringFRsambhota tsugring free OpenType Tibetan fontv1.0-1.1scratch
hhfonts-sambhota-yigchungFRsambhota yigchung free OpenType Tibetan fontv1.2-2.1Sruthi Chandran
hhfonts-sawarabi-minchoFRJapanese mincho font - Sawarabi Mincho fontv20210815-1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-sil-abyssinicaFREthiopic script font designed in a calligraphic stylev2.100-3Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-sil-akatabFRAkatab is a Tifinagh fontv2.000-3Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-sil-andikaFRFont family designed for literacy usev6.001-3Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-sil-andikanewbasicFRsmart Unicode Latin font family for literacy (more faces, limited charset)v5.500-3.1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-sil-awami-nastaliqFRSmart Unicode font for the Nastaliq scriptv2.200-1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-sil-charisFRFont family for wide range of languages that use the Latin and Cyrillic scriptsv6.001-3Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-sil-doulosFRFont family for wide range of languages that use the Latin and Cyrillic scriptsv6.001-3Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-sil-gentiumplusFRFont family for wide range of languages that use Latin, Cyrillic, Greek scriptsv6.001-3Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-sil-padaukFRBurmese Unicode TrueType font with OpenType and Graphite supportv5.000-3Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-sil-scheherazadeFRsmart Unicode font for Arabicv2.100-2.1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-sil-tagmukayFRTifinagh Unicode TrueType font with OT and Graphite supportv2.000-2.1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-smc-chilankaFRChilanka malayalam fontv1.530-1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-smc-manjariFRManjari malayalam fontv2.000-2Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-soraFRSora typefacev0+git20201221+ds-2Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-spleenFRmonospaced font for consoles and terminalsv1.9.1-1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-stickFRfont designed with straight lines, wide versatility for usev1.000-20210120-2Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-tibetan-machineFRfont for Tibetan, Dzongkha and Ladakhi (OpenType Unicode)v1.901b-5.1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-tlwgFRv1:0.7.3-1Theppitak Karoonboonyanan
hhfonts-trainFRgothic-style typeface made with an outer and inner linev1.000-20210120-2Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-tuffyFRThe Tuffy Truetype Font Familyv20120614-2.1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-ubuntu-titleFRfont used to create the Ubuntu logo (2004‒2010)v1:0.3-2.1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-ukij-uyghurFRfonts for Uyghur languagev20110217-4Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-wqy-microheiFRSans-serif style CJK font derived from Droidv0.2.0-beta-3.1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-wqy-zenheiFR"WenQuanYi Zen Hei" A Hei-Ti Style (sans-serif) Chinese fontv0.9.45-8Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-yrsa-rasaFROpen-source, libre fonts for Latin + Gujarativ2.005-1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonts-yusei-magicFRhandwritten letters written with permanent markerv1.000-20210130-2Debian Fonts Task Force
hhfonttoolsFRConverts OpenType and TrueType fonts to and from XML (Executables)v4.28.5-1Debian Fonts Task Force
fonty-rgFRLinux console fonts in various encodingsv0.7-1.1Radovan Garabík
hhgftoolsFRGoogle Fonts Toolsv0.5.2+dfsg-2Debian Fonts Task Force
hhglyphslibFRConvert between Glyphs files (.glyphs) and UFOsv5.3.2+ds1-1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhgrcompilerFRCompiler of smart (graphite) fontsv5.2-2.2Debian Fonts Task Force
gsfonts-x11FRMake Ghostscript fonts available to X11v0.28Roland Rosenfeld
hhhershey-fontsFRv0.1-1.1Kamal Mostafa
hhibm-3270FRv4.1ga10-1Philipp Kern
intlfontsFRv1.2.1-10.1Debian QA Group
hhjsmath-fontsFRraster fonts for jsMathv1.3-3.2Georges Khaznadar
hhlatex-cjk-chinese-arphicFRv1.23+nmu1Debian TeX maintainers
hhlatex-cjk-japanese-wadalabFRtype1 and tfm DNP Japanese fonts for latex-cjkv0.20050817-17.1Debian TeX maintainers
hhldcofontsFRset of Hebrew fonts by Louis Davis & Co.v1.0.0.part3-1.1Tzafrir Cohen
hhlibdockappFRv1:0.7.3-2Debian Window Maker Team
hhlibreofficeFRoffice productivity suite (metapackage)v1:7.2.4-3Debian LibreOffice Maintainers
hhlibuninameslistFRv20211114-1Debian Fonts Task Force
gonecontribmathematica-fontsFRv21Debian Fonts Task Force
monafont-ttfFRJapanese TrueType font for 2ch ASCII artv1:2.90-1.1Nobuhiro Iwamatsu
hhmutatormathFRLibrary for piecewise linear interpolations in n-dimensionsv3.0.1-1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhnode-katexFRv0.10.2+dfsg-9Debian Javascript Maintainers
hhnototoolsFRfont support tools from the Noto Fonts projectv0.2.16-1Debian Fonts Task Force
non-freehhopenboard-extras-nonfreeFRInteractive White Board Application (non-free fonts)v1.6.1+nonfree1-1Debian Edu Packaging Team
hhopentype-sanitizerFRtools to validate and sanitize OTF/TTF/WOFF/WOFF2 font filesv8.1.4+dfsg-1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhoxygen-fontsFROxygen font familyv4:5.4.3-4Debian Qt/KDE Maintainers
hhpcf2bdfFRconvert X11 font from PCF to BDF formatv1.06-4Debian Fonts Task Force
hhpovrayFRPersistence of vision raytracer (3D renderer)v1: Beckmann
hhpowerlineFRprompt and statusline utilityv2.8.2-1Debian Python Team
hhpsautohintFRFont autohinter from AFDKOv2.3.0-1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhpyclipperFRCython wrapper for the Clipper libraryv1.2.1-1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhpython-beziersFRv0.3.1+dfsg1-1Debian Fonts Task Force
scalable-cyrfontsFRv4.17+nmu1Anton Zinoviev
hhtexlive-baseFRTeX Live: Essential programs and filesv2021.20211217-1Debian TeX maintainers
hhtexlive-extraFRv2021.20211217-1Debian TeX maintainers
hhtipaFRsystem for processing phonetic symbols in LaTeXv2:1.3-21Debian TeX maintainers
toiletFRdisplay large colourful characters in text modev0.3-1.3Sam Hocevar
gonehhttf-aenigmaFR465 free TrueType fonts by Brian Kentv0.0.20080510.dfsg-2.1Philip Newborough (aka corenominal)
hhttf-ancient-fontsFRUnicode Fonts for Ancient Scripts (transitional package)v2.60-1.1Gürkan Myczko
tv-fontsFRX11 fonts for TV applicationsv1.1-9.1Roberto Lumbreras
hhufo2ftFRBridge from UFOs to fonttools objectsv2.24.0-1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhufo-extractorFRExtract data from font binaries into UFO objects (Python 3)v0.4.1-1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhufolib2FRUnified Font Object (UFO) fonts libraryv0.12.1+dfsg1-1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhufonormalizerFRNormalize the XML and other data inside of a UFOv0.5.3-1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhufoprocessorFRProcess and generate Unified Font Object (UFO) filesv1.9.0-2Debian Fonts Task Force
hhunifontFRfont with a glyph for each visible Unicode Plane 0 characterv1:14.0.01-1Debian Fonts Task Force
hhwineFRWindows API implementation - standard suitev5.0.3-3Debian Wine Party
xfonts-100dpiFR100 dpi fonts for Xv1:1.0.4+nmu1.1Debian X Strike Force
xfonts-75dpiFR75 dpi fonts for Xv1:1.0.4+nmu1.1Debian X Strike Force
xfonts-biznetFRv3.0.0-27Robert Luberda
xfonts-bolkhovFRv1.1.20001007-8.2Debian QA Group
xfonts-cronyxFRv2.3.8-11Debian QA Group
xfonts-cyrillicFRCyrillic fonts for Xv1:1.0.5Debian X Strike Force
xfonts-jisx0213FRJIS X 0213 Japanese Kanji bitmap fonts for Xv0+20040511-8Debian Fonts Task Force
hhxfonts-jmkFRJim Knoble's character-cell fonts for Xv3.0-23Russ Allbery
xfonts-kanameFRKaname Cho 12 dot Japanese Kanji, Latin 1 fonts for X11v1.1-14Debian Fonts Task Force
xfonts-kappa20FRX11 Kappa 20dot Fonts (ISO-8859-1..4/9/10/13..16, Japanese) with boldv1:0.396-7Debian Fonts Task Force
hhxfonts-nexusFRNexus font for Xv0.0.2-17.1Simon Horman
non-freexfonts-scalable-nonfreeFRv4.2.1-8Debian Fonts Task Force
xfonts-terminusFRTerminus - fast reading fixed-width PCF fonts for X serversv4.48-3.1Anton Zinoviev
hhxfonts-wqyFRWenQuanYi Bitmap Song CJK font for Xv1.0.0~rc1-7Debian Fonts Task Force