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Packages with last news in 2018 from Debian Tracker.

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Last news years Education: 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2007
gonenot mainhhDebian TrackerFRshort descriptionversion in DebianDebian maintainer
hhanimalsFRTraditional AI animal guessing engine using a binary tree DBv201207131226-2.1Alberto Fuentes
bsdgamesFRcollection of classic textual unix gamesv2.17-28Debian Games Team
hhbugsquishFRBugs are trying to suck blood out of your arm!v0.0.6-9Christian T. Steigies
gonehhconsolekitFRframework for defining and tracking users, sessions and seatsv0.4.6-6Robert Millan
hhdesktop-autoloaderFRAccelerate Diskless Workstation systems by pre-loading a dummy Desktop Sessionv0.0.4-1Debian Edu Packaging Team
discoverFRhardware identification systemv2.1.2-8Debian Install System Team
dshFRdancer's shell, or distributed shellv0.25.10-1.4Junichi Uekawa
gonehhekigaFRH.323 and SIP compatible VoIP clientv4.0.1-6Kilian Krause
hhffdiaporamaFRMovie creator from photos and video clipsv2.1+dfsg-1Debian Multimedia Maintainers
hhfrozen-bubbleFRcool game where you pop out the bubbles!v2.212-9Debian Perl Group
gonehhgcomprisFREducational games for small childrenv15.10-1Yann Dirson
gltronFR3D lightcycle gamev0.70final-12.2Ari Pollak
gonehhgmchessFRChinese chess game (Xiangqi)v0.29.6-2.1Debian Chinese Team
gonehhgnashFRGNU Shockwave Flash (SWF) playerv0.8.11~git20160608-1.3Debian Flash Team
gnome-themes-extraFRAdwaita GTK+ 2 theme — enginev3.28-1Debian GNOME Maintainers
hhgperiodicFRperiodic table applicationv3.0.3-1Debichem Team
hhgst-plugins-espeakFRGStreamer plugin for eSpeak speech synthesisv0.5.0-1Debian Sugar Team
hhgtypistFRsimple ncurses touch typing tutorv2.9.5-3Daniel Leidert
gonehhgvrngFRv4.4-3~deb9u1Debian QA Group
gonehhkdewebdevFRweb development apps from the official KDE releasev4:16.04.3-1Debian Qt/KDE Maintainers
hhkdrillFRkanji drill and dictionary programv6.5deb2-12Євгеній Мещеряков
killerFRBackground job killerv0.90-13Debian Edu Developers
gonehhkvkbdFRVirtual keyboard for KDEv1:0.6-4Debian QA Group
gonehhkvpmFRLogical volume manager and disk partitioner GUI based on KDEv0.9.10-1Benjamin J. Scott
hhldap2zoneFRExtract DNS zones from LDAP treesv0.2-11Debian Edu Packaging Team
makepasswdFRGenerate and encrypt passwordsv1.10-12Colin Watson
hhmcp-pluginsFRLADSPA plugins designed for Alsa Modular Synthv0.4.0-6Debian Multimedia Maintainers
hhmdns-scanFRScan for mDNS/DNS-SD services published on the local networkv0.5-5Thorsten Alteholz
hhnorwegianFRv2.2-4Tollef Fog Heen
gonehhopenshotFRCreate and edit videos and moviesv1.4.3-1.2Jonathan Thomas
oss-compatFROpen Sound System (OSS) compatibility packagev7Debian Games Team
hhpcmanx-gtk2FRuser-friendly telnet client mainly targets BBS usersv1.3-2Emfox Zhou
gonehhpdfshufflerFRmerge, split and re-arrange pages from PDF documentsv0.6.0-8Python Applications Packaging Team
hhpolicykit-1-gnomeFRauthentication agent for PolicyKitv0.105-7Utopia Maintenance Team
gonehhqlandkartegtFRGPS mapping (GeoTiff and vector) and GPSr managementv1.8.1+ds-7Debian GIS Project
hhscim-chewingFRChewing IM engine module for SCIMv0.5.1-3Debian Input Method Team
gonehhshutterFRfeature-rich screenshot programv0.93.1-1.3Ryan Niebur
hhslbackup-phpFRWeb-based administration tool for slbackupv0.4.5-4Debian Edu Packaging Team
hhsql-ledgerFRWeb based double-entry accounting programv3.2.6-1Robert James Clay
hhsqueak-plugins-scratchFRSqueak plugins for the Scratch programming environmentv1.4.0.2~svn.r83-3Miriam Ruiz
hhsqueak-vmFRvirtual machine for Smalltalkv1: Sugar Team
gonehhsugar-presence-serviceFRSugar Learning Platform - legacy presence servicev0.90.2-6Debian Sugar Team
gonehhsugar-toolkitFRSugar Learning Platform - legacy core widgetsv0.110.0-1Debian Sugar Team
hhsurf-displayFRKiosk browser session manager based on the surf browserv0.0.5-2Debian Edu Packaging Team
hhtimidityFRSoftware sound renderer (MIDI sequencer, MOD player)v2.14.0-8Bastien Roucariès
hhtopplerFRclone of the "Nebulus" game on old 8 and 16 bit machinesv1.1.6-3Bill Allombert
hhtreeFRdisplays an indented directory tree, in colorv1.8.0-1Florian Ernst
hhxcircuitFRDraw circuit schematics or almost anythingv3.9.73+dfsg.1-1Debian Electronics Team
xinitFRX server initialisation toolv1.4.0-1Debian X Strike Force
hhxplanetFRplanetary body rendererv1.3.0-5.1Steve McIntyre
hhxsolFRSolitaire game for the X Window systemv0.31-14Mònica Ramírez Arceda