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Packages with last news in 2017 from Debian Tracker.

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Last news years Develop: 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2007
gonenot mainhhDebian TrackerFRshort descriptionversion in DebianDebian maintainer
gonehhaegisFRtransaction-based software configuration managementv4.24.3-3Walter Franzini
goneautoconf2.59FRautomatic configure script builder (obsolete version)v2.59+dfsg-1Debian GCC Maintainers
binutils-msp430FRBinary utilities supporting TI's MSP430 targetsv2.22~msp20120406-5.1Luca Bruno
gonehhclojure1.6FRLisp dialect for the JVMv1.6.0+dfsg-1Debian Java Maintainers
hhcmake-fedoraFRSet of scripts and cmake modules that simplify the release processv2.7.2-1ChangZhuo Chen (陳昌倬)
hhcode2htmlFRSyntax highlighterv0.9.1-4.1Peter Palfrader
gonecolorgccFRColorizer for GCC warning/error messagesv1.3.2.0-10Ryan Niebur
goneconfig-managerFRmanage directories with Arch, Bazaar, CVS, HTTP, FTP and/or Subversionv0.4-2.1Robert Collins
gonehhcookFRPowerful make replacementv2.33-1Walter Franzini
hhcutilsFRC source code utilitiesv1.6-5Debian QA Group
gonehhcvs2clFRCVS-log-message-to-ChangeLog conversion scriptv2.73-1.1Peter Palfrader
gonecvs-autoreleasedebFRAutomatically release/upload debian packages from CVSv0.12-1Daniel Ruoso
gonehhcvschangelogbuilderFRperl utility to generate ChangeLogs or html cvs reportsv2.4-1Adriaan Peeters
hhcvspsFRTool to generate CVS patch set informationv2.1-8Debian QA Group
gonehhdjango-kvstoreFRExtensible key-value store backend for Djangov1.0-2Debian LAVA team
hhdmucsFRdistributed compilation system for use with distccv0.6.1-3Debian QA Group
dpkg-awkFRGawk script to parse /var/lib/dpkg/{status,available} and Packagesv1.2+nmu2Jeroen Schot
dpkg-sigFRcreate and verify signatures on .deb-filesv0.13.1+nmu4Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt
electric-fenceFRA malloc(3) debuggerv2.2.5Matthew Vernon
hhfftwFRv2.1.5-4.2Debian Science Maintainers
gcc-msp430FRGNU C compiler (cross compiler for MSP430)v4.6.3~mspgcc-20120406-7.1Luca Bruno
gonehhgdb-arm-none-eabiFRGNU debugger for ARM Cortex-A/R/M processorsv9Agustin Henze
gdb-msp430FRThe GNU debugger for MSP430v7.2a~mspgcc-20111205-3.1Luca Bruno
hhgit-cryptFRTransparent file encryption in gitv0.6.0-1Andrew Ayer
gonehhgnat-mingw-w64FRGNU Ada compiler for MinGW-w64v19.4Stephen Kitt
gonehhgolang-doozerFRv0.0~git20130909-1Tonnerre Lombard
hhgolang-github-dop251-gojaFRECMAScript 5.1(+) implementation written in Gov0.0~git20170430.0.d382686-2Debian Go Packaging Team
hhgolang-github-google-certificate-transparencyFRFramework for monitoring and auditing SSL certificatesv0.0~git20160709.0.0f6e3d1~ds1-3Debian Go Packaging Team
hhgolang-github-hashicorp-hilFRsmall embedded language for string interpolationsv0.0~git20160711.1e86c6b-1Debian Go Packaging Team
gonehhgolang-github-hpcloud-tailFRv1.0.0+git20160415.b294095-3Debian Go Packaging Team
hhgolang-github-jacobsa-syncutilFRcode that supplements the Go stdlib sync packagev0.0~git20150615-3Debian Go Packaging Team
hhgolang-github-kubernetes-gengoFRLibrary for generating code based on Go filesv0.0~git20170531.0.c79c13d-1Debian Go Packaging Team
gonehhgolang-github-mitchellh-ioprogressFRGo package for progress bars around io.Reader/Writersv0.0~git20150521.8163955-1Debian Go Packaging Team
hhgolang-github-nebulouslabs-fastrandFR10x faster than crypto/randv0.0~git20170512.60b6156-1Debian Go Packaging Team
hhgolang-github-pelletier-go-buffruneioFRwrapper around bufio to provide buffered runes accessv0.2.0-1Debian Go Packaging Team
hhgolang-github-pkg-profileFRSimple profiling for Gov1.2.1-2Debian Go Packaging Team
hhgolang-github-tideland-golibFRcollection of misc Go packagesv4.24.2-1Debian Go Packaging Team
gonehhgolang-gocheckFRRicher testing framework for Go libraries and applications to usev0.0~bzr20131118+85-2Sergio Schvezov
hhgolang-godebiancontrol-devFRGo Debian control file parserv0.0~git20140119-2Michael Stapelberg
gonehhgolang-rrdFRGo bindings for the rrdtool C libraryv0.0~git20131112-1Tonnerre Lombard
hhgperfFRPerfect hash function generatorv3.1-1Hilko Bengen
hhguiltFRquilt for git; similar to Mercurial queuesv0.36-2Debian QA Group
hhikvmFRJava virtual machine for the CLIv8.1.5717.0+ds-1Debian CLI Libraries Team
gonelibcorelinuxFRv0.4.32-7.4Christophe Prud'homme
hhlibcypher-parserFRv0.6.0-1Chris Leishman
linux86FRv0.16.17-3.3Juan Cespedes
gonehhmrFRMultiple Repository management tool (transitional package)v1.16Joey Hess
hhneotomaFRv1.7.4+dfsg-2Nobuhiro Iwamatsu
hhpecoFRSimplistic interactive filtering toolv0.5.1-11Debian Go Packaging Team
gonehhpidaFRPython Integrated Development Application, a Python IDEv0.5.1-6Philipp Kaluza
gonepoker-evalFRv138.0-1Loic Dachary (OuoU)
gonepretzelFRPrettyprinter generator for nowebv2.0n-2-0.3Anthony Towns
contribhhprimesense-nite-nonfreeFROpenNI module providing gesture and skeleton trackingv0.1.1Debian Multimedia Maintainers
goneqt-sdkFRComplete Qt Software Development Kitv2Debian Qt/KDE Maintainers
hhsisconeFRv2.0.6-2Debian Science Maintainers
hhsloccountFRprograms for counting physical source lines of code (SLOC)v2.26-5.2Uwe Hermann
tixFRlibrary for Tk -- runtime packagev8.4.3-10Georges Khaznadar
hhunifdefFRRemove cpp '#ifdef' lines from filesv2.10-1.1Bob Proulx
hhvtable-dumperFRtool to list content of virtual tables in a C++ shared libraryv1.2-1Mathieu Malaterre
hhyapFRHigh-performance Prolog Systemv6.2.2-6Ralf Treinen
gonehhzeroc-iceeFREmbedded edition of the ZeroC Icev1.2.0-6.2Francisco Moya
gonehhzeroc-icee-translatorsFRv1.2.0-6.1Francisco Moya