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Packages with last news in 2019 from Debian Tracker.

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Last news years Astronomy: 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2012 2010 2003
gonenot mainhhDebian TrackerFRshort descriptionversion in DebianDebian maintainer
hhadqlFRv1.5-1Debian Astro Team
hhastromaticFRAstronomical pipeline software collectionv1.2Debian Astro Team
gonehhastroml-addonsFRPython 3 Machine Learning library for astronomy (performance addons)v0.2.2-5Debian Astro Team
hhastropy-sphinx-themeFRSphinx themes for Astropy and affiliated packagesv1.1-1Debian Astro Team
hhcasacore-dataFRData for Common Astronomy Software Applications core libraryv1.2Debian Astro Team
hhcoyoteFRGDL library from D. Fannings IDL coursesv2019.08.19-1Debian Astro Team
gonehhcpl-plugin-kmosFRESO data reduction pipeline for the KMOS instrumentv2.1.0+dfsg-1Debian Astro Team
gonehhcpl-plugin-sinfoFRESO data reduction pipeline SINFONIv2.5.2+dfsg-2Debian Astro Team
hhd2to1FRPython3 support for distutils2-like setup.cfg files as package metadatav0.2.12-2Debian Python Team
hheso-pipelinesFRESO VLT Instrument pipeline collectionv1.3Debian Astro Team
hhfitscutFRExtract cutouts from FITS image format filesv1.4.4-5Debian Astro Team
hhfitspngFRFITS to PNG converterv1.4-1Debian Astro Team
hhfreetureFRFree software to capTure meteorsv1.3.0-1Debian Astro Team
hhhipspyFRPython package for Hierarchical Progressive Surveysv0.2-3Debian Astro Team
gonehhifritFRpowerful tool for visualizing 3-dimensional data setsv4.1.2-6Debian QA Group
hhinhomogFRkinematical backreaction and average scale factor evolutionv0.1.9.2-1Debian Astro Team
iraf-fitsutilFRFITS utilities for IRAFv2018.07.06-4Debian Astro Team
hhjagsFRJust Another Gibbs Sampler for Bayesian MCMC - binaryv4.3.0-3Dirk Eddelbuettel
hhjsampFRJava Simple Application Messaging Protocol tool for VOv1.3.7-1Debian Astro Team
hhlibcds-moc-javaFRMulti-Order Coverage maps Virtual Observatory libraryv5.0-2Debian Astro Team
gonehhlibindiFRv1.7.5+dfsg-1Debian Qt/KDE Maintainers
gonehhlinguiderFRAstronomical autoguiding program for Linuxv4.1.1-1Debian Astro Team
hhmpfitFRRobust non-linear least squares curve fitting for GDLv1.85+2017.01.03-4Debian Astro Team
hhoakleafFRv0.0.1-3Debian Astro Team
hhpluto-jpl-ephFRcommand line handling of JPL ephemeres datav0.0~git20180228-1.1Steffen Moeller
hhpluto-lunarFRroutines for predictions of positions in solar systemv0.0~git20180825.e34c1d1-1Debian Astro Team
gonepredictFRSatellite Tracking Program with Optional Voice Outputv2.2.3-4A. Maitland Bottoms
gonehhpymcFRv2.2+ds-1NeuroDebian Team
gonehhpython-astropyFRCore functionality for performing astrophysics with Pythonv1.3-8Debian Astro Team
gonehhpython-astropy-helpersFRUtilities to install Astropy affiliated packages (Python2)v1.3-2Debian Astro Team
gonehhpython-bigglesFRv1.6.6-3Deepak Tripathi
hhpython-gnuplotFRPython interface to the gnuplot plotting programv1.8-8Debian Science Maintainers
gonehhrapidsvnFRGUI client for Subversionv0.12.1dfsg-3.1Richard B Winters
hhrawtranFRRAW photo to FITS converterv1.1-1Debian Astro Team
gonehhsextractorFRSource extractor for astronomical imagesv2.19.5+dfsg-6Debian Astro Team
hhstsci.distutilsFRPython3 packaging utilities for STScI's packagesv0.3.7-5Debian Python Team
hhtcl-fitstclFRTcl interface to FITS filesv2.4-4Debian Astro Team
hhwxastrocaptureFRWindows linuX Astronomy Capturev1.8.1+git20140821.796e1a1+dfsg-1Debian Science Maintainers
hhyorick-fullFRfull installation of the Yorick interpreter and add-onsv2.2.04+dfsg1+fullDebian Science Maintainers
gonehhzotero-standalone-buildFRv4.0.29.16+dfsg-1S├ębastien Villemot