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Maintainer groups packages lists based on Debian Tracker.

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Aide Maintainers2021
Anarchism maintainers2020
Android Tools Maintainers2021Team
APT Development Team2021Team
Athena Capital Research2021
Ayatana Packagers2021Team
Bareos Packaging Team2021
Boxer developers2021Team
build-common team2021
Cacti Maintainer2021
Calibre maintainer team2021
Ceph Maintainers2021
CipUX team2018
Citus Data2019
ClamAV Team2021
Collectd Packaging Team2021
Compute Library Team2020
Conserver Maintainers2021
Console utilities maintainers2020
Cross Toolchain Base Team2021
CrossWire Packaging Team2021Team
Custom Debian Distribution Team2012
Davical Development Team2021
Debain EzGo Packaging Team2021
Debathena Project2018
Debbugs developers2018Team
Debconf Developers2021Team
debfoster Maintainer Team2016
Debhelper Maintainers2021
Debian 389ds Team2019Team
Debian 3-D Printing Packages2021Team
Debian Accessibility Team2021Team
Debian ACE maintainers2021
Debian Acpi Team2018
Debian Adduser Developers2018
Debian allegro packages maintainers2012
Debian ALSA Maintainers2021
Debian Anthy Maintainers2018
Debian Apache Maintainers2021
Debian AppArmor Team2021Team
Debian Arabic Packaging Team2013
Debian Astro Team2021Team
Debian Authentication Maintainers2021
Debian Azure Packaging Team2019
Debian backupninja maintainers2021
Debian BackupPC Team2021
Debian Bacula Team2021
Debian Bazaar Maintainers2021Team
Debian Bazel Team2021
Debian Berkeley DB Team2021
Debian Bluetooth Maintainers2021Team
Debian BOINC Maintainers2021Team
Debian Boost Team2021Team
Debian Borg Collective2021
Debian Bridges Team2021
Debian Bsdmainutils Team2021
Debian Cairo-dock Maintainers2021
Debian Calendarserver Team2017
Debian CD Group2021Team
Debian cgit Maintainers2020
Debian Chinese Team2021
Debian Chromium Team2021
Debian Cinnamon Team2021
Debian Citadel Team2021
Debian CI team2021
Debian CLI Applications Team2021Team
Debian CLI Libraries Team2021Team
Debian Clojure Maintainers2021Team
Debian Cloud Team2021Team
Debian CMake Team2021
Debian Common Lisp Team2021Team
Debian CommunityWLAN Team2021
Debian CORBA Team2018Team
Debian Cross-Toolchain Team2021
Debian Cryptocoin Team2021Team
Debian Cryptsetup Team2021Team
Debian Curry Maintainers2021
Debian Cyrus Team2021
Debian Deepin Packaging Team2021
Debian Design Team2021Team
Debian Desktop Team2021
Debian Desktop Theme Team2021
Debian D Language Group2021
Debian DNS Team2021Team
Debian Documentation Project2021
Debian DPDK Maintainers2021
Debian dsc Maintainer Team2017
Debian DSPAM Maintainers2014
Debian Edu Developers2021Team
Debian Edu Packaging Team2021
Debian Eee PC Team2020Team
Debian EFI2021
Debian Electronics Team2021Team
Debian Emacsen team2021Team
Debian Embedded2016
Debian Erlang Packagers2021Team
Debian Eucalyptus Maintainers2018
Debian Evolution Maintainers2015
Debian fcgiwrap Maintainers2018
Debian FCoE Team2021
Debian Firebird Group2020
Debian Flash Team2018
Debian FlightGear Crew2021
Debian Fonts Task Force2021Team
Debian freedesktop.org maintainers2021
Debian FreeDict Packages2014
Debian FreeIPA Team2021
Debian FreeRADIUS Packaging Team2021
Debian freesmartphone.org Team2018Team
Debian Gadmintools Maintainers2011
Debian Gambas Team2021
Debian Games Team2021Team
Debian Ganeti Team2021
Debian GCC Maintainers2021
Debian GGZ Maintainers2012
Debian GIS Project2021Team
Debian GNOME Maintainers2021Team
Debian GNUnet Maintainers2012
Debian GnuPG Maintainers2021Team
Debian GNU Smalltalk maintainers2019
Debian GNUstep maintainers2021Team
Debian GnuTLS Maintainers2021
Debian Go Packaging Team2021Team
Debian GPS team2020
Debian Graphite Group2021
Debian HA Maintainers2021Team
Debian Hamradio Maintainers2021Team
Debian HAProxy Maintainers2021
Debian Haskell Group2021Team
Debian Hebrew Packaging Team2021
Debian HPC Team2021Team
Debian i3 maintainers2021
Debian ia32-libs Team2016
Debian Input Method Team2021Team
Debian Install System Team2021Team
Debian-IN Team2021
Debian IoT Maintainers2021Team
Debian ippl maintainers2021
Debian ISC DHCP Maintainers2021
Debian Islamic Maintainers2021
Debian Java Maintainers2021Team
Debian Javascript Maintainers2021Team
Debian JED Group2013
Debian Julia Team2021
Debian Junior2021
Debian Kdump2021
Debian Kernel Team2021Team
Debian Keyring Maintainers2021Team
Debian KGB Maintainers2020
Debian Kolab Maintainers2021Team
Debian Korean L10N2020Team
Debian l10n developers2021Team
Debian l2tpns Packaging Team2021
Debian LAN Developers2020Team
Debian LAVA team2021
Debian LDP Maintainers2012
Debian LEGO Team2021
Debian Let's Encrypt Team2021
Debian Libidn team2021
Debian LibreOffice Maintainers2021Team
Debian Libvirt Maintainers2021Team
Debian lighttpd maintainers2021
Debian Lintian Maintainers2021Team
Debian Lirc Team2021
Debian logcheck Team2021
Debian Loop-AES Team2012
Debian LTSP Maintainers2021
Debian Lua Team2021Team
Debian Lustre Packaging team2013
Debian LVM Team2021
Debian LXDE Maintainers2021
Debian Lynx Packaging Team2021
Debian LyX Maintainers2017
Debian Mactel2020
Debian Maemo Maintainers2012
Debian Mailman Team2021
Debian Maintainers for Monotone2019
Debian maintenance of the Gnome Online Desktop2019
Debian Math Team2021Team
Debian Med Packaging Team2021Team
Debian Middleware Maintainers2020
Debian Mirror Team2021Team
Debian Mir Team2021
Debian Mobcom Maintainers2021
Debian MongoDB Maintainers2021
Debian Monitoring Maintainers2021
Debian Mono Group2021Team
Debian Movable Type and OpenMelody team2016
Debian Mozilla Extension Maintainers2021Team
Debian Multimedia Maintainers2021Team
Debian MySQL Maintainers2021Team
Debian MythTV Team2018
Debian Nagios Maintainer Group2021Team
Debian Netatalk team2021
Debian Netfilter Packaging Team2021
Debian netplan Maintainers2021
Debian Network Simulators Team2021
Debian Nginx Maintainers2021
Debian Nim Team2020Team
Debian NTP Team2020
Debian NVIDIA Maintainers2021
Debian OCaml Maintainers2021Team
Debian Octave Group2021Team
DebianOnMobile Maintainers2021
Debian OpenCL Maintainers2021
Debian OpenLDAP Maintainers2021
Debian OpenNebula Maintainers2018Team
Debian Open Object Maintainers2011
Debian OpenSC Maintainers2021
Debian OpenSSH Maintainers2021Team
Debian OpenSSL Team2021
Debian OpenStack2021
Debian OpenVAS Maintainers2015
Debian PaN Maintainers2021
DebianParl team2021Team
Debian Parrot Maintainers2016
Debian pbuilder maintenance team2021
Debian Perl Group2021Team
Debian PhotoTools Maintainers2021
Debian PHP Maintainers2021Team
Debian PHP PEAR Maintainers2021Team
Debian PHP PECL Maintainers2021Team
Debian Pkg-e Team2021
Debian Policy Editors2021
Debian PostgreSQL Maintainers2021
Debian Printing Team2021
Debian Privacy Tools Maintainers2021Team
Debian publicity team2020Team
Debian Pure Blend Team2021Team
Debian python-debian Maintainers2021
Debian Python Team2021Team
Debian QEMU Team2021
Debian Qt/KDE Maintainers2021Team
Debian QuantStack Team2021
Debian Rakudo Maintainers2021Team
Debian Ralink packages maintainers2012
Debian Raspberry Pi Maintainers2021
Debian Release Team2021Team
Debian Remote Maintainers2021
Debian Request Tracker Group2021
Debian Robotics Team2021Team
Debian Roundcube Maintainers2021
Debian R Packages Maintainers2021Team
Debian RRDtool Team2021
Debian rsbackup maintainers2020
Debian Ruby Extras Maintainers2021Team
Debian running development group2020
Debian Rust Maintainers2021Team
Debian S/390 Team2021
Debian Salt Team2021Team
Debian Samba Maintainers2021Team
Debian Sass team2021
Debian Scheme Dream Team2021
Debian Science Maintainers2021Team
Debian SDL packages maintainers2021Team
Debian Seafile Team2021
Debian SecurePass2020
Debian Security Team2021
Debian Security Tools2021Team
Debian SELinux maintainers2021
Debian Shib Team2021Team
Debian SILC Team2011
Debian SNMP Team2021
Debian SOGo Maintainers2021
Debian SSSD Team2021
Debian stud Maintainers2014
Debian Suckless Maintainers2011
Debian Sugar Team2021Team
Debian surfraw maintainers2021
Debian Sympa team2021
Debian Syslinux Maintainers2011
Debian systemd Maintainers2021Team
Debian sysvinit maintainers2021
Debian Tasktools Packaging Team2021
Debian Telepathy maintainers2021Team
Debian TeX maintainers2021Team
Debian Tryton Maintainers2021
Debian TTS team2021
Debian UBports Team2021
Debian+Ubuntu MATE Packaging Team2021Team
Debian/Ubuntu NetSurf Package Team2016
Debian/Ubuntu Zope Team2019
Debian VDR Team2021
Debian Vim Maintainers2021Team
Debian Virtualbox Team2021
Debian VirtualSquare Team2021
Debian VoIP Team2021Team
Debian vrms Maintainers2020
Debian wanna-build maintainers2011
Debian WebKit Maintainers2021
Debian WICD Packaging Team2020
Debian Window Maker Team2021Team
Debian Wine Party2021
Debian wpasupplicant Maintainers2021
Debian Xen Team2021
Debian Xfce Maintainers2021Team
Debian Xilinx Package Maintainers2021
Debian XML/SGML Group2021Team
Debian XML SGML Team2021
Debian XMPP Maintainers2021Team
Debian X Strike Force2021Team
Debian xTuple Maintainers2019
Debian ZFS on Linux maintainers2021
Debian Zsh Maintainers2021
Debichem Team2021
Debootloaders miBoot Maintainers Team2018
Debootloaders SILO Maintainers Team2014
Debootloaders Yaboot Maintainers Team2016
deborphan Maintainers2021
Devscripts Maintainers2021
DMS Maintainers2020
Docker Compose Team2021
Dovecot Maintainers2021
Dpkg Developers2021Team
dput-ng Maintainers2021
Dynamic Kernel Modules Support Team2021
Ejabberd Packaging Team2021
EngSaS Maintainer2017
Epoptes Developers2021
Exim4 Maintainers2021Team
FAUmachine Team2021
Fglrx packaging team2017
file-rc maintainers2018
Filesystems Group2021
FingerForce Team2021
FreedomBox packaging team2021Team
Freevo Debian Dream Team2018
Freexian Packaging Team2021
FusionDirectory Packagers2020
gdebi developers2021
GD Team2020
Geany Packaging Team2021
Giraffe Maintainers2021
G-Node Debian Team2019
GNOME-Colors Packagers2021
GNU Hurd Maintainers2021
GNU/kFreeBSD Maintainers2021
GNU Libc Maintainers2021
GOsa packages maintainers group2017
Grml Team2021
Groonga Project2021
GRUB Maintainers2021
gtkpod Maintainers2021
Heka Maintainers2018Team
Horde Maintainers2021
HTCondor Developers2021
Html5-Parser maintainer team2021
Hypra Team2021
ImageMagick Packaging Team2021
Internet Measurement Packaging Team2021
in-toto developers2021
Jitsi Team2017
Jool Team2021
jppy development team2012
Kitware Debian Maintainers2020
Kylin Team2021
LedgerSMB Core Team2021
lieer maintainers2021
Linaro Packagers2021
Linux Block Storage Team2021
LinuxCNC Developers2021
Live Systems Maintainers2021Team
LLVM Packaging Team2021
LXQt Packaging Team2021
Mahara Packaging Team2014
Maintainers of GStreamer packages2021
Maintainers of libpng1.6 packages2020
Maintainers of Mozilla-related packages2021
Maintainers of Vala packages2016
Mandos Maintainers2021
Matrix Packaging Team2021Team
MediaWiki packaging team2021
Mime-Support Packagers2021
Mirrorbits Maintainers2021
Mod_removeip Packaging Group2021
Mongo C Driver Team2021
Mongo C++ Driver Team2021
Moodle Packaging Team2017
mpd maintainers2021
Mtpolicyd Maintainers2021
Munin Debian Maintainers2021Team
Mutt maintainers2021Team
Natural Language Processing (Japanese)2021
net-tools Team2020
NeuroDebian Team2021Team
nobleNote Developers2019
NYU Secure Systems Lab2021
OATH Toolkit Team2021
OFED and Debian Developement and Discussion2017
OpenJDK Team2021
OpenRC Debian Maintainers2021
Optical Media Tools Team2021
ownCloud for Debian maintainers2021Team
Package Hardening2016
Parted Maintainer Team2021
Pascal Packaging Team2021
PCP Development Team2021
Phamm Team2019
phpBB packaging team2019
phpMyAdmin Team2021
piuparts developers team2021
pkg-ipsec-tools team2019Team
PkgUtopia Team2021
Podman Packaging Team2021
Popularity Contest Developers2021
ProFTPD Maintainance Team2021Team
Project Hamster Team2021
Pulseaudio maintenance team2021
Puppet Package Maintainers2021Team
Qalculate Team2021
Reportbug Maintainers2021
Reproducible builds folks2021
resolvconf team2021
ROCm Team2020
RPM packaging team2021
sbuild maintainers2021
Scheme48 Maintainers Task Force2016
Shadow package maintainers2021
Shinken Debian packages maintainers2016
Simple-CDD Developers2021
Simtec Electronics2017
SiriDB Maintainers2021
SiSU Project2019
strongSwan Maintainers2021
Sudo Maintainers2021
Sway and related packages team2021
Swift Package Maintainer2020
syslog-ng maintainers2021
Tahoe Packaging Team2020
TCD hackers2011
Tcl/Tk Debian Packagers2021Team
Teckids Debian Task Force2021
The Utopia Project2019
Tidy HTML52021
Torrus maintainers2021
Tree-sitter Maintainers2021
Ubuntu Developers2021
Unrardll maintainer team2021
UnRar maintainer team2021
User Mode Linux Maintainers2021
util-linux packagers2021
Utopia Maintenance Team2021
uWSGI packaging team2021
Varnish Package Maintainers2021
VMDebootstrap List2016
wxWidgets Maintainers2021Team
X2Go Packaging Team2018
XFS Development Team2021
Xubuntu Developers2018
Zenoss Packaging Team2012
Zim Package Maintainers2021